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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 101 - Wood Spirit Embryo! Divine Ability?

Chapter 101: Wood Spirit Embryo! Divine Ability?

All the spectators were filled with shock.

Actually, Qin Yu’s defeat wasn’t something that they weren’t mentally prepared for.

After all, this was the finals. No matter who won or lost, it was reasonable. This could be seen from the betting odds for the finals.

However, when they physically witnessed Qin Yu lying on the stage with serious injuries, it still felt unbelievable and unimaginable to the audience.

To them, Qin Yu was an undefeated legend of the Sword Control Peak.

As a third-grade mystic realm sect, the Heavenly Sword Mountain didn’t stand out among the numerous third-grade sects until Qin Yu appeared.

Especially last year when Qin Yu represented the Heavenly Sword Mountain and defeated four in a row. They were the personal disciple of the other third-grade mystic realm sects, which included the current top third-grade mystic realm sect, the Green Phoenix Mountain.

Such a result made them feel that it was unattainable.

It was as if Qin Yu was synonymous with being undefeatable on the Heavenly Sword Mountain. Even though Nangong Mingliang defeated Qin Yu in the last competition three years ago, no one thought that Nangong Mingliang could suppress Qin Yu.

But now, the number one swordsman of the younger generation of the Heavenly Sword Mountain, Qin Yu, was defeated. He was defeated by a disciple of an external sect. The other party’s cultivation was only at the tenth level of the spirit gathering realm.

It was like a dream!

In the main hall, Zhao Chengtian let out a heavy breath.

In this battle, he had originally thought that Qin Yu would not be weaker than Victor. But after watching the entire process of the battle, he was extremely shocked. The reason was Victor’s final burst of sword intent!

When the Eight Desolates Sword Intent appeared for the second time, Zhao Chengtian already had a hunch in his heart. He just did not dare to be certain. To be more precise, he was in disbelief.

But in the battle just now, Victor had clearly seen the special ability between Qin Yu and his sword spirit.

He then learned to fuse the Eight Desolates Sword Intent into his body, and finally imitate the rhythm of the sword spirit through the power of nature.

To be able to use the Eight Desolates Sword Intent to such an extent, and even using it to break through to the completion stage.

Thus, Zhao Chengtian once again confirmed his guess in his heart, that Victor’s cultivation method had already reached the divine ability realm.

Moreover, the grade of his divine ability talent was not low. It was at least a high-grade Xuan-grade, and might even be Earth-grade!

This speculation was extremely absurd. High-grade Earth-grade divine ability talent could only be learned by foundation establishment cultivators at the very least.

As for Earth-grade wood divine ability, even an intermediate-stage foundation establishment cultivator who specialized in wood element would have to be very careful when learning it!

How could Victor use it so casually, and even cooperate it with the sword intent for modifications and development?

Glancing at the peak masters present, only the peak masters of the Sword Forging Peak and the Spirit Spell Peak were shocked.

The other peak masters didn’t show any strange expressions, and it wasn’t surprising that they couldn’t recognize it. High-level divine abilities were extremely rare, and the divine abilities that could give birth to talents were even rarer.

In addition, there weren’t any peak masters or elders at the Heaven Sword Mountain who specialized in wood element, so they weren’t familiar with it. Moreover, Victor’s divine abilities complemented his sword intent and even changed its form.

Only the two peak masters of the Sword Forging Peak and the Spirit Spell Peak had regular contact with the heaven and earth spiritual qi, such as metal, wood, water, fire, earth, wind, and thunder.

They would be suspicious, but that would be the end of it. They weren’t certain, or rather, they could not believe it.

Zhao Chengtian could not help but look at Ye Lingyun. He saw that she did not have any expression on her face.

This woman probably knew about it a long time ago!

Zhao Chengtian pondered for a moment, but he still didn’t say it in public. This kind of thing was too shocking, and if it spread out, it might cause some unnecessary trouble.

