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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities
Chapter 100 - The Battle Under Everyone’s Attention!

Chapter 100: The Battle Under Everyone’s Attention!

The reason why Qin Yu paid attention to Victor was purely due to his intuition as a swordsman.

“Good! I was just wanting to experience the sword moves after the combination of the spiritual attacks!”

Victor was filled with anticipation towards Qin Yu’s sword intent. He wanted to grasp Qin Yu’s attack techniques during the battle.

Qin Yu was a top swordsman who focused solely on cultivating the sword. Through him, he could make his sword intent stronger until he reached the mastery realm!

Shaking the long sword in his hand, Victor’s greenwood element spiritual power burned fiercely like green flames.

He had already activated the Wood Spirit Embryo. Now, the feedback of the natural power was several times stronger than before, although it could only last for less than a minute.

However, it was enough for the final battle.

The cheers of the audience grew louder and louder.

Song Qianqian clenched her hands nervously.

Qin Yu had said before that even he himself could not control the power of this final sword move, especially the mental damages. It was impossible to heal them.

Although Song Qianqian knew that Junior Elder Victor’s sword intent was powerful and his mental defense was outstanding, she was still worried. Her heart was stuck in her throat.

“Sun Piercing Green Light!”

On the arena.

A distance of 100 feet was nothing for Qin Yu. His speed was as fast as teleportation. This was also the reason why Victor had activated his Wood Spirit Embryo in advance.

“Green Scale Sword!”

Qin Yu held the Green Scale Sword and slashed down heavily. At that moment, the sound seemed to have disappeared, and the distorted light was absorbed into the Green Scale Sword.

An invisible wave of sword energy spread out. The moment Qin Yu struck out, all the sword practitioners present felt that the swords on their bodies were being attracted by the energy, as if they were about to be unsheathed!

Victor could clearly feel that his greenwood element spiritual power was constantly being torn apart. The speed of his sword was not as fast as he had imagined, but it carried a sense of steadiness and heaviness.

The power of nature!

Victor swept his sword horizontally, and the illusory images of mountains and rivers appeared behind him. The power of nature erupted.


An earth-shattering sound reverberated through the clouds. Victor thrust out his sword, and with an indomitable aura, the air current suddenly exploded.

The green light and the distorted dark light collided, and time seemed to have slowed down suddenly.

In an instant, an inconspicuous green light entered the Qingfeng Sword and pierced into Victor’s body.


Victor’s body suddenly shook, and a strange feeling rushed into his spiritual mind, it was as if there was a clear sound of a sword ringing in his ear.

The sword intent attack of the Green Scale sword?

Victor instantly reacted.


Suddenly, a green-scaled flood dragon appeared out of thin air in Victor’s spiritual world. It roared and charged straight at him!

Victor took a deep breath. Could this green-scaled flood dragon be the so-called sword spirit?

It was very obvious that Qin Yu had directly attached the sword spirit of the Green Scale Sword to his sword move. That was why he was able to launch the sword intent attack!

Although Qin Yu’s spiritual power was not strong, with the sword intent produced by the sword spirit attached to it, it was naturally not something an ordinary swordsman could compare to.

What a powerful sword spirit!

However, it’s not like I have no way to deal with you!

Victor squinted his eyes and activated the Tree Building technique with all his strength.

The power of heaven and earth!

Suddenly, a towering tree grew on the ground in the spiritual world.

In the next moment, the clouds in the sky began to churn. In the churning waves, countless dark clouds appeared.

Without waiting for the flood dragon to land, countless white lights flashed in the dark clouds. Lightning burst forth, like white iron chains, piercing towards the flood dragon at lightning speed.

At the same time, the green light on the body of the tree intensified, and countless branches and leaves were like countless palms, grabbing toward the flood dragon.

Being imprisoned by the tree cage and pierced by the white lightning, the flood dragon sword spirit roared, and the green light instantly dimmed.


Qin Yu kept his sword and took a few steps back. This attack did not feel good to him.

Although Qin Yu knew that Victor’s spiritual power was extremely powerful, he did not expect it to be this powerful.

His spiritual attacks were also ineffective, and so were his sword qi attacks. The endless green spiritual power that protected his body, coupled with his strong defensive power, made him so powerful that it made people’s hair stand on end.

Even Qin Yu, a sword cultivator who was good at attacking, felt that he was cornered.

Moreover, Qin Yu found that after a series of fierce battles, Victor did not show any signs of his spiritual power diminishing. This proved that his endurance far exceeded his own!

If this dragged on, he would be defeated sooner or later as his spiritual power was depleted.

Realizing this, Qin Yu pointed his sword at Victor.

“Victor, you are the strongest person I have ever met in the spirit gathering realm.

“Now, I only have one last strike left. If you can still continue, I will admit defeat.”

Victor had also gained a lot of understanding from the spiritual attack just now. He felt that if Qin Yu attacked again, he would be able to master his sword intent.

After hearing Qin Yu’s words, he was even happier.

Victor smiled and said, “Good. I have gained a lot from this battle with you.”

“Haha, likewise!”

Qin Yu’s aura burst out again. At that moment, his body was like a sword. His sword aura was unruly and incomparably sharp.

“Fire Dance Tornado!”

This sword attack was Qin Yu’s strongest attack, the ultimate technique of Sword Control Peak.

With Qin Yu’s current cultivation, he could only barely perform the third level of this move.

However, even so, it still had an unfathomable power! 𝙞𝘯𝘯𝙧𝒆𝘢𝐝. C𝑜m

The sword qi tore through the air, and the sharp whistling sound of the qi force resounded throughout the valley.

Facing Qin Yu’s final attack, Victor’s gaze was firm, and he held his sword with both hands.

The divine Tree Building technique exploded, and the power of nature was continuously produced. The illusory images of mountains and rivers appeared behind Victor once again, and one of the towering trees stood tall.

The green and bright power of nature collided with the deep green sword qi.

Although they were both green, they were two different kinds of power.

The tiles under their feet were crushed into powder, and they were evenly matched!

Victor’s eyes focused. He activated the Eight Desolates Sword Intent, and his spiritual power activated the Wood Spirit Embryo. The Wood Spirit Embryo in his body seemed to have an independent life, and it was actually integrated into the Eight Desolates Sword Intent!

This was the inspiration Victor had gotten from Qin Yu’s sword spirit.

The Eight Desolates Sword Intent had broken through to the completion stage!

With the addition of the power of nature, the Eight Desolates Sword Intent at the completion stage suddenly exploded!


In a flash, the flood dragon that was formed from the sword spirit was directly crushed into pieces. It turned into an ancient bronze sword that had lost spirituality and fell down, stabbing into the ground diagonally.

At the same time, although the Eight Desolates Sword Intent was once blocked by the Green Scale Sword and its power was greatly reduced, it still flew towards Qin Yu.


The protective spiritual power was directly torn apart. Qin Yu’s body trembled and was blasted away by the sword qi. He spat out blood in the air.

Qin Yu crashed heavily into the protective screen barrier and fell to the ground.

Because of Victor’s previous battle, the protective screen barrier was now able to block the full-strength attack of a foundation establishment realm cultivator.

Therefore, no matter how fierce the battle between Qin Yu and Victor was, they still couldn’t break the light screen.

At this time, the entire stadium was dead silent.

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Xianxia: I Can Download Fully Levelled Abilities Chapter 100 - The Battle Under Everyone’s Attention!