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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 87 - The Son of Prophecy, the Green Dragon Mountains Fate!

Chapter 87: The Son of Prophecy, the Green Dragon Mountain’s Fate!

Ye Lingyun glanced at Zhao Chengtian. Zhao Chengtian seemed calm, but his eyes were flickering. No one knew what he was thinking.

Ye Lingyun smiled. She could naturally guess Zhao Chengtian’s thoughts.

With such a monstrous genius who was being targeted by Green Dragon Mountain, Zhao Chengtian couldn’t help but worry about his personal gains and losses. He simply couldn’t calm down.

Ye Lingyun could imagine that Zhao Chengtian would inform the ancestral master of the Heavenly Sword Mountain. A genius of this level was enough to attract the ancestral master’s attention.

Of course, Ye Lingyun did not take these old fellows seriously at all.

In the Heavenly Illusion Mystic Realm, this old fellow could still have a say. In the Green Dragon Mountain, his strength was only at the level of an ordinary elder.

Victor’s talent was even more exaggerated than the first elder’s prediction. Even if he was in the Green Dragon Mountain, he would still be a top disciple.

Such a genius was worth it even if the first elder personally made a trip, let alone me.

Ye Lingyun was in a good mood as she thought of this.

This trip to the Heavenly Sword Mountain, even if she didn’t achieve her other goal, it was worth it to be able to witness Victor’s talent.

If there was still time in the Eastern Sea, Victor would grow up in 100 years, or even 200 years.

Perhaps, he would become an important figure that would affect the entire situation.

Thinking of the situation in the Eastern region, Ye Lingyun became worried again.

Especially the situation in the Eastern Sea, it would directly affect the fate of the Green Dragon Mountain.

In the arena.

The competition continued. There were no important figures in the successive rounds.

Of course, this was only relative. Those who could make it this far were also the top 20 players.

After three rounds, the only distinguished family disciple, Zhang Zetian, went on stage. His opponent was the Sword Control Peak disciple, Yi Shi.

Yi Shi was not a nobody. In the last grand competition, he was ranked in the top 20s. His ranking was about the same as Zhang Zetian’s.

After Victor’s as an example, even though Zhang Zetian was the only disciple of a distinguished family.

No disciple of the Heavenly Sword Mountain dared to look down on a martial artist that was not from the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Most people thought that this would be a match of equal strength, but the match did not turn out as what everyone had expected.

In the arena.

At the beginning, Zhang Zetian and Yi Shi were locked in a stalemate.

However, after ten moves.

Zhang Zetian suddenly took out a long black saber from his storage ring.

It was a powerful martial technique. Everyone felt a surge of undercurrent and killing intent.

After a few breaths, Yi Shi was defeated and injured.

The audience was shocked. Zhang Zetian had been hiding his strength?

“What kind of martial technique was that?”

“The black spiritual light was so strange!”

There were so many sects in the outside world, so it was normal for a few unusual beings to appear.

However, when did the disciples of the ten great cultivation families become so strong?

There was actually an opponent that was strong enough to charge into the top ten!

One outer world disciple Victor was not enough, and another distinguished family disciple Zhang Zetian appeared?

How could they all be in the same batch?

“There’s something strange about the power of darkness. I can’t tell its level. It doesn’t seem to be an ordinary power!”

“Maybe it’s a new inheritance?”

“How is that possible? The Zhang family is an old distinguished family. Even if the Zhang family really has such a rare power, the other disciples have never seen it before. It definitely won’t be given to Zhang Zetian alone.”

“That is indeed the Zhang family’s ancestral unique skill!”

Just as the disciples were discussing, a low voice interrupted them. Everyone turned around and looked. They quickly saluted.

“Hello, Senior Brother Yu.”

This Senior Brother Yu’s cultivation had reached the peak of the 13th level of the spirit condensation realm and he was not even 30 years old.

He had recently been given a foundation establishment pill, which provided him a high probability to break through to the foundation establishment realm. Once he reached the foundation establishment realm, he would be an elder.

Therefore, these disciples were very respectful toward the man surnamed Yu.

The man surnamed Yu said, “The first ruler of the Zhang family was a foundation establishment cultivator. That black saber was the weapon used by their ruler.

“The saber contained a special saber technique created by the first ruler, which was extremely powerful!”

“The first ruler was a foundation establishment cultivator? I thought that was just a rumor…”

“A foundation establishment cultivator? Isn’t that an exaggeration? How did the Zhang family end up in such a state?”

Many disciples couldn’t believe it and began to discuss it.

The man surnamed Yu sighed and said, “1,500 years ago, the Zhang family controlled the resources of several countries. In terms of power, they weren’t inferior to some sects.

“However, after the first family head passed away, the Zhang family didn’t have a new foundation establishment cultivator to take charge of the family.

“As a result, a large amount of wealth accumulated by the family attracted greedy eyes. In the end, the root of the disaster appeared.

“The clan was surrounded and attacked by many forces. Only a small group of the immediate descendants took a small portion of the wealth and escaped into the Heavenly Illusory Mystic Realm, concealing their identities.

“Later on, it evolved into the current Zhang family.

“Therefore, the Zhang family’s foundation can not be underestimated! Even some of the sect elders have to show some respect to their ruler.”

The man surnamed Yu sighed in his heart when he said this.

If a family did not have enough strength but had a huge amount of wealth and resources. Then, what awaited them would only be destruction.

An ordinary man was innocent, but possessing wealth was a sin!

The current Zhang family was able to stay in the Heavenly Sword Mountain because they had handed over a large amount of resources to the Heavenly Sword Mountain back then.

With the protection of the Heavenly Sword Mountain and their own strength, naturally, no one had any ill intentions toward them.

However, the Zhang family had been keeping a low profile for many years. Who would have thought that today, Zhang Zetian would actually reveal the famous technique of the first generation family’s ruler?

It seemed that the Zhang family believed that they had enough strength and were ready to expand the family’s influence.


While the man surnamed Yu was speaking, Guo Feibai had also been paying attention to Zhang Zetian.

Zhang Zetian looked a little old-fashioned. His face was full of stubble. Even if he said that he was a 25-year-old uncle, people would believe him.

His aura was profound, and there was a faintly domineering aura around him. His footsteps were steady.

His saber aura was restrained. Not bad!

This competition was getting more and more interesting!

The top ten was no longer the world of the seven personal disciples, but a competition between stars!

Next, Qin Yu appeared. His opponent was not weak. In the previous martial arts competition, he had achieved a good result. However, since his opponent was Qin Yu, he was defeated within a few moves.

The outstanding performance of the strongest disciple of Sword Control Peak caused waves of exclamations from the audience.

However, Victor turned a deaf ear to all of this. He was still immersed in the cultivation of the Tree Building technique. The new talent, the Tree Building Spirit Origin, was helping him recover his strength quickly.

The second round of the competition had ended!

Other than the unlucky Huang Qi, the other personal disciples did not encounter any troublesome opponents. They ended their competition with ease.

By the time the third round of the competition began, Victor had already fully recovered. 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

The exhausted power of the flames was once again compressed, and he meditated for a moment to recuperate.

Then, he opened his eyes, and at this moment, he saw Huang Qi standing in the middle of the competition ground.

Huang Qi went on stage so quickly?

He was injured in the previous round, but he actually recovered so quickly. It had to be said that the healing pills of the Heavenly Sword Mountain were really powerful.

Victor was thinking when he suddenly heard a gloomy and strange laughter.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 87 - The Son of Prophecy, the Green Dragon Mountains Fate!