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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 84 - Battle Against the Core Disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak!

Chapter 84: Battle Against the Core Disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak!

He only reacted when the referee called out his name.

“Victor versus Huang Qi!”

Victor was a little surprised to hear his opponent.

He didn’t expect to fight Huang Qi so soon. Huang Qi was the core disciple of the seven peaks. Shouldn’t he be fighting at the end of the competition?

It had only been a few rounds, and it was about to start?

After all, Huang Qi was not like the personal disciples of the other peaks who were good at fighting. Up until now, only the strong disciples were left.

This time, he was likely to be eliminated.

Victor smiled and looked at Huang Qi. “We missed each other in the group competition. I didn’t expect to meet you so soon in the finals. How interesting!”

Huang Qi’s face darkened when he heard Victor’s words.

He admitted that he was not as good as Qin Yu, Nangong Mingliang, and the others. But even so, it was not Victor’s turn to mock him as he was a cultivator from an external sect.

“Aren’t your own status? How dare you look down on me?” Huang Qi thought.

Then, Huang Qi sneered and said, “I think my luck is not bad. At least I didn’t meet those monsters. I’m still confident battling against you!”

“Very good. Since you’re confident, that’s good!” Victor said with a faint smile. 𝓲𝓷nr𝒆𝚊d. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

Victor and Huang Qi stood still on the stage.

There was a flood of applause below the stage. In order to increase the momentum, the disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak actually used spirit stones to build a loudspeaker.

This kind of small spell was naturally a piece of cake for the disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak. It was nothing more than consuming some spirit stones. As long as it could suppress Victor’s momentum, spirit stones were nothing.

Under the cheering of the disciples of Spirit Spell Peak, Huang Qi’s cheers soared to the sky. It was not an exaggeration to say that it was earth-shattering.

“Huang Qi! Huang Qi!”

“Huang Qi, victory!”

Especially those disciples who were envious and jealous that Victor was qualified to compete for the top ten, they shouted at the top of their voices.

“Instant kill! Instant Kill!”

“Kill that outer sect disciple.”

This was the home-ground advantage. Victor, who was standing on the stage, seemed to have become the public enemy. The disciples from the outer sects did not have the courage to make a sound.

Victor looked around, as if he could not hear the cheers directed at him. He remained indifferent.

Suddenly, he saw Jiang Wang, who was watching the battle below the stage, looking at him with a hint of encouragement in his eyes. This was the encouragement from the outer sect disciples.

Victor’s battle with Huang Qi was not only a battle for himself, but also for the disciples from outer sects who had not made a name for themselves and had lost in the first round.

Victor had not suffered a single defeat since he had arrived. His victory had given the disciples from the outer sects great confidence.

The disciples from the Heavenly Sword Mountain had shouted so crazily because they wanted to see Victor make a fool of himself in front of these outer sect disciples.

After all, these disciples of the outside sects were like poor kids from the countryside in their hearts. How could they tolerate these guys who wanted to seize their position and obtain their resources?

Taking a deep breath, Victor’s expression became serious. Once upon a time, he was also just an ordinary cultivator.

If he did not cultivate hard every day, he might be like them now. After being defeated, he would be mocked mercilessly and could not even refute them.

He would definitely win this battle!

Victor smiled and adjusted his breathing. The Tree Building technique had been activated to the maximum, and an invisible flame seemed to have appeared around his body.

At this time, the competition had not officially started, and Huang Qi had already noticed the change in the air around Victor, as well as the weak spiritual power fluctuation.

Huang Qi sneered, “Are you nervous? Don’t worry, don’t worry. I will give you three moves, so that you have enough time to attack.”

Victor smiled faintly, “There’s no need!”

“Haha, I’m really not interested in facing the disciples of your external sects. If I can’t even give you a three-move advantage, how can I be considered a personal disciple!”

Huang Qi’s voice was very penetrating and contained some kind of spell. Even though the shouts of the audience below were deafening, he still let his voice reach the ears of every disciple.

“Good job, Senior Brother Huang Qi!”

“Let him have three moves, and let him understand the true gap between the Heavenly Sword Mountain disciples and their so-called chosen ones!”

“A country dog from the countryside, and you still want to make it into the top ten? Can’t you see what kind of person you are? Are you worthy?”

Victor had already blocked all the discussions. The mosquitoes kept buzzing, and he still used his spiritual power to cover his ears, in case he couldn’t resist and hit Huang Qi too hard.

However, now that he heard that Huang Qi insisted on giving him three moves, there was nothing he could do.

Then let’s see if he still had a chance to attack after three moves!

“Let the match begin!”

The referee announced the words that the audience had been waiting for for a long time.

Victor did not rush forward immediately. Instead, a golden flame suddenly appeared on his right fist, and it seemed as if a wild lion was roaring.

Huang Qi smiled confidently. With the black ruler sword in his hand, countless runes floated in the air.

When he was facing Zhou Yan from the Sword Forging Peak, he had used this move to instantly devour his opponent’s flame attack through a spell.

Huang Qi had enough confidence in this rune formation. He believed that other than the personal disciples of the other peaks, no one would be able to break it easily.

This spell contained a void space that could instantly devour the opponent’s attack. Unless it exceeded the energy capacity of the spell’s space or directly broke the spell, it would not be able to harm his core body.

Huang Qi said that he would let Victor use three moves without a care. It was because of this spatial spell. When Victor’s three moves were completely absorbed by the space, would he panic? Huang Qi was looking forward to it.

Just like when he dealt with Jiang Wang, he said that he would settle it in one minute. Seeing their unwillingness was one of Huang Qi’s pleasures.

At this moment, Jiang Wang was also in the audience, looking at the two people on the stage calmly.

His eyes were filled with anticipation. Could Victor break Huang Qi’s spatial spell?

In the arena.

The black ruler sword in Huang Qi’s hand danced faster and faster. He smiled and said, “Aren’t you ready yet?”

“I’m waiting for you!”

Victor’s lips curled into a smile. Suddenly, his feet stomped on the ground. As the rocks under his feet shattered, a series of shadows appeared on his body.

Victor clenched his right fist tightly, mixed with majestic fire spiritual power. The golden fire lion roared continuously.

Facing such an imposing manner, Huang Qi felt a little weak for a moment. However, when he remembered that he was a personal disciple of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, he calmed down a little.

This talisman technique was one of the core techniques of the Spirit Spell Peak. It was impossible for him to not be able to block it.

When he thought of this, Huang Qi’s confidence returned. However, his strength was used in setting up the spell. He still did not dare to engage in close combat. He threw the golden talisman spell out of his hand towards Victor.

“Get lost!”

Victor shouted loudly. His right fist smashed onto the golden talisman, causing spiritual power to erupt!


With a crisp sound, the golden talisman shattered into pieces as the fist force exploded!

Victor’s fist force wasn’t affected and continued to smash towards Huang Qi!

Huang Qi’s expression changed greatly. How was this possible?

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 84 - Battle Against the Core Disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak!