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Very Happy
Chapter Ch88.1 - Calculating Love

Chapter Ch88.1 - Calculating Love

Xu Bei looked shocked and there was a ridiculous guess in his mind that he didn’t want to admit. No, it was impossible. It was impossible for Li Zhao to have an intersection with Yan Ting, impossible!

“Looking at your face, it seems you are shocked that I know Yan Ting?” Li Zhao patted Xu Bei’s shoulder. “It’s okay. I understand why you don’t want to admit it but sometimes the truth is ruthless. I might not be a relative of Yan Ting but I really have a friendship with Yan Ting.”

Xu Bei’s lips trembled and he couldn’t speak for a long time.

No wonder, no wonder...

No wonder why Strawberry Entertainment was so proud of Li Zhao and all his resources were top-notch in the circle. Even for the half-completed Shadow of the Sky, if it was successfully filmed then it could be called a top-level configuration.

He originally thought that it was Li Zhao attracting new investors after joining the movie. Unexpectedly, the gold master behind him was Yan Ting. How could this be?

He stared at Li Zhao. Shouldn’t Li Zhao be desperately filming, accumulated all sorts of hidden diseases in his body? He was admitted to hospital at the age of 30 and finally died in the hospital?

He had no relatives and even the funeral was only attended by the company and friends. After he died, he became the white moonlight in the hearts of countless fans. People who once didn’t like him started to say good words about him.

It wasn’t until a friend wrote a biography for Li Zhao that everyone knew what type of life Li Zhao lived as a child. In his short life, most of the money he earned was donated to charity. The most valuable legacy he left behind was a house in Beijing. Even until his death, he hadn’t found his biological parents.

Why did Li Zhao’s fate change so much? Was it due to Xu Bei’s rebirth that the original trajectory was changed? No, this wasn’t right. The cause of everything was when the Overbearing Female President crew swapped the roles of Li Zhao and Song Yu. It was also done based on Song Yu’s initiative.

Song Yu...

Did Song Yu, like him, know what would happen in the future? No, no, all of this was ridiculous. It was clear that God favoured him and allowed him to relieve his life to make up for the shortcomings of his previous life. What Li Zhao? What Song Yu? It was impossible.

Xu Bei’s mental state collapsed. He had done everything only to gain nothing. The result was that he offended Yan Ting. How could it be? How could it be?

Li Zhao saw that Xu Bei’s expression was becoming uglier and uglier, frightening to the extreme as if seeing some horrible time. This scared expression was more real than inside the haunted house.

“You... your gold master is Yan Ting?” Xu Bei’s voice was hoarse as he reached out to grab onto Li Zhao tightly. “It is really Yan Ting?”

“If you have something to say then don’t pull me.” Li Zhao pushed away Xu Bei, who looked a bit crazy. What type of gold master? Now young people’s thoughts were so dirty. Why couldn’t they think of something normal?

Seeing that Li Zhao didn’t refute it, Xu Bei’s mental state completely collapsed. He sat on the ground and muttered to himself, regardless of his agent watching him. “How can it be possible? Isn’t Yan Ting going to die?”

The agent heard this and he was so scared that his legs softened. He stepped forward to cover Xu Bei’s mouth. “Teacher Li, Xu Bei drank too much at noon. Don’t worry about this nonsense.”

Li Zhao looked at the agent in an expressionless manner. “Let go.”

The agent shook as he released Xu Bei and looked at Li Zhao pleadingly, “Teacher Li...”

However, Li Zhao didn’t pay attention to the agent’s begging look. He dragged the agent away from Xu Bei, grabbed Xu Bei’s collar and punched him.

“Who did you say would die?”

“If you have the ability then tell me again.”

“Zhao Zhao, Zhao Zhao, calm down!”

“Teacher Li, I apologize to you on behalf of Xu Bei. Please don’t fight anymore. If you fight again, something will happen!”

Da Ke and the agent were shocked when they saw Li Zhao punched so hard. They both came forward to stop Li Zhao. “Calm down, calm down.”

The pain made Xu Bei wake up. He took advantage of the gap when Li Zhao was blocked to get up, open the door and run away. Li Zhao’s eyes were terrible, so terrible that it felt like a hungry wolf was staring at him. He had nothing in his head. He just wanted to escape.

There was Yan Ting supporting Li Zhao. Even if Li Zhao really beat him up, Yan Ting would handle the matter silently. It was only Xu Bei who was unlucky.

Xu Bei covered the prosthesis of his fake nose that Li Zhao had hit and rushed into the elevator in a panic. He didn’t pay attention to the many people standing in the elevator. A number of directors and screenwriters had opened a studio in this building. They were all startled when they saw a young man with a flustered expression stumble into the elevator.

Looking closely, wasn’t this Xu Bei of Purple Eggplant Entertainment? Alas, how did the filling of his face sink down? In addition, what was this deformed nose? Was the prosthesis crooked?

