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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 86 - The Second Move of the Eight Desolation Sword Technique, Six Directional

Chapter 86: The Second Move of the Eight Desolation Sword Technique, Six Directional Sweep!

Although it was only one move, the force contained within this move shocked Guo Feibai!

Every swordsman had their own sword soul. When ordinary cultivators attacked, their moves would only take on the shape of their swords.

A true expert would fuse his sword soul into it.

The sword soul was the creation formed from the sword force and sword intent!

Victor’s sword just now contained the power of heaven and earth and carried the power of mountains and rivers. and contained the power of heaven and earth. The power of one sword broke through five yellow light curtains in a row, forcing Huang Qi into a sorry state.

Especially the power of nature contained in the sword, it was so solid that it was visible!

This made Guo Feibai feel inferior.

Victor had already done so much at such a young age, his talent could be said to be heaven-defying!

Guo Feibai thought that his attainments in the sword were already very high, but compared to Victor, he was still far from it.

A cultivation level at the peak of the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm. As long as one’s talent was not bad, it was achievable.

What he could not believe the most was Victor’s attainments in the cultivation method and his comprehension of the sword force.

This was definitely not something that could be achieved within three to five years!

A youth who had just turned 15 years old had to cultivate cultivation techniques and master sword force attacks. Did he have the cloning technique?

It was simply unbelievable. Was there really such a genius in this world?

On the arena.

Huang Qi once again laid down five yellow light curtains. It was not that he didn’t want to lay more, but because his spiritual power was limited. He could only control five formations at a time.

It was ironic to say that he was initially supposed to give up three moves.

It was Huang Qi who gave Victor time to gather his power, but now it was the other way around. It was Victor who gave Huang Qi time to set up a defensive formation.

However, at this point, how could Huang Qi care about his reputation? As long as he could win, he had to make good use of whatever conditions he had.

“I still have one-third of the talisman. If I use them all at once, I should be able to block this attack no matter what. As long as I block it, I will admit defeat and still be able to preserve the last bit of my dignity.”

Huang Qi had already made up his mind. He had to protect his dignity and block the opponent’s attack. There was no point in preserving the golden talismans. He might as well use them all.

Victor narrowed his eyes. He held the blue edge sword horizontally and performed the second move of the Eight Desolation Sword technique.

Six Directional Sweep!

He did not plan to hold back on this attack.

At this moment, Victor was like an unsheathed long sword. The sword aura surged out like a tide made the surrounding air tremble.

Weng Weng Weng!

Huang Qi heard the trembling sound coming from the first layer of the yellow light curtain. It was the sound of Victor’s sharp aura piercing through the yellow light curtain.

Huang Qi’s face turned a little pale. Just the aura alone had this kind of power!

If it was a direct attack, how powerful would it be?

At the moment when the aura reached its peak, Victor’s gaze focused, and the max-level Wind technique was activated!

The sword was like a shooting star wrapped in lightning as it stabbed out rapidly.

The sword’s force filled the sky, and the air seemed to have been ignited.

Huang Qi no longer had the chance to ponder. An unstoppable sword light pierced through the cracks in the yellow light curtain and struck Huang Qi’s chest heavily.


As the last golden talisman was destroyed, the yellow light curtain suddenly shattered.

Huang Qi was thrown out like a broken sandbag, spitting out a mouthful of blood in the air.

The enemy was defeated in three moves!

Huang Qi fell heavily on the protective barrier of the arena, bounced back to the ground, and fainted.

The audience was completely silent. They all looked at Victor, their eyes full of shock.

Although the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain didn’t want to admit it, especially the disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak.

But now, Victor had won, and he had won thoroughly.

“Victor wins!” i𝑛𝓷𝙧𝘦𝚊d. 𝚌o𝓶

Until the referee elder announced the result, the audience still found it hard to believe.

Huang Qi had let Victor use three moves in advance, but he didn’t last until the end of the three moves.

Especially the disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak, all of them looked like eggplants that had been hit by frost, their faces looked depressed, as if they had lost their vitality.

They had hoped that Huang Qi would step on Victor ruthlessly and let these rural cultivators know the difference between them. No one had expected such an outcome. It was unacceptable.

Huang Qi had been defeated so thoroughly. If it were them, it would undoubtedly be even worse!

Under everyone’s shocked gazes, Victor walked off the stage indifferently.

At this moment, Guo Feibai walked over. He and Victor could be considered to be acquaintances.


“Brother Guo.”

Victor cupped his fists. He had a good impression of Guo Feibai.

The other party was obviously a swordsman who wholeheartedly pursued the way of the sword. This kind of person was easier to talk to than ordinary people.

Many times, the type of cultivation method could be seen from one’s character.

The most obvious contrast was the tyrannical disciples of Molten Spirit Peak who inherited the evil fire technique.

“Victor, are you really 15 years old?”

Although he had gotten some information from others, Guo Feibai still couldn’t help but confirm it.

This news was too shocking!

Victor didn’t hesitate and directly nodded to admit that this kind of thing couldn’t be hidden.

As long as the Heavenly Sword Mountain wanted to investigate, it was very easy to find out all his ancestors.

Although his age was too conspicuous, Victor was not worried. The more outstanding his talent was, the more important he would be to the Heavenly Sword Mountain and the more resources he would receive.

Moreover, because he had exposed too many things, there are people scheming against him.

The elders of the Green Dragon Mountain were here. Those who harbored ill intentions would not dare to do anything.

Guo Feibai took a deep breath and looked at Victor seriously.

He still remembered the comment he made about the East Ocean Restaurant.

He said that even if Victor was at the same level as him, he wouldn’t be a match for him.

Unexpectedly, with his cultivation at the peak of the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm, he was already a threat to him. Such strength was hard to imagine!

Moreover, the key point was that the other party was too young. Even though Guo Feibai had just seen his first sword soul, he still felt that it was unimaginable.

The other party had only practiced the sword for a few years, and he wasn’t dedicated to practicing the sword. Victor’s achievements in the way of the sword had already surpassed his own.

“Victor, I’m looking forward to fighting with you!” Guo Feibai said seriously.

“We will fight soon,” Victor said with a smile.

Guo Feibai turned around and left, leaving the disciples of the outside world looking at Victor in disbelief.

In the Great Hall of the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

Ye Lingyun smiled and looked at Victor who was meditating in the participant area.

Such recovery ability and the speed of absorbing spiritual essence were of the highest standard.

This had to be the Tree Building Spirit Origin talent mentioned by the great elder. If he didn’t know about it in advance, she wouldn’t have noticed anything unusual.

The power of flames had been unleashed, and so had his sword. This little guy still had the trump card of the Tree Building Spirit Origin. Who knew who would be able to force him to use it.

The great elder’s prophecy was really good.

Not to mention Victor’s talent in fire, as well as his high-grade affinity with the wood element, it even extended to the power of nature.

Just the aura of his sword alone far surpassed that of cultivators of the same level. His sword force was like a mountain, and his sword swept across the land.

It was hard to believe that he could do this at such a young age. How high was his comprehension ability!

Guo Feibai, the disciple of the Sword Hut, was not bad, but his results in the way of the sword were not necessarily better than Victor’s.

Moreover, Guo Feibai was dedicated to the way of the sword, and he was also a few years older than Victor. The gap was too big.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 86 - The Second Move of the Eight Desolation Sword Technique, Six Directional