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Very Happy
Chapter 88.2

Chapter 88.2

Yao Yuguang had been feeling quite refreshed in recent days. The company of the Gao family had gone out of business while his company had experienced a recent wave. He even won two lucrative orders recently. He suspected that what happened in the hotel was known to Yan Ting.

Otherwise, the Gao family wouldn’t be so miserable.

They were having a good life but they had to go and provoke Yan Ting’s man? Wasn’t this looking for death?

After dying once, he deeply realized the value of life and adhered to the principle of absolutely doing nothing, in order to ensure that he and his family keep living.

He was in a good mood and his appetite was big. He was about to invite a few scoundrel friends to a lively bar when a strange number came in on his phone.

“Who is it?” He was a bit impatient. Who was so blind that they called his private number?

“It’s me, Li Zhao.”

“Hello, Mr Li Zhao. Hello, hello.” Yao Yuguang subconsciously nodded. “What do you have to say?”

“Do you have any time in the afternoon? I want to meet.”

“Yes, yes, where are you? I’ll come over to see you straight away. Even if the knife dropped sulphuric acid, he had to wear armour to look for it.

Yao Yuguang rushed to the place Li Zhao mentioned. It took him a while to see Li Zhao wearing glasses and a hat in a small box.

The confidentiality of this coffee store was really good and it was very suitable for artists.

He ran to Li Zhao and stood still. “Mr Li.”

“Mr Yao, please sit down.” Li Zhao pressed the service bell. “What do you want to drink?”

“You are too polite.” Yao Yuguang carefully sat down in front of Li Zhao. Once he made sure that Li Zhao didn’t mean to do anything to him, he asked with a smile, “Mr Li is looking for me. What can I do for you?”

“I want to know Yan Ting’s physical condition.”

Yao Yuguang froze. “His body... has always been good. There are no problems.”

Were the two of them not so harmonious in some respects between two men, causing Li Zhao to come and ask him?

After taking a bite of the cake and diluting the bitter taste of coffee in his mouth, Li Zhao put down the silver fork. “Tell me about Yan Ting when he was young.”

Yao Yuguang recalled it and decided to talk more about Yan Ting’s advantages. “He has been excellent since he was a child. He learns everything fast and almost never forgets it. He also plays piano and violin but he hasn’t played it since becoming an adult. In this world, there seems to be nothing that he will consider hard.”

Speaking of this, Yao Yuguang smiled bitterly. “To tell the truth, as kids, the thing we hated most was this type of child. Uncle... after his parents passed away, he was raised by his grandparents but within a few years, they also died. Before grandfather died, he left the inheritance of the company to Yan Ting. However, Yan Ting wasn’t an adult at that time so my parents acted as his agent.”

Now he often thought that if his mother hadn’t made things difficult for Yan Ting’s mother unlike with his uncle, forcing Yan Ting’s mother to suffer from a mental illness, perhaps all the tragedies wouldn’t have happened.

If after Yan Ting’s grandparents died, the people of the Xu family hadn’t devoted themselves to dealing with a child who was in his early teens then perhaps Yan Ting wouldn’t be so ruthless to the Xu family.

Yan Ting’s mother was driven crazy by the entire Xu family.

There were countless ways for a wealthy person to grind down a sentimental woman.

Apart from the innocent Yan Ting, there was no one in the entire Xu family who was innocent in her death, including the grandparents who later wanted to make it up to Yan Ting.

At the time of the incident, Yao Yuguang was still very young. He only knew that one day, his mother left for a few days and after she came back, she looked very strange.

“Yuguang, your aunt is dead and your uncle is also dead.”

The young child who didn’t understand death just stared at his mother who was laughing and crying, not knowing what to say.

“Canghuan, it will be mine.” His mother grabbed his arm tightly, so tightly that he wanted to escape. “Soon, you will be the prince.”

Unfortunately, that dream was beautiful while reality was bleak. Once Yan Ting stepped into the company as an adult, his parents were defeated by Yan Ting and finally, his father was put in jail. Before putting his father in jail, Yan Ting showed him and his mother a lot of evidence of cheating. This was simply killing a person.

Yao Yuguang thought he was a filial son. He once thought of taking revenge for his father but... his strength didn’t allow it. He wasn’t terrified. He was just aware of current events.

