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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 104 - Lying Down and Getting Shot?

Chapter 104: Lying Down and Getting Shot?

Victor nodded to show his understanding and then walked into the pitch-black cave.

Entering the cave, Victor slowly closed his eyes.

Since he was looking for a sword, as a swordsman, the most important thing was the feeling.

The deeper he went, the more Victor felt that sword intent was everywhere.

There were all kinds of sword intent, such as ice sword intent, raging flame sword intent, gale sword intent…

However, these sword intents seemed to have fallen into a deep sleep.

Suddenly, Victor felt a trace of wood aura, but it was very weak.

Following the guidance in his heart, Victor came to the front of this sword.

Under the dim light, one could see that the entire body of this sword was black, as if it was burnt.

Victor lightly brushed the traces on the sword. These were not traces of flames burning.

This was the mark left by lightning.

This sword hilt was made of purple bamboo. After being refined by lightning, its entire body turned black.

The body of the sword was made of a material that was neither stone nor jade. It was like a kind of crystal.

It seemed that the weak wood aura came from here.

Victor held the sword hilt and circulated his wood spiritual power with all his might. Under the stimulation of the wood spiritual power, the body of the sword produced a growing power.

“It seemed that this was the sword that was fated to be with me.”

Victor easily pulled out the sword and put it into his storage bag before walking out of the sword tomb.

Elder Chen saw Victor walking out and asked curiously, “You got the sword?”

“Yes, thank you Elder Chen!” Victor smiled.

“Which one did you get?” Elder Chen asked casually.

Although he knew that Victor’s talent was heaven-defying, Chen Xuan still subconsciously thought that Victor was from an external sect. In addition to that, he was still young.

It was normal for a 15-year-old child born as a commoner to not know about swords, not to mention the swords in the sword tomb.

Victor hesitated for a moment. He felt that it was okay to tell Chen Xuan. According to the rules of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, as long as one pulled out a sword, they would be recognized by the sword. No one could say anything.

At this moment, a flame suddenly lit up in front of Chen Xuan. It was a voice transmission talisman.

Chen Xuan was stunned. The voice transmission was actually from the deputy sect master. He was asked to immediately bring Victor to the main hall of the main peak of the Heavenly Sword Mountain to meet the great elder of the Green Dragon Mountain.

Chen Xuan’s pupils constricted. Then, he said to Victor, “Junior Brother Victor, let’s go to the main peak now and meet the great elder of the Green Dragon Mountain.”

The great elder of the Green Dragon Mountain?

Victor was slightly startled. Could it be…

As he was thinking, the flying spirit beast had already arrived at the main peak of the Heavenly Sword Mountain. With a leap, they walked towards the mountain gate.

Victor had a slight guess in his heart. Without saying anything, the two of them walked all the way to the square in front of the hall.

At this moment, there were already quite a number of people gathered in the square.

With a casual glance, he found that Qin Yu, Shangshan Cherong, Nangong Mingliang, and Guo Feibai were all present.

“Are we distributing the rewards?”

Victor was thinking. But he found that there were many young people who didn’t look like disciples of the Heavenly Sword Mountain. He didn’t know why they were here.

“Victor, over here.” Qin Yu waved his hand.

As soon as he said that, the eyes of more than 20 people present immediately shot at Victor in unison, as sharp as flying arrows.

Victor was slightly stunned.

What was going on?

“He’s Victor?”

“The rookie who defeated Qin Yu? I heard that he’s only 15 years old…”

“Is he the champion of this grand competition? But why do I feel that he’s only at the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm? What is Qin Yu doing? Losing to a kid at the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm, or is the Heavenly Sword Mountain deliberately mystifying things?”

Among the 20 or so people present, those who were familiar with each other were communicating through spiritual energy voice transmission.

Qin Yu was quite famous last year. He had defeated many geniuses from various sects, and his strength was unquestionable. But now, he had lost to a kid at the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm. This made them wonder if the Heavenly Sword Mountain was playing some tricks.

“You are Victor?”

A young man holding a long knife sized up Victor. He said gloomily.

“That’s right.”

“I heard you defeated Qin Yu? Very Good, you are worthy to be my opponent. After this meeting, I want to challenge you!” The young man said as he weighed the long knife in his hand, looking very confident.

Victor was extremely speechless.

Where did this guy come from?

Why did he look so foolish?

At this moment, Qin Yu sent a voice transmission, “Victor, this person is Teng Bin from the Tyrant Sword Sect. He is 20 years old this year. Last year, I went to the Tyrant Sword Sect for a battle and we were equally matched.

“However, after my strength increased greatly, Teng Bin was no longer my match. Fighting with him would not be of much help to my swordsmanship. Hence, this year I did not go to the Tyrant Sword Sect as it would be a waste of my time.”

“I understand.”

Upon hearing Qin Yu’s words, Victor could not help but Admire Qin Yu’s personality. Normally, if one lost to someone in cultivation, they would definitely return to the sect in a few days. Only then would they be able to ease their minds.

However, Qin Yu did not care about winning or losing at all. He only cared about the gains from his challenges and those who could strengthen his swordsmanship.

Qin Yu was not at all interested in those who knew that they were inferior to him.

Qin Yu continued, “This Teng Bin isn’t too strong, but even I am afraid of some of these people. They are very strong.”

Although Qin Yu’s talent was heaven-defying and he defeated four cultivators last year, it didn’t mean that he was the number one among the younger generation of all the third-grade mystic realm rank sects nearby.

Some of the twenty-something people present were already 21 years old and 22 years old. Although their talent wasn’t as good as Qin Yu’s, because of the age advantage, their strength was stronger than Qin Yu.

One of the young men who had already stepped into the early stage of the foundation establishment realm glanced at Victor and said, “Victor, right? I’m Xiao Ping from the Gree Phoenix Mountain. I’m very interested in you. I’m looking forward to your growth.

“In two or three years, you might be qualified to be my opponent. When the time comes, you can go to the Green Phoenix Mountain and battle me.”

Xiao Ping’s words were filled with extreme confidence, but he did have the capital to be confident. Xiao Ping was 21 years old, and his cultivation had already stepped into the early stage of the foundation establishment realm. He was the one with the highest cultivation among all the people present.

After Xiao Ping and Teng Bin, two more people challenged Victor to a battle. This kind of battle between genius disciples was also encouraged and approved by the various sects.

Only by constantly exchanging pointers would there be progress. Some disciples with good comprehension would even be inspired by every battle.

There was nothing strange about the challenge. Victor was puzzled as to why all these people came to him?

Was he so popular?

At this time, Qin Yu smiled and said telepathically, “This time, the Green Dragon Mountain proposed a plan to nurture geniuses. Specifically, it would divide the geniuses of the 13 third-grade secret realm sects in the East continent into three levels. The Green Dragon Mountain and the major sects would jointly nurture them.”

“The resources obtained from each level are naturally different, and the difference is quite big. Everyone wants to be at a higher level and get more resources. Previously, Senior Ye Lingyun praised you in front of the elders of the other sects, and these people found out about it…”

Victor was extremely speechless when he heard this.

He was being targeted out of the blue.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 104 - Lying Down and Getting Shot?