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Very Happy
Chapter 90.2

Chapter 90.2

Bonus ko-fi chapter

After a good rest, Li Zhao took the guests who wanted to explore the island out of the house. The bodyguards in uniform walked in front of them and introduced the scenery of the island while guiding them.

Li Zhao carried a bucket in his hand. He occasionally picked up a shell with a shovel and threw it into the bucket.

Song Yu poked him and whispered, “The one who beat up Xu Bei until his prosthesis flew away. Was it you?”

“Don’t believe messy rumours.”

Song Yu was secretly reassured. Xu Bei was beaten so badly yet he didn’t dare to come out and speak. It seemed that the person who beat up Xu Bei had a strong background.

“I just beat him up.”

Song Yu: ???

“Then you really did it?” Song Yu sucked in a breath. “Are you crazy? Although the Xu family might not be able to see the boss of Canghuan, a horse is still better than a thin and dead camel. If you go against him then it won’t be any good for you.”

“It was just a fight.” Li Zhao hadn’t played at the beach so everything was new to him. He planned to try fishing once Yan Ting came.

“You still have the mind to pick up shells. It seems you aren’t in a hurry.” Song Yu kicked the sand with his feet, picked up a shell and threw it into Li Zhao’s bucket.”

“I will tell you something and you can’t tell others.” Li Zhao looked at Song Yu with a smile.”

“What is it?” Song Yu thought that Li Zhao might tell him a big secret.

“This island is owned by Canghuan’s boss.”

“Stop bragging. I am also good brothers with the boss of Canghuan...” Song Yu laughed a few times but then he saw Li Zhao’s expression and couldn’t laugh anymore. “Really?”

Li Zhao nodded.

“He... is he the relocation household tyrant?” Song Yu almost screamed. “That Yan Ting who visited the crew?”

“Yes.” Li Zhao nodded. “He is also helping me with the school admission banquet. Brother Song, you will help me keep this a secret, right?”

Song Yu stared at Li Zhao for half a minute. Finally, he hugged his head and collapsed. “Why are you telling me this secret, why?”

How painful was it to know such a shocking secret yet not daring to tell anyone?

“We are good friends.”

“Bah, who is friends with you?” Song Yu’s anger rose as he saw Li Zhao’s smile. “You did it intentionally, right?”

Li Zhao smiled and said nothing.

Song Yu took a deep breath and endured it. He was wrong, really wrong. From the beginning, he shouldn’t have entered the Overbearing Female President crew. If he hadn’t entered the crew, he wouldn’t have done many sorry things to Li Zhao and wouldn’t have fallen to this point.

“That thing.” Song Yu spoke cautiously after comforting himself. “That, does he know what happened when I filmed Overbearing Female President with you?”

He was afraid of this cruel-hearted gentleman. He just had to speak softly and the Song family would be broken. Then Song Yu wouldn’t have the face to look at the ancestors of the Song family.

“Don’t worry, my family’s Ting Ting isn’t that small-minded.”

Song Yu seemed to have heard a joke. Yan Ting wasn’t small-minded? When Li Zhao said such a thing, did he think about those who had become cold in Yan Ting’s hands? Song Yu wanted to refute this but he didn’t dare.

“You and Yan Ting...” Song Yu decided to use a euphemistic statement. “Your relationship is good?”

Li Zhao nodded.

Song Yu suddenly understood why the Li Yu super topic had disappeared. This person must’ve been the one to do it? Unexpectedly, Song Yu lived to his 20s and did such an amazing thing. He dared to form a CP with that man’s lover. It was amazing that he wasn’t cold yet.

He was just thinking this when his agent called.

“Xiao Yu, I’m having a bit of trouble unsealing the Li Yu CP super topic. Shall we reapply for a more covert one?”

“Don’t, don’t do it.” Song Yu almost didn’t take a breath. “Don’t apply for it. Tell the people of the studio to pay attention. In the future, if they see someone bringing me together with Li Zhao, report it.”

The agent was puzzled. “Aren’t you going to rub Li Zhao’s heat?”

“I’m not going to jump into the sea to feed the sharks. I don’t want to fry CP with Li Zhao.”

Jumping into the sea wouldn’t only kill him. All those of the LI Zhao CO would die with him.

The agent, “......”

Did Song Yu quarrel again with Li Zhao? It was just going to a university admission banquet. How could there be an incident?

