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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 71 - Breakthrough! The Eight Desolates Sword Intent!

Chapter 71: Breakthrough! The Eight Desolates Sword Intent!

Victor swept through the competitions and defeated many disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain. Many of the audience happened to be disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, so they naturally wanted to see Victor lose.

Those who maintained a complete victory along the way were always envied. Moreover, Victor came from an external sect. He was like a country bumpkin who had climbed onto the head of a noble. Naturally, this made the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain unhappy.

“Let me show you the ultimate skill of my Sword Forging Peak, the Yin and Yang Throw!”

Su Lang shouted, and then the black copper furnace above his head flew into the sky. It grew in the wind, and in the blink of an eye, it grew to two meters in size.

Once the furnace was filled with spiritual energy and smashes downwards, even copper and iron walls would be smashed into pieces.

Victor did not care about what Su Lang was doing. While the other party was accumulating energy, he was not idle either. A cold sword light gleamed in his eyes.

The Eight Desolates Sword Intent!


Su Lang’s face was pale as if he had been hit by a heavy blow. The bronze furnace in the air lost control and crashed heavily on the ground, leaving a big hole in the ground.

“Damn it, why is it still like this?”

“My spiritual power is obviously so powerful. How can his sword force still affect me?”

Su Lang was gasping for breath, one of his hands was on the ground.

“Final Determination!”

Su Lang stared at Victor, a light flashed in his eyes. The copper furnace suddenly lit up and was about to fly up again, but before it could fly more than one meter, it crashed on the ground.

The fierce sword intent in Victor’s eyes burst out again.

Su Lang felt a sharp light slash across his body, and his eyes instantly lost their spirit. He fell to the ground with a plop.

“Victor wins!”

Following the referee’s announcement, the audience was dumbfounded. How could this Sword Forging Peak disciple Su Lang lose?

Moreover, it was a clear defeat. How was it possible?

Wang Cang lost. Although the people were surprised, Wang Cang was only an external disciple. How could he be compared to the disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain? Moreover, Su Lang’s major was sword forging, and his mental strength was extremely strong. How could he have the same outcome as Wang Cang?

What was Victor’s background?

The spectating disciples felt a chill down their spines. He had used his sword force to defeat his opponent one after another, regardless of the opponent’s cultivation and strength, regardless of the opponent’s spiritual power.

They all had their battle ended within a few breaths. Victor’s talent in swordsmanship gave people a feeling that he was unrivaled!

In truth, Victor had been a little afraid of this guy. After all, his opponent was the type that could restrain him.

However, after countless practice, his sword force had almost reached perfection, and he had even comprehended a trace of sword intent.

After all, he was also constantly growing. If one said that sword force was constructed by unlimited power, then, in the end, it would be able to defeat the opponent in one strike.

As for sword intent, it was to throw away all the excess sword force and condense the essence into one point, so as to break the surface with a point.

Therefore, no matter how strong one’s mental power was, there would still be a flaw. As long as one managed to capture this flaw, it would be effective against the opponent.

This kind of subtle difference was very difficult for ordinary people to perceive. Even the person who was attacked would lose consciousness in an instant. Following that, their consciousness would gradually blur and they would not be able to detect what kind of attack it was.

However, at this moment in the main hall.

Ye Lingyun could faintly sense that Victor’s sword attack was slightly different from before. As for where it was exactly, she could only make a judgment after personally experiencing it.

“This youth is getting more and more interesting. Perhaps the first elder had underestimated him.”

The corners of Ye Lingyun’s mouth curled up slightly. She knew that her trip this time was not in vain.

The group competition was proceeding in a steady manner. There were no heavyweight duels, and half of them were battles where there was a great disparity in strength.

Just like that, Victor advanced with complete victory.

Similarly, Ji Mengyun and Guo Feibai also advanced with complete victory.

Song Qianqian stopped at the group competition due to insufficient wins.


The next day, Sword Control Peak.

A new day, new competitions. Compared to yesterday, there are lesser matches today, but they would be much more intense.

The competition was still arranged by the referee. According to the performance of the contestants, they would be regrouped. Those who had already competed would not compete again, and the strong seeded contestants would not meet in advance.

Victor was assigned to the seventh group.

The strong contestant who belonged to the same group as him was the personal disciple of the peak master of Spirit Spell Peak, Huang Qi.

Other than that, there was also Ji Mengyun from Illusionary Sword Peak.

Every disciple had to participate in a round of competition. This time, the battle between Victor and Ji Mengyun was inevitable.

A battle between two strong competitors like Victor and Ji Mengyun also existed in other groups.

When the time comes, there would be a round-robin competition where the results would be determined by points.

Whether or not they could become famous with one battle, it would be another matter.

At that time, unless they were the personal disciples of the peak masters, there was no way to hide their strength.

Everyone had to go all out to fight for their points and obtain a high ranking. One could imagine the intensity of the competitions.

“The first round, Jiang Wang versus Ding Ling.”

Following the announcement of the referee, a handsome young man wearing strange clothes performed a movement technique and landed on the stage. 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

Song Qianqian was slightly startled, she whispered to victor, “I’ve asked around. That man is called Jiang Wang, the younger brother of the two brothers of the Yuelun Sect. They are known as Gemini stars in the Yuelun sect. Their status is equivalent to that of the grand elder, second only to the sect leader.”

Seeing Jiang Wang on the stage, many people in the arena were in an uproar, especially some of the female disciples. They were obviously very curious about the outer disciples with such style.

As the referee announced the start of the match, everyone was discussing and looking at the ring curiously.

“Why is Jiang Wang the only one?”

“Where did his opponent go?”

Song Qianqian was also very confused and looked around the ring in a daze.

Victor smiled and said, “Ding Ling has already entered the ring. Otherwise, the referee wouldn’t have called for the match to begin. Her talent allows her to remain hidden in the crowd’s perspective. Ordinary people can’t see her.”

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 71 - Breakthrough! The Eight Desolates Sword Intent!