Ye Lingyun sat beside Zhao Chengtian. She lightly pursed her lips, and her beautiful eyes stared unblinkingly at Victor.

If he continued to grow like this, Victor would definitely enter the foundation establishment realm. Moreover, he would probably be a foundation establishment cultivator who could fight beyond his realm!

The further one progressed in the path of cultivation, the harder it was to fight beyond one’s realm.

Firstly, it was because the further one progressed, the greater the gap between the realms would be.

Secondly, it was because higher realm cultivators were also geniuses when they were young.

For example, those who could enter the foundation establishment realm were like Qin Yu and Shangshan Cherong that are in the spirit gathering realm.

In ordinary cultivation, it was easy to fight beyond one’s realm. However, it was as difficult as ascending to the heavens if one wanted to fight beyond one’s realm among many geniuses.

Therefore, a foundation establishment cultivator who could fight against someone of a higher level was an important existence in any force!

“It seems that even the great elder has underestimated him. At first, he seemed like a fish swimming deep in the water. Right now, he is like a carp leaping over a dragon’s gate, growing against all odds. It was worth a trip here. No, I should let the great elder come personally!”

Ye Lingyun had a premonition that Victor would very likely become the main character of this era in the multiple worlds in the future, leaving his name for all eternity!

Such a cultivator was only second to those mighty figures who left behind a thousand-year legacy and ascended to the heavenly realm!

And those mighty figures had already disappeared from this world for thousands of years. It could be said that such figures didn’t exist and could be completely disregarded.

With this thought in mind, Ye Lingyun used her spiritual power to transmit her voice to the servant behind her and said, “Inform the first elder to come personally.”

The maid was obviously stunned.

“The first elder has to come to the Heavenly Sword Mountain personally?”

She hesitated for a moment and replied, “My lord, it seems that the first elder is in closed-door cultivation these days. It’s not appropriate to disturb her…”

“It’s already been a month. It should be about time for the elder to come out of closed-door cultivation. The matter regarding Victor is of great importance. The first elder should come personally.”


The two servants responded and left to prepare for a long-distance voice transmission.

Zhao Chengtian’s heart skipped a beat when he saw the two servants leave.

To leave at this time, it was obvious that they were going to report the situation. If those old geezers from the Green Dragon Mountain got the news, would they immediately come to take advantage of them?

Thinking from another perspective, Zhao Chengtian felt that if he was the elder of the Green Dragon Mountain, he would not let such a talent go.

Especially since Victor could not be considered a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Mountain. He was not like Qin Yu, who grew up in the Heavenly Sword Mountain. His foundation was in the Heavenly Sword Mountain, so it was impossible for him to leave.

Thinking of this, Zhao Chengtian’s expression became more and more ugly.

The difference in strength between the Heavenly Sword Mountain and the Green Dragon Mountain was too big.

If they tried to snatch someone in the open, Zhao Chengtian could only watch helplessly.

On the other hand, the Green Dragon Mountain would only have a bad reputation for bullying others. Other than that, there would be no losses.

What should he do? 𝘪𝐧𝓷𝘳e𝑎d. 𝒸𝒐𝑚

Zhao Chengtian could not sit still anymore.

In the worst case scenario, he could only build a good relationship with Victor and then ask Green Dragon Mountain for compensation.

After all, Green Dragon Mountain was a top-tier sect in the fourth-grade secret realm. They were the leader of many third rank sects nearby. If they did such a thing, it would not make sense if they did not give compensation.

“Sect master, are the rewards still being given?”

The elder in charge of the competition had been sitting in the main hall the whole time. When he saw Zhao Chengtian’s expression, how could he not know what he was worried about?

If Victor took the rewards and went to other sects, then they would suffer a great loss.

“Yes! We must give out the foundation establishment pills! Give them to Victor immediately. We don’t need to wait for him to reach the peak of the 13th level of the spirit gathering realm,” Zhao Chengtian said decisively.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 101 - Wood Spirit Embryo! Divine Ability?