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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 106 - The List of Geniuses! The Invasion of the Deep-Sea Ghostly Domain!

Chapter 106: The List of Geniuses! The Invasion of the Deep-Sea Ghostly Domain!

Therefore, the great elder of Green Dragon Mountain planned to join forces with the 15 third-grade mystic realm sects of the East continent and the disciples of the outer sects who had come to the Heavenly Sword Mountain to fight against the Deep-sea Ghost Domain.

Of course, Green Dragon Mountain would also pay a sufficient amount of sincerity. The plan of nurturing talents was one of the rewards from Green Dragon Mountain.

Zhao Chengtian continued concisely, “In order to jointly resist the threat of the Deep-sea Ghost Domain, the 15 third-grade mystic realm sects and Green Dragon Mountain need to work together.

“This talent cultivation plan is important. This would be the second thing I’m announcing today.”

“A total of 100 people would be selected to enter the cooperative cultivation plan. These 100 people are divided into three divisions according to their aptitude: first, second, and third.

“Let me first announce the list of third-class disciples. There are a total of 50 people, and they are:

“Heavenly Sword Mountain: You Huanyi, Huang Qi; Green Phoenix Mountain: Sun Bowen, Zhou Weijian…”

When some of the disciples present heard their names, many of them had disappointed expressions on their faces. Some of them refused to accept it. They hadn’t even competed, so why were they classified as the lowest class?

Teng Bin of the Tyrant Sword Sect clenched his fists nervously. He had absolute confidence in his talent.

He was worried that the Green Dragon Mountain did not investigate properly and did not properly evaluate his talent. If they placed him on the lowest third-class list, then they would be wronged.

Fortunately, when Zhao Chengtian mentioned the Tyrant Sword Sect, his name was not there.

Teng Bin let out a long breath and was a little proud.

It seemed that the people of Green Dragon Mountain had some foresight. According to his talent, he should at least be a second-class genius.

He might even become a first-class genius. However, this would depend on the proportion of first-class geniuses.

However, when he thought about the fact that the people of Green Dragon Mountain also favored Victor, Teng Bin felt a little unhappy.

Especially when Victor said “Sorry, not interested”, it made him hold a grudge.

Teng Bin subconsciously clenched his fists.

“He actually looked down on me, just wait and see, I’ll let you know how powerful I am!”

Zhao Chengtian continued, “Below is the second-class genius list, a total of 25 people, they are the Heavenly Sword Mountain: Qin Yu, Shangshan Cheong; Green Phoenix Mountain: Xiao Ping, Yan Yan, Tyrant Sword Sect…”

When Zhao Chengtian read out the names, everyone present was confused. The second-class genius list only had 25 people?

There were a total of 100 people. The 50 third-class and 25 second-class geniuses totaled up to 75. Could it be that there would also be 25 first-class geniuses?

There were as many first-class geniuses as the second-class?

When they thought of this, many people became excited. It seemed that the possibility of becoming a first-class genius was very high, especially those whose names were not announced yet. They were so excited that they were in disbelief. They had been chosen to become a first-class genius?

They had even surpassed Qin Yu of the Heavenly Sword Mountain and Xiao Ping of the Green Phoenix Mountain!

Teng Bin was also extremely nervous at this moment.

“Zhao Chengtian did not mention Victor’s name when he mentioned the Heavenly Sword Mountain. It seemed that this guy was lucky and had been chosen to be a first-class genius. On the other hand, what if I wasn’t elected?

“If they only chose a few people, I would have nothing to say if I wasn’t elected. If they chose 25 people, I should be one of them.

“If they didn’t choose me, I would stand out in public and challenge those who were chosen as first-class geniuses!

“As long as I won, they would be speechless.”

With this thought in mind, Teng Bin heaved a sigh of relief, and his heart calmed down.

Zhao Chengtian didn’t mention Teng Bin’s name until the end, which made Teng Bin feel at ease.

“Green Dragon Mountain’s foresight was still good. They didn’t misjudge me.

“But did they make a mistake for Qin Yu and Xiao Ping?

“These people should all be selected as first-class geniuses.”

Just when Teng Bin felt that something was wrong, Zhao Chengtian continued, “The next ones are those whose talent stood between the third and second-class. Because of the lack of information, it was hard to determine their levels. So, there will be another test.

“There are a total of 24 people, and it includes the Sword Hut of the outside sect: Guo Feibai…”


When Zhao Chengtian said this, Teng Bin was dumbfounded.

“There were a total of 24 people whose talent was between third-class and second-class. Adding the 75 people from before, it would be a total of 99 people. Could it be that there was only one first-class genius?”

Before he had time to think about who that person was, Teng Bin heard his name.

“Tyrant Sword Sect, Teng Bin!”

Teng Bin’s mind went blank. He did not hear what Zhao Chengtian said at the end.

“He actually classified my talent as between third-class and second-class?

“The second-class genius and a first-class genius had a total of 25 people, but I wasn’t chosen!”

Teng Bin could not accept it. In fact, it was not just him. There were also several people who refused to accept it. They originally thought that they were chosen as a first-class genius, but they did not expect that they were actually a substitute for the second-class geniuses!

These people immediately felt extremely doubtful.

Qin Yu from the Heavenly Sword Mountain had indeed won against a few people, but was he sure that he could win against them? Moreover, that Shangshan Cherong, who was he? They had never heard of him before!

The most infuriating thing was that there was only one first-class genius out of a hundred people. They had not even competed with one another. What right did they have to believe that their talent was inferior?

Zhao Chengtian had just finished reading the list when Teng Bin took the lead and said, “Sect Leader Zhao! I have a question!”

Zhao Chengtian’s words were interrupted. He frowned and said in a low voice, “What’s the problem?”

“I want to know, who evaluated this talent level? Based on what?”

Zhao Chengtian said, “The talent list was evaluated by Elder Ye Lingyun of Green Dragon Mountain based on the results of the genius competition and the major competitions of the various sects in recent years!”

“Just based on the words of the elders of the various sects? It’s too rash to decide the results without having us compete with one another!”

Teng Bin could be said to be extremely rude as he questioned the judgment made by Green Dragon Mountain in public. However, he also spoke out the thoughts of many people.

“The competition is about combat strength, but we are also considering talent! Moreover, we did not have sufficient information for 24 people, hence they would undergo a test and be reevaluated.”


Teng Bin still wanted to say something, but Ye Lingyun snorted coldly and said, “If you are not satisfied with our decision, you can choose not to participate in this plan.

“Don’t forget, this plan is led by our Green Dragon Mountain. The evaluation is Green Dragon Mountain’s authority, and it is not up to outsiders to tell us what to do.

“If you think it is unfair, you can withdraw!”

When Ye Lingyun spoke, her spirit energy merged into her voice, bringing with it a strong sense of oppression.

Teng Bin’s face turned pale and he took a few steps back. He gritted his teeth and did not speak in the end.

It was better to have something than nothing.

At this moment, Zhao Chengtian continued, “Next, I will announce the final list of first-class geniuses. There is only one person.

“Qingyun Sect, Victor!”

As soon as Zhao Chengtian finished speaking, Victor felt the surrounding air tighten. Countless gazes instantly focused on him.

These gazes were as cold as swords.

Other than Qin Yu, Guo Feibai, and the others who expected it, the others were so envious they were gritting their teeth.

Teng Bin’s eyes were red, due to both jealousy and anger.

A first-class genius could enjoy the treatment as a core disciple of Green Dragon Mountain!

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 106 - The List of Geniuses! The Invasion of the Deep-Sea Ghostly Domain!