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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 64 - The True Gap Between Geniuses!

Chapter 64: The True Gap Between Geniuses!

When the surrounding cultivators saw Victor charging straight to the middle of the stone steps, they were about to take pleasure in Victor’s misfortune.

“This kid still doesn’t know that there’s an ambush there.”

“Even if a senior spirit gathering cultivator wants to go there, he has to be well-prepared. Otherwise, he will be affected.”

The people in groups of two or three whispered to each other, trying to vent their displeasure after being surpassed.

Victor stepped over the middle point of the bluestone steps. He had long noticed that something was wrong here. Even when Nangong Zifeng and Guo Feibai came here, they stayed for a while and didn’t rush over instantly.

“So there’s an interference spell here.”

Victor felt that the spell’s script on the stone steps suddenly lit up. Streams of spiritual energy burst out from the scripts and rushed towards him.

He sensed that this power was not strong, and only had an interference effect. Although he would not have a problem blocking it, it would save him a lot of effort if he could dodge it.

He pushed the max-level Wind technique to the extreme. Under the support of wind power, Victor’s body was as light as a feather. His body moved continuously, and all the spiritual energy attacks missed.

Because his movements were too fast, Victor’s body left afterimages as he weaved through the dense interference of the spiritual energy. In just a few breath’s time, he had dodged all the spiritual energy attacks.

“He dodged all of them?”

“How could he dodge them?”

“Even if the senior cultivators of the Heavenly Sword Mountain came to this checkpoint, they would forcefully resist the interference attacks and rely on their rich spiritual energy to pass through.”

“Moreover, the gravity of the middle part of the stone steps far exceeds that of the previous stage. It is impossible to dodge in time under such gravity.”

“What an abnormal movement technique. In terms of movement techniques, it is definitely not weaker than the geniuses of the Heavenly Sword Mountain. I just wonder how his combat strength is.”

“You guys are wrong. Part of the reason why he can dodge the attack of the spiritual energy is his movement technique, but it is more because of the powerful recovery of his spiritual energy.”

“Moreover, he is proficient in sword force, and his perception is very strong. I once saw him fight in the East Ocean Restaurant.

“Cultivators of the same level as him, even Nangong Aotian of the Molten Spirit Peak was also defeated by him in an instant.”

“What? Defeated Nangong Aotian in an instant? So that’s how it is. I heard that Nangong Aotian of the Molten Spirit Peak was beaten up by someone. So it was him…”

There were many disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain present. They all knew that Nangong Aotian was severely injured.

For the other six peaks, they would not miss the chance to see the Molten Spirit Peak become a joke. The news of Nangong Aotian being seriously injured had long spread throughout the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

After a series of discussions, some cultivators nearby secretly paid attention to Victor.

Especially those below the tenth level of the spirit condensation realm, they even began to consider whether they should admit defeat in advance if they met Victor. They did not even think that they were stronger than Nangong Aotian.

After passing the bluestone steps, there would be no more obstacles. Victor went straight up and soon arrived at the mountain gate.

He deliberately hid his strength, because he did not want to stand too high. After all, it was only the first checkpoint. It was not good to attract too much attention. It would be easy for others to target him.

Three-fifths of the incense on the mountain gate was burnt. The interference spell formation in the middle of the bluestone steps blocked many people. Some cultivators who were not strong enough were hit by the spiritual energy attack.

Fortunately, the spiritual energy attacks were not very powerful. At most, they would only cause minor injuries and would not be fatal. Otherwise, a large number of cultivators would have died at this checkpoint.

Hua Feng and Gu Xu climbed up the mountain like turtles. They saw that many cultivators who were much faster than them had been defeated here. The two of them looked at each other and smiled bitterly.

They finally understood that they have no hope of passing this stage. Perhaps the sect did not want the five spots to be wasted, so they called them along.

“What should we do? We can’t pass!”

Hua Feng looked at the two cultivators in front of him who were sent flying by the spiritual energy attacks. His heart trembled, and his speed became slower and slower.

After all, at this point, very few people could pass through the spiritual energy attacks. Basically, they would all end up flying.

Gu Xu gritted his teeth and said, “Pass! How could we not pass! We’ve already come this far. Even if we know we can’t pass, we still have to pass. If we give up, it will be our Qingyun Sect that will lose face.

“Moreover, if we did not come here, we’ll never know how big the gap is between us and others. So we have to go!”

Ever since he came to Heavenly Sword Mountain’s mystic realm, Gu Xu could clearly feel the arrogant attitude of these mystic realm disciples and their faint sense of superiority. Now, Gu Xu truly understood.

Not to mention these disciples, the world had changed greatly. There would always be someone better than them. The Heavenly Sword Mountain was not the only secret realm. There were countless sects that had a longer history than the Heavenly Sword Mountain!

As they stepped on the bluestone steps, Hua Feng and Gu Xu immediately felt the gravity around their bodies become heavier.

Two streams of spiritual power suddenly rushed toward them. Hua Feng and Gu Xu only took a few hits before they were sent flying. There were a few other cultivators with them. Some of them were sent flying, but they got up and moved forward again.

There were also some who gave up after being sent flying once. There were even some who became timid when they saw the difficulty of the obstacle because they knew that they would not be able to overcome it.

All of this fell into Victor’s eyes. Those cultivators who tried and failed time and time again made him sigh endlessly in his heart. If he had not worked hard in the past and only relied on downloading some high-level talents and slacked off in his cultivation, he would definitely be stuck in this place like them.

Even now, he still cultivated diligently every day in order to stand on a higher stage in the future.

After all, opportunities were reserved for those who were prepared. Otherwise, it would never be your turn to get the opportunity.

The sect master of Heavenly Sword Mountain and the two elders were still standing high above on the spirit boat, ignoring the cultivators who were trying their best to ascend the steps down below.

At this time, the incense burned slower and slower. Although there was only a quarter left, there was still a good portion. Victor estimated that the incense would burn for at least another half an hour.

There was enough time.

Victor suddenly understood that the first stage was a trial. However, those young disciples who felt good about themselves knew that the real gap between them and geniuses was that if they gave up after being defeated once. By giving up, they would lose the qualification to pursue the path of immortality!

This was a huge elimination process. Elimination was not scary. After brave attempts, one would experience a mental growth. Those who gave up would very likely be unable to recover from this setback.

The genius disciples who had already climbed up the mountain gate looked at their peers around them and then looked at the cultivators who were still struggling below. Their gazes were somewhat disdainful. This kind of disdainful gaze was also a kind of stimulation for those former genius disciples who were still climbing the bluestone steps.

Everyone was a genius disciple in their own sect and had always been used to being looked up to. When had they ever received such disdain?

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 64 - The True Gap Between Geniuses!