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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 110 - Foundation Establishment Pill? Lets Have a Taste!

Chapter 110: Foundation Establishment Pill? Lets Have a Taste!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Both of them took a few steps back, their faces pale. It was obvious that both of them had suffered some minor injuries. Moreover, it should have affected their body’s mental injuries.

Mental injuries were not child’s play. Once there was a wound, it would have a great impact on their future cultivation.

“That’s enough. Let’s call it a day. This battle is concluded as a draw!”

The great elder who was sitting at the head seat suddenly spoke.

Her voice carried a strange and harmonious spiritual energy fluctuation, making people feel as if they were bathed in a spring breeze.

On the arena.

After Qin Yu and the sharp-mouthed man were surrounded by the spiritual energy from the voice, they felt a warm current flow through their bodies. Their previously injured spirits seemed to be gradually recovering.

This made the two of them secretly shocked. They knew that the Green Dragon Mountain mainly cultivated the wind, water, and wood elements. The great elder had used the power of the water and wood elements. They did not expect that this power had already touched the spiritual level. The degree of the great elder’s comprehension of these elements was visibly high!

It was good that they had come to a truce.

Beads of sweat appeared on the forehead of the Ten Thousand Spirits Hall’s elder. From the sparring just now, it could be seen that Qin Yu was definitely not weaker than this sharp-mouthed man. He had even used a secret technique.

Otherwise, this sharp-mouthed man wouldn’t be able to defeat Qin Yu. Especially from the battle just now, he had also discovered that Qin Yu had already contained a spiritual attack in his sword moves.

Spiritual injuries were the most difficult to treat. The slightest carelessness could cause a lifelong disaster.

Zhao Chengtian also let out a long breath. The strength of the two seemed to be on par, but Qin Yu was still a few months younger than the sharp-mouthed man. With this calculation, Qin Yu’s talent was still a notch higher.

Under this comparison, everyone and the various large sects no longer had any objections to the Green Dragon Mountain’s list.

This Heavenly Sword Mountain was simply too abnormal. The unknown Shangshan Cherong had crushed Teng Bin with a single move, while Qin Yu had tied with the third disciple of the Ten Thousand Spirits Hall.

Yet Victor was even stronger than the two of them. He was only 15 years old, and with such talent, he became the only first-class genius. No one had any objections.

The 24 reserve members of the second-class geniuses also accepted the Immortal Ascension Tower as a?challenge to decide whether they were second-class or third-class.

Of course, this had nothing to do with Victor.

“If there are no objections, this meeting is over. Everyone, please leave!”

With that, the great elder of the Green Dragon Mountain stood up and waved at Victor.

“Victor, you stay!”

“Yes, great elder!”

The great elder’s sudden decision to keep Victor behind immediately attracted the attention of all favored disciples present. It was obvious that it was a good thing.

Seeing the great elder’s friendly gaze, other than feeling jealous, what else could they say?

Their skills were inferior to him, and their talent was also inferior. There was nothing they could do!

At this moment, Teng Bin had just woken up after taking two healing pills. When he saw the scene of the great elder keeping Victor behind, he was so angry that he almost fainted again.

Teng Bin’s jealousy towards Victor was not only because Victor had received the treatment of a core disciple of Green Dragon Mountain, but also because of the great elder’s attitude towards Victor.

Even though Teng Bin knew that the great elder of Green Dragon Mountain would not have anything to do with him now or in the future, he was still so jealous that he was becoming mad.

If one’s thoughts were not clear, their cultivation would be burdened by obsession, and in serious cases, inner demons might even appear.

For example, Qin Yu and Guo Feibai paid attention to doing things with a clear conscience. If they were to use conspiracies and tricks to frame others, their thoughts would not be clear and their minds would be obstructed and inner demons would form.

For people like Teng Bin, he was arrogant and narrow-minded. Only by satisfying his own delusions would he be able to think clearly.

Now, he was being stepped on by Shangshan Cherong. Although it had nothing to do with Victor, he also hated Victor. Even Qin Yu was hated by him.

“Just wait, I will make you pay the price!”

Teng Bin gritted his teeth and was carried away by someone.


“Victor, this is for you!”

With a flip of the great elder’s hand, a crystal clear jade bottle and a ring appeared in her palm.

The jade bottle was as gentle as fine jade. As for the ring, it was much simpler and looked no different from an ordinary copper ring.

Victor could tell at a glance that it was a middle-grade Xuan-grade storage ring.

Because it was not easy to make storage rings, under normal circumstances, the value of a storage ring was higher than spirit tools of the same rank.

Even if this storage ring was not comparable to some mediocre Earth-grade spirit tools, the difference wasn’t big.

The great elder continued, “There are 300 middle-grade spirit stones in the ring. They are the cultivation resources given to you in advance.”

Hearing the 300 middle-grade spirit stones, Victor was overjoyed.

00 middle-grade spirit stones were equivalent to 30,000 low-grade spirit stones, which were essentially ordinary spirit stones.

Moreover, it was not easy to exchange low-grade spirit stones for middle-grade spirit stones, thus the value of these spirit stones was probably higher.

Using middle-grade spirit stones to cultivate was the treatment of an elder, and not just any ordinary elder.

“Thank you, great elder!”

Victor took the jade bottle and ring and thanked her sincerely.

“This storage ring is also given to you. I see that you still use a storage bag, so change it,” the great elder said casually

Seeing that the great elder of Green Dragon Mountain had given out the rewards, Zhao Chengtian also took out a jade-green pillbox.

After opening it, there were two translucent milky-white pills inside, and pure spirit energy was constantly emitted from the pills.

“Was this the foundation establishment pill?”

This was the reward for the grand competition. Zhao Chengtian had already promised to give the reward to Victor in advance, so he was taking them out.

Victor took a breath. The smell was fragrant, and his mind seemed to have become much clearer.

Now he had a total of three foundation establishment pills, and one was reserved for the sect.

There were still two left. One was for breaking through, as for the other one, Victor wanted to try it now.

“Sect Master Zhao, if I take the foundation establishment pill when I’m in the spirit gathering realm, will there be any side effects?” Victor asked.

When Zhao Chengtian heard this, the corners of his mouth twitched unnaturally.

“This kid wouldn’t want to eat one now, right?

“It was simply a reckless waste of heavenly gifts!”

For many cultivators, taking the foundation establishment pill was the grandest thing in their lives. Some even prepared for it for more than ten years.

Usually, they would cultivate until their strength and realm reached the limit. When they encountered a bottleneck, they would go into seclusion and take a foundation establishment pill in an attempt to breakthrough.

Moreover, in order to bring out the foundation establishment pill’s effect, one would even set up a formation to enrich their spiritual energy. Only then would they go into seclusion and refine it for about a year. They wouldn’t be willing to waste even a little bit of its medicinal efficacy.

However, Victor was actually in the spirit gathering realm and wanted to take the foundation establishment pill as a supplement. If this was heard by those cultivators who had been stuck in the 13th level of the spirit gathering realm for their entire lives because they didn’t have access to the pill, they would probably be so angry that they would vomit blood.

Zhao Chengtian coughed, he said, “Victor, although there won’t be any side effects if you take the foundation establishment pill when you’re in the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm, your current cultivation is insufficient, so the medicinal efficacy will inevitably be wasted. You can consider taking it when you’re at the peak of the 13th level.”

“I understand.”

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 110 - Foundation Establishment Pill? Lets Have a Taste!