There was an artist from Purple Eggplant Entertainment in the elevator. She looked at Xu Bei and asked timidly, “Brother Xu, what happened? Do you want me to call the police?”

“Don’t call the police!” Xu Bei was shocked. Then he noticed that there were many people in the elevator. These people were looking at him with strange eyes, as if they were watching a lively show. He reached out and covered his face. The moment the elevator door opened, he was busy getting out of the elevator first.

“Xu Bei was beaten up?”

“This person is very cheap. He likes cutting off other people’s resources and playing tricks during recording. Unfortunately, he had the support of the young chief of Purple Eggplant Entertainment. Ordinary artists can’t handle him.”

“Which hero beat him up like this? This is just killing a person.”

“It seems he came from the floor where the director of Entertainment Line opened a studio?”

“Was he beaten by the crew of the show?”

“I heard it!” An editor said. “I heard that this afternoon, Li Zhao and Xu Bei were talking upstairs.”

“So Xu Bei was beaten by Li Zhao.”

The people glanced at each other and coughed before putting on an expression that said ‘this has nothing to do with me.’ Once they arrived at their cars, they pulled out their phones and shared this melon with their friends.

Xu Bei’s behaviour of grabbing resources and writing articles to step on other artists had offended many people for a long time. Now Xu Bei was in trouble and everyone liked it. However, Li Zhao had Strawberry Entertainment behind him and Li Zhao’s reputation in the circle was so good. These people only said that Xu Bei was finally beaten up and even his prosthesis became crooked.

By the time the news reached the marketing accounts, it was too much trouble for Xu Bei. He was beaten up, his prosthesis knocked loose and the plastic surgery face was askew. A marketing account also had a few photos of Xu Bei’s covering his face and rolling into the elevator like a dog. However, the marketing account didn’t release it. It was waiting for the broadcast effect of Entertainment Line tonight.

After Li Zhao beat up Xu Bei and said goodbye to the director, he still felt uncomfortable. Why did Xu Bei say that Ting Ting would die?

Bah bah bah, rebound all these bad words.

“Zhao Zhao.” Da Ke had never seen Li Zhao so angry. He carefully looked at the silent Li Zhao sitting in the back seat. “You go back to rest now. I will go to the company to discuss countermeasures for this matter.”

“What is there to discuss?” Li Zhao frowned. “If he tries something then I’ll put him to death.”

Da Ke gulped. “Okay, okay.”

The blackening of an always smiling person was really terrible. Li Zhao didn’t even show such anger against the rich second generation who teased the young girl last time. 𝚒𝐧𝐧re𝚊𝙙. 𝙘o𝓶

He had no words the entire journey as he drove Li Zhao to the door of the villa. Da Ke’s mood was very complicated. Speaking of which, he was a person who had spoken to the big boss of Canghuan at the same table. It was a pity that no one would believe him if he said this.

Li Zhao walked through the gate. The sunlight was still strong at four or five in the afternoon. He looked at the roses blooming in the sunlight and stopped. What was the medicine that Ting Ting was taking privately? Did he really have problems with his body that Li Zhao didn’t know about?

After hesitating, he turned and left the villa. Perhaps someone knew. Song Yu had just finished shooting a love story with the female lead in the drama when he received a phone call from Li Zhao.

“Who? Yao Yuguang?” Song Yu wondered, “Why do you want his contact information?”

“I’m looking for him for something.”

Hearing Li Zhao’s somewhat serious tone, Song Yu didn’t dare say much. He hastily asked someone for Yao Yuguang’s number and sent it to Li Zhao.

“Thank you.”

Song Yu raised his eyebrows and continued to play the game after hearing the busy tone from the other end of the phone.

“Brother Song.” His assistant leaned over and whispered in his ear. “I heard that Xu Bei was beaten up and his prosthesis became crooked. He ran away like a dog. I have a video from my friend right here. Take a look.”

“Really?” Song Yu’s spirit awakened and he took the phone from his assistant to take a look. Xu Bei in the video was almost rolling into the elevator. Then he squatted in a corner of the elevator and covered his face like a mournful dog.

In the video, someone wanted to help him call the police but he refused in a frightened manner.

The assistant told him, “I have a friend who works as a screenwriter in the studio. There were six or seven people in the elevator and they all saw it.”

“A good beating! This type of person deserves to be beaten.” Song Yu saw Xu Bei’s dog-like actions and was in a good mood.

“This video has spread to almost everyone in the circle. Xu Bei lost such a big face and he will be a lot more obedient in the next six months.”

“Yes, he has to spend money to restore his face-lift.” Song Yu had always been unkind to his opponents. “There is still a lot of ugliness. The audience must have something wrong to like such an ugly, fake face.”

The agent, “......”

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Very Happy Chapter Ch88.1 - Calculating Love