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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 75 - Victor’s Plan, the Initial Success of His Sword Intent!

Chapter 75: Victor’s Plan, the Initial Success of His Sword Intent!

As for the others, they had long lost their patience. Some had already left the arena, while others were already asleep.

“Victor can’t seem to hold on any longer.”

In a duel between sword force and illusion, it was impossible for outsiders to see who had the upper hand in the process of the duel, and neither could they see what kind of exchange there was in the duel.

They could only rely on their external behavior to differentiate. Ji Mengyun’s situation was slightly better than Victor’s.

“Well, it’s incredible that a cultivator from an external sect could do this.”

“But that’s it. At least we managed to barely retain our Illusionary Sword Peak’s dignity.”

Victor’s body obviously trembled when the two Illusionary Sword Peak disciples were talking.

Ji Mengyun’s face was as pale as paper, but she was still barely able to stand.

“We’re going to win.”


“Something doesn’t seem right…”

The Illusionary Sword Peak disciple who had spoken earlier frowned.

This Victor had held on for too long. That shouldn’t be it?

Could it be that the other party had a supreme-grade spirit amplification technique?

That was absolutely impossible.

He immediately rejected this absurd idea. If there really was such a secret technique, wouldn’t the cultivator’s spirit energy be endless?

Of course, he would not have figured that Victor’s shaking just now was just to give his body a break. He just needed to rest for a while. After all, it had been too long and he was almost numb. He had to move a little.

At this moment, the female disciple beside him pointed and said in a low voice, “Senior Sister Ji… her nose is bleeding.”


He turned around and saw that Ji Mengyun’s nose had two red streams of blood. It had already passed her mouth and dripped down her chin.

“Oh no!”

“Stop the match! The opponent is doing this on purpose!”

At this moment, Ji Mengyun’s body swayed and she fell to the ground with a thud..

“Victor wins!”

Following the referee’s announcement, most of the audience only had one reaction, that this boring match was finally over.

From the start of the match, the two of them had been staring at each other for more than an hour! Could there be a more boring competition than this?

A few disciples of Illusionary Sword Peak ran to the stage. At this time, Ji Mengyun’s face was pale, her eyes were bloodshot, and her nostrils were bleeding. She had lost consciousness.

“Bring her away.”

A female disciple who looked to be in her twenties waved her hand. She did not have a good impression of Ji Mengyun.

However, she was, after all, one of the top three core disciples in the younger generation of the Illusionary Sword Peak.

She took a deep look at Victor, hoping to find some side effects from using the secret technique. However, she was disappointed.

She did not believe that there were no side effects from the secret technique, so there was only one explanation. The other party had spare energy all along. He had only pretended to be mentally exhausted to lure Ji Mengyun to fight him.

The woman’s face turned cold. “You could have won long ago, but you deliberately let ji Mengyun fight you to such extent?”

Victor was about to turn around and leave, but when he heard the woman’s question, he stopped and looked back at the woman. He did not deny it.

Victor smiled faintly and said, “You can think whatever you want, but if the person lying on the ground was me, your junior sister would probably be happy to make me even more miserable.

“I didn’t hit her hard at all, but she ended up like this. Is it the aftereffects of using some kind of secret technique?

“It’s just a competition, and she would rather use a secret technique with side effects to deal with me. Why are you questioning me instead?”

The woman’s expression froze, and she couldn’t refute at all.

Seeing that the woman was speechless, Victor shook his head helplessly:

“I didn’t force her to use any secret technique. She brought it up upon herself.

“Yet you blame me for harming her. Is this the logic of your Heavenly Sword Mountain’s Illusory Sword Peak?

“You are allowed to oppress others but others aren’t allowed to go against you?”

The woman gritted her teeth and said, “It was clearly you who had ulterior motives to lure Ji Mengyun into such a situation!

“It’s meaningless for us to play the game of words here. After entering the finals, you will meet Illusionary Sword Peak’s personal disciple, Junior Sister Huan, Huan Xiaodie.

“I hope that when the time comes, you can fight like a man. Don’t admit defeat before even fighting!”

“When the time comes? It’s not certain who will win.”

Victor turned around and walked off the stage.

The surrounding audience made way for Victor. In fact, in the eyes of most people, Victor’s performance in this battle was very average. The main reason was that the battle lasted for too long. It took him more than an hour to barely defeat Ji Mengyun. During this time, Victor’s face was pale and he trembled. Therefore, everyone felt that his victory was not easy.

Victor’s strength was considered to be slightly higher than Ji Mengyun’s. With this strength, how would he fare against Jiang Wang?

The betting odds were 1.7 to Jiang Wang, 3 to Jiang Yun, and 4 to Victor.

Because of the battle between Victor and Ji Mengyun, Jiang Wang’s odds had increased while Victor’s odds had decreased. However, in general, the majority was still optimistic about Jiang Wang.

After all, Jiang Wang had always maintained his composure. There wasn’t even an opponent who could force him to move. Who knew how much of his strength he had used against Ding Ling?

Victor seemed to have reached his limit against Ji Mengyun. Unless he still had a trump card in that situation, the probability of him winning against Jiang Wang wasn’t high.

After the five of the contestants with a winning streak exchanged blows one by one, there wasn’t much to see in the remaining few people’s matches.

Although those who could advance in the first round were all experts, they were still far from the previous few players.

The group competition soon moved on to the second round.

Huang Qi was the first to go on stage. His opponent was Ding Ling. For Huang Qi, whether it was Zhou Yan or Ding Ling, there was no difference at all to him.

After one move, his opponent was instantly defeated!

“Huang Qi wins!”

The referee announced.

Ding Ling sighed sadly.

She had hoped to enter the first team, but now she had lost two matches in a row.

If nothing unexpected happened, she would still lose to that guy called Victor in a few rounds!

“The second match of the second round,” the referee paused deliberately at this point.

All the players present paid attention to this because the matches were all arranged by the referee team according to the performance of the players.

Therefore, the players didn’t know who they would face.

“The second match, Victor versus Jiang Wang!”

As soon as these words were said, the entire stadium was in an uproar. Victor going against Jiang Wang was definitely the most interesting match!

Ding Ling and Ji Mengyun, who had maintained a complete victory before, had already lost. Only Huang Qi, Jiang Wang, and Victor were left with a complete victory.

Whether it was Huang Qi versus Jiang Wang or Huang Qi versus Victor, there was actually nothing interesting to watch.

In everyone’s eyes, Huang Qi’s victory was without any suspense. A personal disciple was too strong, and his cultivation was at the 12th level of spirit condensation. No one could faze him. 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

The most interesting and suspenseful match was still between Jiang Wang and Victor!

In the eyes of most people, based on the current situation, the winner of this match had 70 to 30 probability, Jiang Wang was 70, and Victor was 30.

The real situation would only be known after the fight.

Jiang Wang’s strange clothes fluttered in the wind. He stood on the stage and looked calmly at Victor.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 75 - Victor’s Plan, the Initial Success of His Sword Intent!