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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 69 - Shell-Like Protection? Crush It!

Chapter 69: Shell-Like Protection? Crush It!

“Victor must not have many other attacks. He’s only 15 or 16 years old, but his sword force is already so powerful. This ability alone is extremely difficult to learn and comprehend. I guess he doesn’t have the energy to learn other moves.”

“I heard that when Victor was in the East Ocean Restaurant, apart from his sword energy, he also used a finger technique which had extremely cold power. Wang Cang must also know about this.”

People were discussing among themselves. Previously, both Victor and Wang Cang had already displayed their strength. Their opponents were unable to retaliate at all.

Now that they were facing strong opponents, this battle had attracted quite a number of spectators, including some disciples from other competition zones. Now, it was almost certain that both Victor and Wang Cang would advance to the next round.

Who knew if they would be their opponents in the future? It was necessary to understand the strength of their opponents in advance.

On the arena.

The match had already begun, but Wang Cang did not make a move. Instead, he strengthened his defense.

“I am prepared for the sword force attack. Your strongest move has lost its effect. Let’s see how you can fight me!” Wang Cang said fiercely.

“It seems that you are very confident in resisting my Eight Desolates Sword Force?”

Victor did not make a move either. Since everyone thought that his strongest move was only the Eight Desolates Sword Force, he was happy for everyone to have misunderstood him.

He had been using the Eight Desolates Sword Force all this time to strengthen his understanding of the sword force so that he could comprehend the higher realm that Sect Master Zhang Lingren saw, the sword intent.

As Victor was getting closer and closer to the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm, he would have to cultivate the sword intent sooner or later. If he only started cultivating then, it would be a little too late. Therefore, he had to make good use of this opportunity.

Wang Cang’s face immediately turned red. He said coldly, “Even if I don’t use the spiritual energy shield, with my cultivation of the 11th level of the spirit gathering realm, I will never be afraid of you!”

As soon as he said that, Wang Cang took out a short knife from his dimensional pocket. There were two knives in his hand, one long and one short.

The long knife was held in his right hand, while the short knife was held in his left hand.

“The dual blade style?”

The audience’s eyes lit up. They did not expect Wang Cang to have left a trick up his sleeve from the previous battle. The dual blade style was much more difficult to master than the single blade style. Once mastered, the power could not be underestimated.

“Dual blade style, Swift Blade Cut!”

The power in Wang Cang’s body circulated rapidly. The long knife and the short knife both emitted a strong light. The blade aura was reckless.

Wang Cang took a step forward. The long knife in his right hand was slashed out. The short knife in his left hand was placed on the long knife. A sharp aura broke through the air.

Seeing Wang Cang’s two blades slashing at him, Victor did not move at all. A black-light flashed in his eyes, and an invisible sword aura rushed out again.


Wang Cang’s body seemed to have suffered a heavy blow. The aura that he poured into the blade was instantly broken by Victor’s sword aura.

Wang Cang retreated with a pale face, and his heart was filled with shock and anger.

The opponent’s sword aura was as heavy as a mountain. Although the damage caused by the sword aura had been greatly reduced, the weight of the attack was still difficult to endure. That attack just now seemed as if he had seen the end of the world, he almost could not hold on.

The worst thing was that after being struck by this terrifying sword force, he lost control of the spirit energy shield. All martial arts skills were abstract, and only power was real.

“I have to strengthen the spirit energy shield, but my shield is limited. If I put all my spirit energy into this, the spirit energy in my attacks will be weakened, and I won’t be able to use my strongest move.”

“I can’t care so much now!”

Wang Cang gritted his teeth. He pushed all the power in his body to the limit, and the two blades, one long and one short, began to spin rapidly in his hands.

“Swift Blade Whirlwind!”

The spirit energy spun faster and faster with the airflow, and a black whirlwind burst out from between the two blades. It spun recklessly and grew larger, and a sharp aura was constantly emitted from the whirlwind.

However, when Wang Cang wanted to attack with the two blades along with the whirlwind, he was stunned.

In his point of view, the surrounding audience had all disappeared. He stood alone in an incomparably empty world. In the sky, countless huge meteorites appeared.

Each meteorite was as heavy as a mountain. He felt that he was surrounded by an endless void. He had nowhere to run.

A huge meteorite explosion was about to happen!

At this moment, a trace of dreadfulness and fear appeared in Wang Cang’s heart.

During a battle, this was the most fatal damage.


The spirit energy barrier around Wang Cang’s body suddenly shattered. Countless meteorites descended at this moment. He had disappeared from this world.


In Wang Cang’s world, he had already exploded along with countless meteorites, and everything had returned to the void.

Following the sound of two metals colliding, the two sabers in Wang Cang’s hands fell to the ground. His eyes were dull, his face was pale, and he was foaming at the mouth.

After a moment, he collapsed weakly on the ground.

This battle had already caused him to lose completely, and he had suffered a crushing defeat.

Following Wang Cang’s defeat, Wang Ce’s expression instantly became extremely unsightly. Song Xiuwen cupped his hands towards Wang Ce from afar, his gaze indicating that the battle was won by our Qingyun Sect.

The seemingly courteous action, at this moment, was filled with irony. In Wang Ce’s eyes, it only felt like he was showing off.

He truly did not expect that Wang Cang would be defeated in just one move, while Victor did not even move. He still used his original move, sword force!

However, the power of this sword force couldn’t even be resisted by the spirit energy shield of the eleventh level of the spirit gathering realm. The shield was even one layer thicker than usual.

What kind of sword force did this guy Victor Learn?

Moreover, he was able to control the sword force without any restraint and didn’t reserve any strength at all. Wouldn’t this guy be tired?

Wang Ce really couldn’t imagine that there would be such a guy in the outside world, except for the Sword Hut.

“Victor wins!”

The referee announced in time. After defeating Wang Cang, Victor could be considered to have stood out in the eighth competition zone, only second to Guo Feibai and Ji Mengyun. It was already enough for him to be known.

“This Victor is too terrifying. He could even defeat an opponent at the 11th level of the spirit gathering realm. Could it be that only a disciple at the 12th level of the spirit gathering realm could match him?”

“12th level of the spirit condensation realm? If he were one level higher, wouldn’t all the genius disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain be defeated by him?”

“Moreover, even if those genius disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain were at the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm, they wouldn’t dare say that they could defeat an opponent at the 11th level of the spirit gathering realm in one move, right?”

“The scariest thing is that he is only at the ninth level of the spirit gathering realm. If he were to break through to the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm, who would be able to stop him?”

“That’s different. His sword attacks work wonders on those who have never learned sword attacks before. Ji Mengyun and Guo Feibai are both disciples who have sword skills. He can’t just rely on his sword attacks to suppress others. After all, his opponent is even stronger than him

“Only Ji Mengyun and Guo Feibai can do that. How many people here can reach the level of those two? ”

“If I were to meet this guy, I would definitely not fight him. I would just forfeit and admit defeat. I would be killed instantly anyway. It would be good if I didn’t get beaten up. I’d better save my strength to deal with others!”

The thoughts of the Heavenly Sword Mountain disciple who spoke represented the thoughts of many cultivators. They wouldn’t be able to defeat him anyway. Moreover, it wasn’t like they would be eliminated after one match. If they didn’t have the confidence to fight Victor, they would just forfeit and reserve their strength to fight others.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 69 - Shell-Like Protection? Crush It!