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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 85 - What Was This? Did He Draw His Sword?

Chapter 85: What Was This? Did He Draw His Sword?

In a panic, Huang Qi took out a small yellow flag from his storage ring.

As soon as the small yellow flag appeared, the yellow light intensified.

A thick light screen appeared in front of Huang Qi and met Victor’s fist force.


The violent spiritual energy collided with the yellow light screen. The light screen only lasted for less than three breaths before it shattered with a loud bang.

Although Victor’s punch had been greatly neutralized, it still shattered the light screen and pushed forward!

Huang Qi hurriedly channeled his spiritual energy again, and the yellow light screen reappeared.

Huang Qi, who was behind the light screen, was pale. His blood and qi were boiling in his body, and he almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

Victor raised his eyebrows. “You actually blocked it?”

When Huang Qi heard Victor’s words, his face immediately turned ugly as if he had eaten sh*t. He had promised Victor a handicap of three moves.

Who would have thought that he would meet such a monster!

One punch had forced out his trump card.

These three moves, even if he had to risk his life, he had to block them. Otherwise, he would not have the face to stay in the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

It did not matter, this should be Victor’s last attack.

Huang Qi comforted himself with this, feeling more confident in his heart.

The entire arena was unusually quiet. Those disciples who had been cheering with the magic spells and wildly shouting their support for Huang Qi were all silent.

They had thought that Huang Qi would be able to easily block this attack, but they didn’t expect such outcomes.

Although Huang Qi was suppressing the boiling blood in his chest, it was already impressive that he didn’t spit out blood on the spot.

But the audience wasn’t stupid. They naturally saw that Huang Qi had suffered quite a loss.

“F*ck, why aren’t we shouting anymore? We have to cheer for Senior Brother Huang!”

“Yeah, we need to cheer at crucial times like this. That punch by Victor must have used some secret technique. It won’t last long!”

“Yeah, yeah! How could Senior Brother Huang lose?”

The disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak mustered all their strength and were about to continue shouting, but their voices were suddenly stuck in their throats.

A few of them who had already shouted sounded like roosters who were strangled while shouting at the top of their lungs. They wanted to scream but couldn’t, so their voices became extremely strange.

Because they saw Victor, who was in the center of the arena lightly pat the pocket on his waist.

With a flash of white light, a dazzling long sword appeared in his hand!

Speaking of which, this storage bag had cost Victor a lot of money. Fortunately, he had placed a lot of bets before, and he had won a large sum of spirit stones.

When the crowd saw Victor draw his sword, they began to discuss!

“A weapon? He has a weapon?”

“Didn’t Victor use his fists?”

“Why does he have a weapon? !”

The disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak were stunned. Although there were not many cultivators who did not use weapons, they were not rare either.

For example, the Yuelun Sect’s Jiang Wang and Jiang Yun brothers only used fist, palm, and finger techniques.

They naturally thought that Victor was a cultivator who used fists and palms.

Although the range of attack for fist techniques was short, it had the advantage of being flexible. If used well, it could be used to supplement high-level fist techniques. It wasn’t necessarily any worse than swords and sabers.

But if a cultivator had a weapon, then he must specialize in weapons. The fist technique would just be a support.

Just a support-type fist technique had such power?

How was this possible?

“He is bluffing!”

Some of the Spirit Spell Peak disciples said stubbornly, but his voice did not win any recognition.

All the Spirit Spell Peak disciples had ugly expressions. Their peak’s Huang Qi seemed to have met with a large obstacle.

In a corner of the competitor’s seating zone.

Nangong Zifeng looked at the blue edge sword in Victor’s hand, the corners of his mouth twitching.

When I fought with him, I didn’t even force out his weapon?

Thinking back to what he said back then, that he didn’t know if Victor would be qualified enough to make him draw his sword, Nangong Zifeng smiled bitterly in his heart.

Everyone had looked down on Victor because he was a cultivator from an external sect.

Subconsciously, he had also started looking down on him.

On the arena.

Huang Qi’s face had long turned red. His mind was in a mess and he couldn’t care less about the three moves handicap.

A cultivator from an external sect could be so abnormal. He didn’t care about his status and placed five yellow light screens in front of him.

The Spirit Spell Peak was a sect that focused on supporting skills. The disciples of the sect were indeed weaker than the other sects, but in terms of defense, they were superior to the other sects.

The defensive power of the spell formations was naturally much better than the defensive power of a spirit weapon.

Looking at the five yellow light screens in front of him, Huang Qi felt more confident.

No matter how powerful you are, can you break my five formations with one sword?

Although the defensive power of the spell formation was strong, it also had a weakness, which was that it was slow to activate, so he had to make preparations in advance.

After a series of preparations, Huang Qi had consumed a lot of energy. However, he had a special spell formation talisman on him to replenish his spiritual power. If it was a battle of endurance, Huang Qi thought that he had a great advantage.

At this moment, Victor drew his sword!

The first force of the Eight Desolates Sword Force — Suppressing Mountains and Rivers!

The sword light shot up into the sky, and behind Victor, a shadow of a mountain and a river appeared.

After Victor cultivated the Tree Building technique, his sword force became more and more natural, as if he was bringing punishments by the nature!

Coupled with the power of the flames on the sword, it was truly an apocalyptic catastrophe! 𝒾𝐧𝘯𝑟e𝒂𝗱. 𝒸o𝙢

Bang Bang Bang!

Three yellow light screens were torn apart like pieces of paper in front of the unstoppable sword force!

Huang Qi’s expression changed and he hurriedly waved the small flag in his hand.


The fourth yellow light screens exploded and the blue edge sword charged straight in!


The long sword collided fiercely with the fifth yellow light screen.

At this moment, Huang Qi’s formation flag shone brightly with golden light. Golden runes shot out from the formation flag and all of them were imprinted on the yellow light screens!

How was this possible?

Huang Qi watched helplessly as cracks appeared on the yellow light screen that was reinforced by the Golden Light Array Flag!

That crack was like a spider web, expanding bit by bit!

“Impossible, how could you break my defensive light array?”

Huang Qi gritted his teeth and tried his best to mobilize all the spiritual power in his body. His hair was messy and his face was violently distorted.

However, the cracks were still expanding bit by bit!

The golden runes attached to the yellow light screen exploded one after another.


The last golden rune exploded, and the fifth layer of the yellow light screen lost the rune’s support.

Finally, the shield reached its limit and was completely shattered under the impact of the blue-edged sword!


Huang Qi shouted. His left hand waved the small yellow flag in his hand, and his right hand waved the black ruler sword.


The spiritual power shockwaves visible to the naked eye were sent out. Huang Qi felt as if he had crashed into an unshakable mountain.

Following that, an unstoppable force came and directly sent him flying.

In the competitor’s stand, Guo Feibai stared at Victor with a burning gaze. Ever since Victor’s blue edge sword was unleashed, he felt threatened!

Previously, when Victor only used sword force attacks, Guo Feibai did not put Victor in his eyes.

He was never afraid in a battle of the sword. He believed that his sword could cut through everything, including Victor’s sword force attacks.

It could be said that a sword attack could not threaten a swordsman who was truly one with the sword.

But now, Victor drew his sword.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 85 - What Was This? Did He Draw His Sword?