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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 78 - Prophecy? The Chosen One!

Chapter 78: Prophecy? The Chosen One!

In the main hall.

Ye Lingyun had been paying attention to this match from the beginning to the end.

“It seems that fellow taoist is very interested in this youth. This disciple is not bad, he is a good seedling.”

Beside Ye Lingyun, Heavenly Sword Mountain’s sect master Zhao Chengtian laughed.

Previously, Ye Lingyun had only used her attention to secretly observe victor. It was impossible for her to openly observe him like this. Zhao Chengtian would have never figured that Ye Lingyun was here for Victor, he only thought that Ye Lingyun was attracted by Victor’s stunning performance in the battle.

He had also paid attention to Victor before. After all, to be able to fight to this extent at the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm, he was definitely not an ordinary genius disciple. Such external disciples were too eye-catching. It was difficult not to notice them.

However, although Zhao Chengtian had noticed Victor, he had no understanding of Victor’s information in detail. He only had a rough impression of Victor.

A disciple who was not at a high realm and was good at sword force. It was obvious that this kind of disciple did not focus on cultivation and relied on his sword techniques.

Ye Lingyun glanced at Zhao Chengtian and laughed in her heart. According to her guess, Zhao Chengtian definitely did not understand Victor’s true situation.

She smiled and said, “This youth is indeed a good seedling. To have such strength at such a young age, his future is limitless!”

Hearing Ye Lingyun’s high evaluation, Zhao Chengtian was in a good mood.

“I didn’t expect to see such a disciple in this competition. Such a good seedling, I must take him in as my disciple!”

Suddenly, Zhao Chengtian seemed to have realized something. He used his spiritual power to send a message to the attendant beside him and said, “Go and check the background of this disciple named Victor.”

Zhao Chengtian suddenly had a bad premonition. This Victor couldn’t be from an outside sect, right?

The details were quickly sent back. Zhao Chengtian’s premonition came true.

Victor was indeed an outside sect disciple!

He turned to look at Ye Lingyun, his expression somewhat unsightly. He naturally remembered that Ye Lingyun had asked which competition zone the outside sect disciples were in before the big competition started.

At that time, Zhao Chengtian was a little puzzled. Why did Ye Lingyun ask about that? Now, it seemed that it was because of Victor.

If he guessed correctly, Ye Lingyun had specially come to Heavenly Sword Mountain to watch the competition because of Victor!

A dignified elder of Green Dragon Mountain, a foundation establishment stage cultivator, had used a large number of spirit stones to open a teleportation spell to come to the Heavenly Illusion Mystic Realm. It was actually for a ninth-level spirit gathering stage disciple from the outside world. This was too absurd!

“How old is Victor?” Zhao Chengtian used his spiritual power to ask the attendant.

“Replying sect master, 15 years old!”

5 years old, ninth level of the spirit gathering realm. This talent would probably be a mixed spirit root talent.

This talent might be considered good in the Heavenly Sword Mountain, but it was absolutely not enough in the Green Dragon Mountain. It was absolutely impossible for an elder to come personally.

This meant that there were some other hidden characteristics on Victor’s body that Ye Lingyun had seen, which he knew nothing about.

When he realized this, Zhao Chengtian’s expression became even more unsightly.

“Could it be that this Green Dragon Mountain was here to steal disciples? Although Green Dragon Mountain was a fourth-grade mystic realm sect, one level stronger than my Heavenly Sword Mountain, they still couldn’t bully people like this, right?”

“This was still a competition in my Heavenly Sword Mountain.”

“What’s wrong, Sect Master Zhao?” Ye Lingyun saw that Zhao Chengtian’s complexion wasn’t too good and asked with a smile.

She had already noticed the departure of Zhao Chengtian’s attending and vaguely guessed what had happened.

Zhao Chengtian forced a smile and said in a deep voice, “It seems that fellow Taoist Ye knows this outer sect disciple, right?”

“That’s not the case. It’s just a few reasons. Victor has a very deep relationship with our Green Dragon Mountain, and I came here on behalf of the great elder.”

