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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 79 - I Can Win! The Confidence of the Strong!

Chapter 79: I Can Win! The Confidence of the Strong!

Ding Ling knew very well how big the gap between her and Victor was.

But even so, she did not want to admit defeat. Her position in the second-tier team was secure. She did not want to go down without a fight. This was not in line with her nature.

After the match began, Ding Ling did not hide herself because she knew very well that her invisibility spell was useless in front of Victor. Invisibility was only a self-deception.

She pulled out a long sword, and dozens of light blades appeared behind her.

“Take my full-strength attack, Light Blade Kill!”

Whoosh whoosh whoosh!

Dozens of light blades followed Ding Ling’s long sword and attacked Victor from all directions. Victor stopped in his tracks and appeared in front of Ding Ling like a ghost.

“Lion King Fist!”

The illusion of a wild lion appeared from Victor’s fist, and suddenly rushed toward Ding Ling’s position.

The result was obvious.

“Victor wins!”

The referee announced. Ding Ling’s eyes were still in a daze. The lion’s roar seemed to still be ringing in her ears.

It was only after the fight that she came back to her senses. Facing Victor who was charging towards her, she was like a child facing a ferocious beast. She had no strength to resist.

At this point, Victor had won all five rounds. It was certain that he would be able to enter the first-tier team.

“He’s too strong. In my impression, other than Ji Mengyun, no one else had been able to fight Victor for more than ten minutes. Most of the battles were settled with a few moves. It seems that Victor must have hidden his strength when fighting with Ji Mengyun.”

Although it was expected for Victor to defeat Ding Ling, the fact that he could win so easily still made the surrounding audience gasp in admiration.

“Next round, Jiang Wang versus Huang Qi!”

Huang Qi was tacitly recognized as the first in the group.

Before Huang Qi entered the arena, he did not look at his opponent Jiang Wang. Instead, he looked at Victor with a faint smile.

“As a disciple of an external sect, you’re not bad. You have a small chance to enter the top ten. You can be my opponent in the next grand competition.”

“Next competition?” Victor smiled slightly.

These disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain were more confident than the others. They had grown up as a genius. Moreover, they were the personal disciples of the peak master of the Spirit Spell Peak. It was no wonder that they had a strong sense of superiority in their bones.

“That’s right. In the next competition, you are still too weak. Although your combat experience is not bad, and your martial arts techniques have been trained to a very high level, your strength is still too weak. To be able to reach the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm, it should be enough for you to be proud.”

In Huang Qi’s opinion, this was already an extremely high evaluation from him.

Huang Qi noticed Victor’s neutral expression and couldn’t help but felt a little displeased. “It seems like you’re not convinced by what I said.”

“It’s the first time a disciple from an external sect participated in the grand competition. To be able to get a spot in the top 20 is indeed a top-notch talent. You’re also considered qualified to be my opponent. However, you’re only qualified to be my opponent. It might not be the case if you’re up against a few other people!”

Victor was slightly stunned. The personal disciple of the peak master of the Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Spirit Spell Peak. His pride was extremely high.

Obviously, Huang Qi was definitely a person with ambition. However, after listening to his words, he faintly felt that he was inferior to the other disciples?

Since he implied that the “other people” he mentioned were definitely on a higher level than him.

Huang Qi finished talking and jumped onto the arena and extended a finger towards Jiang Wang.

“The winner will be decided within a minute!”

Victor had defeated Jiang Wang in less than five minutes. Huang Qi had set a time limit of one minute, which was only one-fifth of Victor’s time. This could be considered as a show of strength. These Heavenly Sword Mountain Disciples were all young and full of vitality, naturally, they did not want to be outdone by a cultivator from an outside sect.

“Huang Qi, go for it!”

“Defeat him with one punch!”

As soon as Huang Qi finished speaking, the audience below the stage burst into cheers. This was the home ground of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, and there were many disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak around. As the personal disciple of the peak master of the Spirit Spell Peak, Huang Qi had a wide circle of friends in the peak, naturally, there were many disciples who supported him.

Jiang Wang looked at Huang Qi expressionlessly. His body was covered by a thick layer of golden protective shield, which was even thicker than when he fought against Victor. He was using his actions to face Huang Qi’s contempt for him.

He knew that he was not as good as Huang Qi, but it would not be so easy as to defeat him in under a minute.

“Let the match begin!”

The referee announced. Huang Qi took out a black ruler sword. As he waved it rapidly, countless strange runes flowed on the black ruler sword.

In less than three seconds, hundreds of runes appeared around Jiang Wang’s body.

Three seconds later, Huang Qi put his hands together, and hundreds of runes imprinted on the protective barrier around Jiang Wang.


The protective barrier seemed to be tightly bound by an invisible chain. It was violently deformed.

Jiang Wang’s face turned pale, and the spiritual power in his body surged. In that instant just now, his protective barrier almost broke.


Huang Qi was surprised. The toughness of the other party’s protective barrier had exceeded his expectations.


Huang Qi pointed with his finger, and countless runes connected with each other like light swords.

The sword stabbed into Jiang Wang’s protective shield, making it look like a hedgehog.

Jiang Wang clenched his teeth. He only defended and not attack. He pushed the spiritual power in his body to the limit. He was determined to hold on for one minute even at the expense of his life.

Although his protective shield had not been broken, hundreds of light swords had already passed through the protective shield and slowly pressed down on him. In a few more seconds, Jiang Wang would be cut into pieces.

“Huang Qi wins!”

Following the referee’s announcement, exactly 30 seconds had passed.

“Haha, as expected of a core disciple of the Spirit Spell Peak!”

“Senior Brother Huang is so powerful!”

Enthusiastic applause sounded from below the stage, especially from the disciples of the Spirit Spell Peak. Many female disciples screamed in shock, obviously very satisfied with Huang Qi’s performance.

Jiang Wang removed his protective shield and walked off the stage amidst the cheers for Huang Qi. He felt an indescribable sense of loss.

Was the gap really that big?

By chance, he looked up and saw Victor standing with his hands behind his back, looking at him with a calm expression.

He had seen Huang Qi’s powerful strength, but he could still maintain such a calm expression. What kind of trump card did he have? Could he deal with Huang Qi?

Jiang Wang found it unbelievable. They were both outer sect disciples, so why did he have such confidence.

“Are you alright?”

Victor could also imagine Jiang Wang’s current mood. He had tried his best, but he was still being eaten alive by his opponent. As the disciple in which the Yuelun Sect had taken pride in, the blow that Jiang Wang had received was unimaginable.

Jiang Wang stubbornly shook his head.

Victor smiled and turned to leave. He was only expressing his polite condolences as a former opponent.

“Victor, why are you so confident?”

Jiang Wang asked with a complicated look in his eyes.

“I can win!”

Victor was slightly startled, smiled brightly, and nodded.

He didn’t even say who he wanted to win.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 79 - I Can Win! The Confidence of the Strong!