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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 73 - The Showdown Between the Strong! Victor’s First Battle!

Chapter 73: The Showdown Between the Strong! Victor’s First Battle!

“Fire of The Sun!”

Zhou Yan had already reached the limit in terms of defense. He immediately brought out his trump card.

As a disciple of the Sword Forging Peak, almost every disciple had a fire attribute spirit root. At the same time, they mainly used fire attribute techniques.

This Fire of The Sun was activated from the sunlight technique. In the next moment, this Fire of The Sun actually produced a fire phoenix.

Although everyone could not feel the heat of the fire phoenix due to the protective barrier, they could feel that the power of the fire phoenix was not to be underestimated just by looking at the distorted light around the fire.

However, Huang Qi only raised his right hand and drew a few golden runes in the air, forming a strange spell in the air. Then, an unbelievable scene happened. The Fire Phoenix rushed into the spell and disappeared completely like a clay ox entering the sea.

It was as if the spell formed by the golden runes was connected to another space, directly transferring the fire phoenix to another space.

Seeing such a strange scene, Zhou Yan sighed in despair and said, “I admit defeat.”

The Fire of The Sun was already his strongest move, but in front of Huang Qi, it couldn’t even cause a spark. It disappeared into thin air. This made Zhou Yan feel helpless. The gap was too big, so much so that he couldn’t even estimate how much of Huang Qi’s strength had been used.

“Huang Qi wins!”

The outcome of this battle was not surprising at all. People praised Huang Qi’s strength, and then began to wait for the next match.

Victor had been thinking about a problem. A small spell could actually have such great power. He felt that this kind of spells and the Heavenly Sword Mountain’s great spells could be said to be two different aspects.

In Victor’s opinion, compared to Huang Qi’s spells, the Heavenly Sword Mountain’s spells were more mysterious, and it was more useful to him.

At this moment, the referee’s voice interrupted Victor’s thoughts.

“The third match, Victor versus Ji Mengyun!”

Victor raised his head and met Ji Mengyun’s gaze. At this moment, Ji Mengyun looked at Victor with a smile sweet as a flower. It was obvious that she was quite interested in Victor.

The battle between Victor and Ji Mengyun was another heavyweight match. This meant that one more person would be eliminated from this group.

This scene attracted a lot of attention. Not only was it due to Victor’s shocking strength, it was also related to the determination of the person who would be the winner amongst disciples of the outside sect.

Previously, when Jiang Wang defeated Ding Ling, the odds of Jiang Wang winning the title of number one in the outer sect had been raised to one to one. His brother’s odds had also been reduced to one to one point four.

This time, those who hadn’t bought the two brothers from the Yuelun Sect were regretful, while those who had already bought it were beaming with joy.

The one to one odds weren’t worth much money, but there were still many people who placed their bets on Jiang Wang.

Victor’s odds had also risen to one to six. Although he was also one of the favourites to win the championship, the gap between him and the two brothers from the Yuelun Sect was still big.

This time, Victor’s battle with Ji Mengyun was an extremely important one. It could greatly predict the disciple who would be the first in the outside world.

Ji Mengyun’s strength was unquestionably superior to Ding Ling’s. As for who was stronger, her and Jiang Wang, the majority would still support Jiang Wang. If Victor could not win against Ji Mengyun, he would basically lose the qualification to be the first

However, Victor’s strength was only at the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm, while Ji Mengyun’s strength was already at the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm.

The difference in strength between the two was three realms. Could Victor really win?

Not to mention the general audience who didn’t think highly of Victor, even Song Qianqian didn’t dare to believe that Victor could win.

“Victor, I’ve been looking forward to this battle for a long time. It’s a pity that I missed the chance to compete against you in the group competition.”

Ji Mengyun’s heroic face was smiling like a flower. She narrowed his eyes and glanced at Song Qianqian below the stage. She said softly, “Your admirer seems to be very worried about your battle this time. I’m happy to let her feel disappointed.”

“I also feel that it’s such a pity that I missed the group battle with you. As for my junior sister, don’t worry. She won’t be disappointed.”

Victor had nothing to worry about in this battle. His technique wasn’t limited to the Eight Desolates Sword.

Hearing this, the audience was speechless. Victor was really confident.

Ji Mengyun was ranked in the top three of the Illusionary Sword Pea. With the strength of the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm, she could even fight against a disciple at the 13th level of the spirit gathering realm.

In this competition, Ji Mengyun was very likely to enter the top 15. As for Victor, the only ability he had been displaying was his powerful sword force.

However, how long could he last with just one technique?

Ji Mengyun burst out laughing and said, “It seems that you are very confident. Let me tell you, I know sword force as well. I just don’t know who has the stronger sword force between us.”

Victor smiled faintly and said, “I wasn’t sure at first, but looking at your condition, my confidence is much higher!”

“Hmmph, arrogant!”

Ji Mengyun snorted, and the scene around them suddenly changed. The audience disappeared, and Victor and Ji Mengyun appeared in an endless field, with soft grass under their feet.

“My Illusionary Sword Peak’s secret skill, the Illusionary Grassland, combined with my unique sword force, I’ll see how you can block it!”

Illusionary attacks were a type of spiritual attack, and sword force was also a spiritual attack.

However, in the illusionary space, the caster was invincible strength wise. As long as she could control it, whatever she imagined would come true.

And for people trapped in the environment, once they assumed that they were dead, they would fall into a deep sleep, which was equivalent to a living dead.


Ji Mengyun shouted loudly. Under her feet, the green grass rapidly grew into countless long snakes.

“Snake Bite!”

Ji Mengyun willed, and countless long snakes swept towards Victor like waves.

Hiss, hiss, hiss…

Countless fangs with a cold gleam gradually approached Victor’s position.

Was it a competition between mental strength?

The battle between illusion and sword aura was exactly what Victor had been looking forward to. He had been constantly polishing his sword force these past few days, and he had even developed a trace of sword intent. Now that he had a better opportunity to polish his sword intent, he naturally wouldn’t miss it.

Victor closed his eyes and opened them, then a sharp sword light appeared in Victor’s eyes.

In the next moment, countless grass snakes in the illusionary world were cut in half by a single blow.

The entire grassland was sliced apart by the sword light.

“Eh? What?”

Just as Ji Mengyun reacted, she felt her brain shake. In the blink of an eye, her world was on the verge of collapsing. Countless world fragments surged into her mind, and her mental world was on the verge of collapsing.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 73 - The Showdown Between the Strong! Victor’s First Battle!