Green Dragon Mountain’s great elder!

Zhao Chengtian almost fell from his seat. The great elder that Ye Lingyun spoke of could only be one person, and that was the current master of the Green Dragon Mountain’s holy daughter.

He was skilled in prophetic techniques and had an extremely high status. He is the future master of the Green Dragon Mountain’s sect master.

He didn’t expect that it would be Victor who the great elder of Green Dragon Mountain would personally pay attention to.

How could Victor know the great elder of Green Dragon Mountain? With such a status, many people looked up to him.

Wait, prophecy?

Could it be that Victor’s shadow appeared in the prophecy of the great elder of Green Dragon Mountain?

Zhao Chengtian knew that the holy son and daughter of Green Dragon Mountain all had all top-grade spirit roots. They had dual spiritual roots and had an extremely high affinity of 70%.

The Green Dragon Mountain had wind, water, and wood attributes. The son had wind, and the daughter had water.

These two siblings were at the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm at the age of 15. They had broken through in three years and reached the foundation establishment stage at the age of 18.

With such monstrous cultivation talent compared to the selection of the Heavenly Sword Mountain’s geniuses, they were like children playing house in the eyes of people from the Green Dragon Mountain.

Thinking of Green Dragon Mountain, Zhao Chengtian really couldn’t muster up the courage to fight back. If any of the elders of Green Dragon Mountain were to be placed in the Heavenly Sword Mountain, it would be difficult even if he were to personally take action.

Zhao Chengtian was currently thinking about what he should do if the Green Dragon Mountain really didn’t care about the pride of a large sect and recruited people from their Heavenly Sword Mountain?

Come to think of it, Victor was only a participant and not a disciple of his Heavenly Sword Mountain.

If the Green Dragon Mountain really showed interest in recruiting Victor, he would definitely choose them. After all, the resources of the Green Dragon Mountain were more abundant.

Letting out a heavy breath, Zhao Chengtian said, “Fellow Taoist Ye, your purpose for coming to Heavenly Sword Mountain this time isn’t simple, right?”

Ye Lingyun chuckled. “Sect Master Zhao seems to be worried about something.”

Zhao Chengtian said with a sullen face, “Victor is a disciple who came to participate in our Heavenly Sword Mountain’s competition.

“But as far as I know, he is currently only a disciple of the outside world’s Qingyun Sect…”

Zhao Chengtian frowned and did not refute. This was naturally not the time to be embarrassed by his previous bragging.

After a moment of silence, Zhao Chengtian felt that something was wrong. If the Green Dragon Mountain had long noticed Victor, they would have gone to the Qingyun Sect to rope him in. Why would they let Victor participate in the Heavenly Sword Mountain’s grand competition?

A foundation establishment pill was probably nothing to the Green Dragon Mountain.

Zhao Chengtian couldn’t figure this out, so he didn’t ask.

At this moment, Ye Lingyun said, “Actually, our elder doesn’t want to recruit from your Heavenly Sword Mountain. In fact, I came to the Heavenly Sword Mountain this time for another important matter to discuss.”

Hearing Ye Lingyun’s serious tone, Zhao Chengtian sat up straight.

“Please speak, fellow Taoist Ye.”

“This matter is of great importance, and I can’t explain it within a short while. We’ll discuss it in detail after the grand competition ends.”

Such a solemn expression made Zhao Chengtian feel a little uneasy. However, he did not continue to ask. Everything would come to a conclusion after the competition was over.


After Victor and Jiang Wang’s battle, the bet on the number one person from the external sects had come to an end. Victor had won the championship ahead of time.

As for the other matches in Victor’s group, there was no suspense at all. Many opponents had given up on fighting Victor in order to preserve their strength and enter the second-tier team.

Victor won three then four matches in a row, and only met Ding Ling in the fifth match.

As one of the contestants who had won all the matches, Ding Ling naturally had the strength. However, against Jiang Wang, she was defeated in two moves!

The people who had defeated her in an instant were all defeated by Victor.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 78 - Prophecy? The Chosen One!