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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 114 - Victor’s Innate Talent, Psychic Body?

Chapter 114: Victor’s Innate Talent, Psychic Body?

In a day, Victor and the great elder had already traveled tens of thousands of miles and arrived at a teleportation spell set up at the edge of Green Dragon Mountain.

The long-distance teleportation spell was a luxurious facility that consumed a lot of resources. Usually, not only did they require foundation establishment cultivators to handle it, but a large number of spirit stones are consumed with each teleportation.

“Victor, you said you wanted thunder-type materials to make the sword body?”

The great elder was a little surprised.

During the previous competition, Victor had used wood-type power and fire-type power, and now he wanted to use the thunder-type power?

Could Victor be a rare three-elemental spirit body?

“Uh, I suppose you can say that.” Victor nodded. He didn’t intend to hide anything from the great elder. Moreover, as his abilities gradually appeared, things would eventually be exposed.

“That’s not right. I remember that you also know ice and metal type powers?”

“A little…” Victor said awkwardly but politely. With a flick of his finger, the power of ice from Phaseless Finger exploded.

Then with a flip of his hand, the power of metal from the Mighty Palms exploded.

This time, the great elder’s eyes lit up, and her voice was even a little excited. “Wood, ice, fire, metal, and thunder. These are all five spiritual power attributes. You have a psychic body!?”

“Sort of.” Victor could only force himself to admit. In truth, he did not have a spiritual body. He just relied on the power of nature.

“You can even control ice, so you can also control water, right?” The great elder said suspiciously.

“If you can control water, you should have told me earlier. There is this cultivation method in the Green Dragon Mountain. One of the elements was to use water and wood as the core, which is the cultivation method I’m practicing now.

“At first, I thought that you weren’t suitable for the cultivation technique of the Green Dragon Mountain.” The great elder shook her head slightly as she spoke. Now that things had turned out this way, it would be much simpler.

“Now, I am considered half a disciple of the Green Dragon Mountain right?” Victor could not tell where exactly he was as a disciple.

“It is a little troublesome. If I were to force you to join the Green Dragon Mountain, it would be hard to prevent people from gossiping. Oh right, I haven’t asked you yet. Are you willing to officially join the Green Dragon Mountain?”

Victor was slightly startled.

“Join the Green Dragon Mountain?”

This was indeed a good choice. The resources that the Green Dragon Mountain could provide were very abundant.

With his current strength, the Green Dragon Mountain was already the highest level of power that he could come into contact with.

However, perhaps it due to his inexplicable bit of self-respect in his heart, and the fact that he was already tied down with the Qingyun Sect, Victor didn’t seem to be very willing to officially join the Green Dragon Mountain.

The payment for the materials for sword forging could be said to be temporarily on credit. If he really relied on the great elder in the future, it would make Victor feel like he was having the easy way out.

The great elder saw Victor’s hesitation, and the smile on her face eased. She looked at Victor for a while and asked, “You don’t seem to like owing people favors.”

Victor nodded silently, “A little. Because right now, my favors aren’t worth much…”

“Hehe, do you mean that in the future, a favor from you will be priceless?” The great elder raised her eyebrows and said with a smile.

She could feel the strong confidence from Victor when he said this seemingly modest sentence.

Victor did not answer. In the future, it would be hard to say how much his favor would worth. But when the time comes, it would not be so easy to make him owe someone a favor.

“Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. If you want lightning-type materials, I have two top-grade lightning-type materials. I suppose you would be tempted.”

Victor’s heart skipped a beat. For the great elder to say that it was a top-grade lightning-type material, it should not be lower than an Earth-grade spiritual device.

“What is it?”

“The Black Thunder Rock!”


According to legends, the Black Thunder Rock was a relic left behind by a lightning dragon after its tribulation, and the Black Thunder Rock was the lightning dragon’s blood essence.

Such material was definitely priceless!

The great elder gently stroked the green ring on her hand and continued, “Actually, you can add some wind-type materials. After all, wind and thunder are one, it can help you fuse your attributes better.

“My Green Dragon Mountain is probably the richest of all the sects in the entire East continent in terms of wind-type materials. The most famous one is the wind aura left behind when the Green Dragon had awakened. It was combined with some water spirit power and the power of the fire of an artifact refiner.”

The great elder spoke enthusiastically. So many top-grade materials were fused into it. Lightning, wood, water, fire, and wind, the five elements of nature were all fused together.

The refinement and forging of the sword body with one material were naturally not as good as the usage of multiple materials. With the Sword of Lighting Tribulation as the skeleton of the sword, adding in the Thunder Black Stone as the flesh and blood, coupled with the aura of wind, water spirit power, and the fire refinement method.

“What grade would this sword be exactly?”

Victor’s heart was burning with passion.


In a mountain range that spanned over ten thousand meters, one of the mountain named Zhong Ding Mountain stood tall, piercing through the clouds.

This height was only one-fifth lower than the Heavenly Sword Mountain and had already surpassed the height of most mountains.

At this height, the seven elements, gold, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder, all existed in the state of pure spiritual energy.

Normally, cultivators below the foundation establishment stage would be immediately killed by the spiritual energy turbulence when they arrived here.

However, there was no such rule on the main peak of Zhong Ding Mountain.

All of this depended on the huge nine-palace fire spell formation set up on the top of the mountain. This spell mainly used fire. It controlled the nine-palace fire spell formation, and guided the circulation of the spiritual energy.

Victor saw the burning spiritual energy fire on Zhong Ding Mountain from afar and felt the dense spiritual energy of fire from it. He was a little shocked. If the great elder hadn’t told him in advance, he wouldn’t have imagined that this spell was set up by a being.

“This is Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s residence?”

“Yes… The nine-palace fire spell formation that you saw is Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s weapon refining furnace!”

Victor’s pupils constricted. Using such a large scale nine-palace fire spell formation as a weapon refining furnace required a great deal of effort.

No wonder Taoist Priest Chi Lian wanted to live in seclusion deep in the mountains. He probably came here specifically for the abundant heaven and earth spiritual energy wandering around.

Using the pure heaven and earth spiritual energy as fuel through the formation spell, combined with the sword of heavenly tribulation and the Lightning Dragon Blood Essence, and some other spiritual items. What level of spiritual artifact could he refine?

Victor was filled with anticipation for this sword.

“Senior Chi Lian, this is junior, Ye Lingxuan, has a matter to discuss with you.”

Outside the nine-palace fire spell formation, Ye Lingxuan stopped and shouted loudly.

In the entire East continent region, for a weaponsmith to command the respect of the great elder of Green Dragon Mountain, one could only imagine Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s skill in weaponsmithing. After all, Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s cultivation wasn’t high, it was only at the middle stage of the foundation establishment realm.

However, from this spell formation, one could see Taoist Priest Chi Lian’s understanding of the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. At the same time, one could also see that apart from being skilled in weaponsmithing, Taoist Priest Chi Lian was also very knowledgeable in setting up formations.

If he had spent all this time and energy on cultivation, perhaps he would have broken through to the spiritual pedestal realm long ago.

Before this, he had already experienced the profoundness of formations, even the interference illusionary formation in the mountain gates of Heavenly Sword Mountain.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 114 - Victor’s Innate Talent, Psychic Body?