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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 113 - The Number One Sect in the Outside World, the Qingyun Sect!

Chapter 113: The Number One Sect in the Outside World, the Qingyun Sect!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

They waited for another hour. Later in the evening, a small black dot appeared under the clouds in the distant sky.

Li Yunhui immediately stood up, and his cape fell off.

The sect elders, disciples, and martial generals also stood up.

Some people with profound cultivation could see that those small black dots were Song Xiuwen’s group.

“They’re here!”

Everyone left their seats and stood up one after another.

At this moment, Zhang Lingren also walked out of the main hall, followed by a group of Qingyun elders.

“Hu hu hu.”

Four flying spirit beasts landed one after another, their huge wings stirred up a gust of wind.

Song Xiuwen leaped down and landed in front of the mountain gate, a faint smile hanging on his face.

Seeing this smile, Zhang Lingren also revealed a smile, and the other elders also looked at each other and smiled.

Song Xiuwen cupped his hands and bowed, “Master, the results of this competition are very good.”

Zhang Lingren laughed heartily, “Xiuwen, you’ve worked hard!”

As he said this, Zhang Lingren swept his gaze over the few people, but he did not see any sign of Victor.

“Where was Victor?”

At this moment, the crown prince of the Dayun Dynasty, Li Yunhui, and the three generals walked over to welcome him. They smiled at Zhang Lingren and said, “Congratulations to Qingyun Sect for achieving such results. It is truly the fortune of our Central Plains!”

Zhang Lingren smiled and said, “It is also fortune for our Qingyun Sect to be congratulated by you.”

Hearing Zhang Lingren’s words, Li Yunhui felt much more at ease.

Yu Haoming was about to open his mouth to ask Song Xiuwen.

However, Zhang Lingren had already smiled and held Qianqian’s hand. “Qianqian, what placing did you get?”

“Grandmaster, one hundred and fifty-two.”

Song Qianqian held Zhang Lingren’s arm and said somewhat embarrassedly.

She had barely passed the mountain ascending stage and was eliminated from the group competition.

However, even so, her ranking was already very outstanding relative to her age. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been selected as an inner disciple of the Heavenly Sword Mountain.

The leader of the Xuanming Sect, Wang Ce, rubbed his chin and said with a smile, “Song Xiuwen, you have a good daughter.

“I heard that Song Qianqian has been chosen as an inner disciple by Elder Kongling of the Illusory Sword Peak. Elder Kongling is a cultivator at the middle stage of the foundation establishment realm.”

“Foundation establishment realm?”

A trace of surprise flashed through Zhang Lingren’s eyes. A placing of 152 didn’t mean much to him, but the foundation establishment realm elder shocked him.

After the world changed, he had already tried his best to break through from the spirit gathering realm. However, this bottleneck was unbreakable, and there had been no progress.

It seemed that he had to rely on the legendary foundation establishment pill.

Song Qianqian could be taken in as a disciple by a foundation establishment realm cultivator, and she could go further than him on the road of cultivation.

“Haha, good, good!”

Zhang Lingren was pleasantly surprised. He had been worried that there would be no successor for the Qingyun Sect as he couldn’t breakthrough. Now that Song Qianqian was here, the Qingyun Sect would continue its glory for hundreds of years.

If Qianqian had such achievements, what about Victor?

Although he had not seen Victor since just now, Zhang Lingren believed that there must be a reason.

“What about that kid?”

Song Xiuwen took a deep breath and the smile on his face gradually disappeared. After five breaths, he said solemnly, “Victor won the championship!”

“What! ?”

Zhang Lingren was stunned and couldn’t react for a moment.

Won the championship?

Actually, he reacted, but he didn’t dare to believe it!

Wang Ce took over and said with a sigh, “Victor won the championship of the grand competition. Compared to that, he has become one of the personal disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain!”

“The grand competition? Personal disciple?”

Zhang Lingren muttered to himself. Wang Ce’s words echoed in his mind, and he hadn’t reacted to what this news meant.

Zhang Lingren had also heard some information about the Heavenly Sword Mountain’s secret realm. Naturally, he knew what it meant to be a personal disciple.

There were seven mountain peaks with a total of seven personal disciples. If nothing unexpected happened, they would all enter the top ten of the grand competition.

This was the position that the Heavenly Sword Mountain disciples dreamt of. They could receive full nurturing from the sect.

It could be said that as long as the personal disciples didn’t die, they would definitely step into the foundation establishment realm.

Their status in the Heavenly Sword Mountain was higher than some of the elders!

Then what kind of status did the elders of the Heavenly Sword Mountain have?

Back then, any one of them could run amok in the Qingyun Sect and destroy the outside world and the Emperor of the Dayuan Dynasty still had to be extremely respectful when he saw them.

When Li Yunhui heard this news, he swallowed a mouthful of saliva and was a little stunned.

“Victor... has already surpassed some of the elders of the Heavenly Sword Mountain?”

He had expected this to be a good opportunity to come to the Qingyun Sect to congratulate him, but he had never imagined that it would be such a huge surprise!

First place in the grand competition!

Becoming a personal disciple!

Any one of these events would be enough to enter the Qingyun Sect’s history books. A disciple from an external sect defeated all the genius disciples and became a personal disciple?

Not only Li Yunhui, but all the disciples of the Qingyun Sect, as well as the other sect elders who came after hearing the news, were completely stunned.

As the well-known elders of the outside sects, they could deeply understand how shocking this news was. This meant that Victor would definitely become a foundation establishment cultivator in the future.

Foundation establishment cultivators were legendary figures to mortals. For a moment, the entire square fell silent.

Song Xiuwen could see the excitement of his fellow disciples. He smiled and said, “Victor is still at the Heavenly Sword Mountain. He has many things to deal with, including the payment of the rewards.

“He also has a fourth-grade mystic realm sect’s plan to participate in. Victor has a lot of things to deal with, so we came back first.”

Song Xiuwen suddenly burst into laughter. “Victor is being fought over by the seven peaks of Heavenly Sword Mountain, especially the Sword Control Peak and Illusionary Sword Peak. They are fighting over him!”

The seven peaks of Heavenly Sword Mountain were fighting over Victor to become their personal disciple?

Yu Haoming let out a sigh of relief. Although he knew that this kid was extraordinary, he wasn’t surprised by this situation.

After all, he was fought over by the seven elders to be taken in as their disciple back then.

However, when he heard his eldest senior brother say it aloud, he still felt extremely shocked.

This was the Heavenly Sword Mountain, and they were from the legendary mystic realm sect. Would they fight for a disciple just like them?

At this moment, behind the crown prince of the Dayun Dynasty, Li Yunhui, a civil official was excitedly writing down the pieces of news.

When so many shocking news was reported, it would definitely shock the entire East continent!

Now that the world had changed, every sect was recruiting disciples and helping the Qingyun Sect spread its reputation. When that time came, the disciples that entered the Qingyun Sect would be due to Dayuan Dynasty.

The Dayuan Dynasty could be said to have gotten on the good side of the Qingyun Sect.

The next day, the news of Victor winning the grand competition spread like a tidal wave throughout the entire Central Plains region, and quickly spread to the entire East continent.

At the martial arts practice field on Martial Arts Peak, both the new and old disciples were excitedly discussing this news.

Being able to come from the same sect as a figure like Victor was something people were proud of!

After a few decades, they could brag to their descendants that their grandfather had once been in the same sect as a legendary cultivator when he was young.

Especially those junior brothers who had just joined the sect, they had long regarded Victor as their supreme idol and even their goal in this life.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 113 - The Number One Sect in the Outside World, the Qingyun Sect!