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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 116 - Was He Rampant or Did He Actually Have the Ability?

Chapter 116: Was He Rampant or Did He Actually Have the Ability?

Although it didn’t have any direct effect on his transformation formation.

But this feeling was equivalent to reading a book and having a fly buzzing non-stop by the side. Of course, he wanted to slap it to death.

“Victor, hurry up and leave!” Ye Lingxuan knew Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s temper. Once he really got angry, he would gather those foundation establishment realms and even spiritual pedestal realm cultivators who owed him a favor.

If that happened, Victor would be hunted by many people. Unless he stayed in Green Dragon Mountain for his entire life, no one could protect him.

Victor was pulled by Ye Lingxuan and still said loudly, “Senior Chi Lian, am I wrong?”

Taoist Priest Chi Lian frowned and said coldly, “What you said is nonsense!”

This spell formation was incomplete. Any cultivator could see it.

But what was the use of asking questions and not solving them?

The key was how to solve it!

He had spent a lot of effort on the nine-palace fire spell formation. With his own understanding of the spiritual qi of heaven and earth and the basic knowledge of artifact refinement as the blueprint, he had finally perfected the nine-palace fire spell to the current standard through the knowledge of the ancient spell formation.

To be able to isolate the violent spiritual qi above sea level and at the same time let the spiritual qi circulate in a regular manner was already very difficult to achieve. Improving it was was easier said than done.

It was precisely because of this that he decided to go into seclusion and spend five years studying it to see if there were any new discoveries or gains.

“Senior Chi Lian, I once met an expert who taught me some knowledge about spell and rune techniques. I am not very talented, but I have more or less learned something.

“Just now, I did not intend to absorb the spiritual energy from the surroundings of senior’s spell formation. Instead, I was studying the spell formation. After spending some time, I have already gained some insight…”

Victor ignored Ye Lingxuan’s gazes and continued to speak loudly.

“Hahahaha!” Taoist Priest Chi Lian laughed loudly and thick spiritual energy directly exploded through the formation.

Victor’s face turned pale, and he couldn’t help but take a few steps back. Fortunately, Ye Lingxuan was beside Victor, and she hurriedly circulated her spiritual energy to form a shield. Only then did the two come to their senses.

“Victor, don’t talk nonsense. Although Senior Chi Lian has focused on refining artifacts, he has also studied formations and runes. You must be careful when it comes to formations!”

Ye Lingxuan was both anxious and angry at the moment. She was eager to take Victor and fly back to Green Dragon Mountain. She had started to regret bringing Victor here.

Although some incredible things always happened to Victor, she didn’t dare to believe that Victor would be more familiar with improving the nine-palace fire spell than Taoist Priest Chi Lian, who had studied it for decades.

The path of spell formation was very complicated. Victor was still young, and no matter how talented he was, how much he could have learned?

Moreover, what level could the expert that Victor spoke of be? After all, Victor was born in the Qingyun Sect in the outside world. At that time, heaven and earth had not recovered, so what could he have gained from his research!

This time, even Ye Lingxuan, who had always believed in Victor, could not believe that Victor could improve the nine-palace fire spell.

Beside him, Taoist Priest Chi Lian laughed for half a minute before he stopped.

“This is ridiculous. I, Taoist Priest Chi Lian, have lived for more than 200 years. I didn’t expect that today, a 15-year-old child would want teach me the ways of spell formations!”

Victor was not angry at Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s repeated mockery. After all, as long as the other party had a need, he was not afraid that he could not accomplish anything.

Victor smiled faintly and said, “I am indeed a 15-year-old youth. I am not as capable of living as you are. It is a pity that you have lived for so many years, but your life isn’t as clear as a child like me!”

“What did you say?”

Chi Lian’s gaze suddenly darkened and he began to activate the nine-palace fire spell. The spiritual energy in the world began to churn, and a strong killing intent spread out from the spell formation.

“Are you teaching me a lesson? Are you insinuating that I’m a person with narrow vision?”

“Good, very good. Since you said that you’ve already seen through some of the flaws, I’ll give you an opportunity. I’d like to hear what kind of brilliant ideas you have, you little brat!

“If you tell me the flaws of this spell formation, not only will I immediately apologize to you, but I’ll also start refining the spirit sword for you!

“However, if you can’t tell me, I will remove your tongue and destroy your meridians at the same time. For the sake of Green Dragon Mountain, I will spare your life!”

As soon as Taoist Priest Chi Lian said this, Ye Lingxuan turned pale with fright. Destroying all the meridians in the body was no different from death to a cultivator!

What she was most worried about had happened.

Once Taoist Priest Chi Lian said something, he would definitely do it. However, even if Victor knew some of the techniques of the formation, how much could he know.

Ye Lingxuan’s heart was in her throat. At this time, there was nothing she could do. If things reached an irreversible stage, Ye Lingxuan could only risk her life to protect Victor.

She hoped that Taoist Priest Chi Lian would care about her master’s reputation…

Victor smiled faintly and said slowly but forcefully, “Senior, I still need some time to properly observe this nine-palace fire spell formation. Since senior is so worried, why don’t you accompany me at the side?”

“Hmmmph, kid, of course I have to watch you carefully. I don’t want you to do anything that might damage the spell formation that I worked so hard setting up!” Taoist Priest Chi Lian sneered.

With a thought, Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s interface appeared in front of him.

Name: Chi Lian

Cultivation Method: Zhong Ding Refining Mantra, Raging Fire Sword Art, Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation

Cultivation Talent: Earth-grade beginner level

Sword Dao Talent: Yellow-grade beginner level

Cultivation Level: Foundation establishment realm intermediate stage

Victor circled around the mountain with a calm expression, as if he was really looking at the flaws of the spell formation. However, he had already put all his attention on the interface.

As expected, the formation he was researching was this Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation.

He was looking forward to whether this spell formation would bring him some surprises.

“System, how long will it take to download Chi Lian’s Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation?”

“Ding! Downloading the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation will take five hours. Host, would you like to lock onto a target and download it?”

Five hours?

Such a short period of time?

As expected, with his current realm, five hours was normal.

Victor then went in circles for a few hours as Taoist Priest Chi Lian followed behind. He could tell that Victor was just wandering around aimlessly.

“Hmmph, wait for a few more hours. If you can’t come up with a reason…”

Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s eyes flashed.

A few hours later.

Victor felt that it was almost time. He gradually slowed down.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully downloading the Nine Palace Eight Trigrams Formation. Would you like to absorb it immediately?”

Finally, the system’s pleasant voice sounded again.

Victor’s heart was filled with passion.

He smiled at Taoist Priest Chi Lian behind him and said, “I understand it completely now, but I need ten minutes to summarize it.”

Then, he sat cross-legged in the middle of the courtyard and closed his eyes to meditate.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 116 - Was He Rampant or Did He Actually Have the Ability?