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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 74 - Terrifying Concept, the Ice Domain!

Chapter 74: Terrifying Concept, the Ice Domain!


The environment shattered, and everything turned into nothingness. The brilliant starry sky above their heads, and the black earth beneath their feet.

“Eight Desolates Sword Sweep!”

Victor’s eyes flashed, and his sword force suddenly erupted. It rushed towards Ji Mengyun, completely shattering her body.

However, Ji Mengyun’s shattered body turned into countless fireflies, flying in various directions.

The fireflies filled the sky like ghostly flames. After a few breaths, all the fireflies gathered together and turned into a huge green fireball.

The fireball was like a meteorite heading straight for Victor’s mental world.


Endless coldness burst out of Victor’s eyes. The world seemed to be frozen. Victor’s right hand held the sky, and a huge ice dragon flew out of his hand and headed straight for the fireball in the distance.

The extreme cold power of the Phaseless Finger could very well resist such a fire attack. It would do no harm to Victor at all.

“Frozen world?”

Ji Mengyun was shocked. This was an absolute defensive method. Unless one’s mental power could crush the frozen world, no one could enter it.


Wasn’t his technique sword force? 𝒊𝘯𝑛𝐫ℯ𝒂d. 𝐜𝘰𝓂

How could he have such a powerful ice domain?

An unexpected situation occurred. Ji Mengyun couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear.

Her main offensive technique was to rely on illusion. Now that illusion couldn’t do damage to her opponent, this meant that Victor would be in an undefeatable position.

A battle of mental strength was occurring at this moment. Once a trace of doubt and fear appeared in her heart, it would be a huge flaw. Victor, who was already fluent in controlling mental strength, immediately sensed a gap in Ji Mengyun’s defense.

Eight Desolates Sword Intent!


“No way, I went to the toilet and came back. Why are these two still standing still there?”

“Yeah, are they competing or not?”

“Are you guys idiots? The competition has started. Do you know what an illusion is?”

“Bullsh*t illusion. I can’t see anything. It’s not interesting at all.”

A disciple from one of the ten great cultivation families left after saying that. He had already been eliminated anyway. He would rather watch an intense battle. He didn’t care who won or lost.

However, not everyone was like this disciple. There were quite a few Illusionary Sword Peak disciples present, they came to watch Ji Mengyun’s battle.

Although Ji Mengyun wasn’t the strongest disciple in her generation of the Illusionary Sword Peak disciples, but her attainments in illusion construction and mental attacks were one of the highest level.

It could be said that Victor and Ji Mengyun’s mental power showdown symbolised Victor’s battle against the top disciple of the younger generation in the Heavenly Sword Peak.

If Ji Mengyun lost, no one in her generation of the Heavenly Sword Peak could surpass Victor in mental power abilities.

This was definitely something that the Illusionary Sword Peak would feel embarrassed about.

They had the best cultivation technique and the best master. They had grown up eating spiritual grains, had access to all kinds of resources, but in the end, they had lost to a cultivator from the countryside. It was really inexcusable.

In the illusionary realm, because of the momentary hesitation, Ji Mengyun’s mind had a slight flaw. Victor had seized the opportunity and pursued her fiercely.


Countless illusions rushed into Ji Mengyun’s mind, and Ji Mengyun was sucked into the endless whirlpool of fragments.

The battle between mental powers was extremely dangerous. One wrong move and she would lose the battle.

Her mental powers were rapidly depleted, and Ji Mengyun’s face was pale.

“This kid’s mental powers are actually so strong!”

Ji Mengyun was a disciple of Illusionary Sword Peak, and she had specially practiced condensation of mental powers. However, compared to Victor, she was actually inferior. One had to know that Ji Mengyun’s cultivation was three realms higher than Victor’s.

“Fortunately, this guy’s attack method is simple, and he completely lacked the techniques of using spiritual power. Every attack will waste a lot of his spiritual power!”

Ji Mengyun’s thoughts raced. As she resisted Victor’s attack, she thought about the possibility of winning.

“I have been on the defensive side. Although Victor’s spiritual power is strong, he doesn’t know how to use techniques. Every attack will waste a large amount of spiritual power.

“In addition, I had been focusing on defense, so I have been saving energy. His mental strength consumption rate is about three times faster than mine!

“As long as I can withstand this round of attacks from him, he will definitely lose.”

Ji Mengyun thought so. The corners of her mouth curled up into a sneer. After all, he was a cultivator from the countryside. He only had brute force and didn’t know any techniques. He was destined to lose in her hands!

Ji Mengyun never thought that her thoughts were in line with Victor’s.

Victor had been using the Eight Desolates Sword Force since the start of the competition, all for the sake of comprehending the Eight Desolates Sword Intent.

An opponent like Ji Mengyun, whose strength was close to his, was skilled in using spiritual power, and had good endurance was simply an opponent that could only be encountered and not sought for.

To Victor, Ji Mengyun was an excellent whetstone.

The illusory space changed again and again. From the grassland to the sky, from the sky to hell.

Ji Mengyun was either surrounded by flying birds or wandering souls. These spirits and ghosts were all visualized by Ji Mengyun to protect her mental world.

However, under Victor’s unparalleled sword intent, they were continuously shattered.

The two of them stood on the arena for an hour, not moving at all!

Ji Mengyun’s face was already as pale as a sheet!

An hour of high-intensity energy consumption was not something an ordinary person could endure. If not for Ji Mengyun’s talent and solid foundation, she would have long collapsed.

“How is this possible! Is this fellow really human?”

Ji Mengyun could not imagine that the other party was actually able to persist until now at three times the rate of spiritual energy consumption. If it were her, she would have long collapsed!

“If I hold on for a little longer, he won’t be able to hold on! In the end, I’ll be the winner!”

Victor was indeed like what Ji Mengyun had said. He had been on the offensive all these while, and he had exhausted a lot of his mental strength!

He relied on the top-tier wood element cultivation technique, the Tree Building technique, to complement his wood attribute heavenly spirit root. Moreover, he had already maxed out on this cultivation technique a few months ago, and his recovery rate was at the highest speed.

Although the Tree Building technique could only be considered as an ordinary cultivation technique in the later stages, but in the early stages, it was the best of the best.

However, even so, three times the consumption of Ji Mengyun’s spiritual power resulted in him feeling a little uncomfortable. His complexion wasn’t any better than Ji Mengyun’s.

The reason Victor would grit his teeth and persevere in his attacks until now was because of the benefits. In such a high-intensity battle, he had obtained visible improvements, and his understanding of sword intent was becoming more and more profound.

He felt that it wouldn’t be long before he could completely replace the sword force with sword intent.

The two of them stood on the arena for an hour without any breaks, even the spectators around them were at a loss.

The Illusory Sword Peak disciples were still fine. After all, they were used to this kind of fighting style. Moreover, the result of the competition concerned their Illusory Sword Peak’s reputation, so they would naturally be patient and watch.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 74 - Terrifying Concept, the Ice Domain!