“Yan Ting can also play the piano and violin?” Li Zhao hadn’t expected Yan Ting to be so versatile.

Yao Yuguang secretly sighed with relief when he saw that Li Zhao didn’t ask about what happened during the period when his parents were in charge of Canghuan. He was afraid that after Li Zhao asked, Li Zhao would be unable to control himself and would beat Yao Yuguang again.

“Yes, he played particularly well. At that time, all the girls in the school said he was a prince from a fairy tale.” Yao Yuguang took out his mobile phone, found the social media account of a female student and turned to a photo with low pixels. “It’s this.”

In the photo, Yan Ting still had baby fat on his cheeks. He was wearing a white suit with a red bowtie while placing his fingers on the keys. He was as lovely as an angel.

How could there be such a good-looking boy in the world?

So pretty!

Li Zhao stared at the photo for several seconds before raising his eyes to look at Yao Yuguang. “Send me the photo.”

Yao Yuguang nodded hurriedly while adding that he could go to other girls and find many photos.

“He was particularly popular in school. He was the white moonlight in the hearts of many girls and even some boys were obsessed with him.” Yao Yuguang and Li Zhao added each other on WeChat. Then Yao Yuguang looked carefully at Li Zhao and quickly explained, “However, he never cared at any of them. In all these years, I have never seen him look at anyone. No one is his true love except for you.”

Li Zhao felt that these people were wrong. Why did everyone think that he had an improper relationship with Ting Ting? Couldn’t their thoughts be purer?

“Mr Li, please rest assured that I’ll definitely collect enough photos for you in three days.” Yao Yuguang was delighted to add Li Zhao’s contact information. Rounded up, he was hugging the thighs of Yan Ting’s man, which was equal to hugging Yan Ting’s thighs.

“He has always been in good health. You can rest assured,.” Yao Yuguang pointed to explain. “The Xu family has lasted for five generations and all of them lived a long life except...”

Except for his uncle who drove his wife crazy and was finally hacked to death by his wife.

“So you don’t have to worry. You will be able to grow old and live with Yan Ting all your life.” Yao Yuguang also didn’t forget to praise Yan Ting. “Yan Ting is different from me. I like to see beautiful girls and I’m not worth entrusting a lifetime to. He isn’t easy to be moved. In emotional matters, he is a lifetime man. He is absolutely reliable and credible.”

What was this blackening himself to flatter others?

Li Zhao couldn’t bear it. “Who told you that Yan Ting and I are a pair?”

“Does this type of thing still need to be said?” Yao Yuguang laughed. “From small to big, I have been in a relationship between 50 to 100 times. I can see the sentiment between you with one glance.”

Li Zhao frowned.

Filthy, too filthy. He and Yan Ting had an innocent brotherhood. It was brotherly love.

Yao Yuguang saw Li Zhao frown and made an understanding expression. “You can rest assured, I will definitely keep this a secret for you. You are a public figure. If this love affair is exposed, your career will be ruined. If someone asks in the future, I promise to tell them that you are simply good friends and will never let anyone doubt your relationship.”

Li Zhao, “......”

Sure enough, this was a playboy who had been in love at least 50 times. He seemed to think that everyone was in love.

Li Zhao called the waiter and asked them to package a cake that wasn’t very sweet.

“Mr Li, is this being brought back for Yan Ting?” Yao Yuguang followed behind to pay the bill.

“Yes.” Li Zhao nodded. “This cake tastes very good. I’m bringing it back for him to try.”

Eating a piece of cake and feeling it was delicious enough to bring back, this was really touching true love.

If this wasn’t love then there was no love in the world.

Li Zhao saw Yao Yuguang’s expression that said ‘I understand, I’m moved’ and was silent.

What happened to these relatives of Ting Ting? They were either stupid or bad.

“Mr Li, walk slowly.” Yao Yuguang stood in place and waved to Li Zhao.

Li Zhao carefully lifted the cake, not allowing the packaging box to break the pattern of the cake and waved his hand in a perfunctory manner.

Forget it, they could think whatever they wanted.

As long as he and Ting Ting knew clearly.

The author has something to say:

Baby Zhao: This little cake is delicious. I want to bring it back for Ting Ting.

This pony is so interesting. I want to bring it back to Ting Ting.

Other children: Teacher! Zhao Zhao and Ting Ting are in love!

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Very Happy Chapter 88.2