“You don’t want CP fans anymore?” Li Zhao asked.

“No.” Song Yu raised his chin. “I will rely on acting to conquer them.”

Li Zhao raised his eyebrows. Did Song Yu have this thing?

Tomorrow was the official time for the university admission banquet but the guests had a good time. They took photos and sent it to friends or posted on Weibo, not forgetting to talk about the beauty of the island.

However, since Li Zhao didn’t announce the matter of the admission dinner, no one mentioned it.

The entertainment reporters found that many big names in the circle had gone to this island and curiously searched for information about this island. However, there was no tourist information on the island so it should be a private island.

They found that not only did artists go to the island, but there were also well-known directors, producers and even the bosses of Strawberry Entertainment and Purple Eggplant Entertainment.

Who had such a big face that so many people could put down their work to gather on this island?

The boss of Purple Eggplant Entertainment wasn’t invited. He heard the news and shamelessly followed. Yan Ting was personally holding a university admission banquet for Li Zhao so he had to go.

His artists had such a stiff relationship with Li Zhao. He had to pay his respects to Yan Ting and Li Zhao to show his attitude. By the time Yan Ting arrived on the island, it was already late at night. He got off the plane and saw Li Zhao waving at him in the distance.

“The island is cold at night. Why are you here?” Yan Ting strode toward Li Zhao.

“I came to pick you up.” Li Zhao put a coat on Yan Ting. “Let’s go back.”

Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao walking in front of him and reached for Li Zhao’s hand.

“Ting Ting?” Li Zhao looked back in a puzzled manner. Yan Ting’s hands were slightly cool and it wasn’t warm like his hands.

“I don’t have good eyesight at night.” Yan Ting watched Li Zhao. “Can you hold me to lead the way?”

Bad eyesight at night, was it a vitamin A deficiency or vitamin BCDE?

Li Zhao’s mind was a mess. He felt that his mental state was a bit weird at the moment. He wanted to shake Yan Ting’s hand off but then staring into Yan Ting’s soft eyes, he hesitated. In front of such eyes, he couldn’t refuse any request from Yan Ting.

Li Zhao held Yan Ting’s hand and secretly removed his gaze. “Let’s go.”

The waves gently patted the reefs and the boundless sea looked dark. The light of the watchtower became stars on the sea.

There was a turtle secretly crawling to shore. It heard footsteps and shrank his head back, but he was eager to try again.

“Have Sister Xia and the others arrived?” Yan Ting took the initiative to break the silence.

Li Zhao nodded. “I arranged them in the main house, separated from the people in the circle.”

“Okay.” Yan Ting looked at Li Zhao. Li Zhao’s face looked extra soft in the moonlight. The moonlight at this time was just right. He wanted to tell Zhao Zhao the longing and feelings in his heart. However, before he spoke, the feeling of his mother jumping from the stairs appeared in his mind.

She always told him that the world was ruthless. He should believe in nothing and not believe in feelings.

“The moment the Yan family becomes emotional, they will become lunatics.”

“What’s the matter?” Li Zhao noticed that Yan Ting’s steps were half a beat slower. He looked back and found that half of Yan Ting’s face was hidden in the shadows.

Yan Ting shook his head. “It’s nothing.”

Li Zhao smiled and didn’t continue to ask. “When I was a child, I saw a book that wrote about children picking up shells on the beach and making a castle. I was especially curious about what playing at a beach felt like.”

He released Yan Ting’s hand, took out his phone and clicked on a photo. “Here, the castle I made for you that is specifically reserved for the prince.”

The pile of sand in the photo was more a pile of sand than a castle.

Yan Ting was silent for a few seconds. “It is a very noble stream of consciousness style.”

It wasn’t easy to praise like this!

“Come.” Li Zhao reached out to Yan Ting.

Yan Ting put his hand in Li Zhao’s palm and the two people held hands again.

“Where are we going?”

“Taking the prince to repair his castle.” Li Zhao laughed.

“If I’m the prince then what are you?”

“I am eating and drinking in the prince’s house while protecting the prince. I am his knight.” Li Zhao gave Yan Ting a very gentle smile. “Let’s go, Prince.”

Looking at their hands held together, Yan Ting bent his fingers slightly. These two hands were together so don’t let go.

The author has something to say:

In the kindergarten’s small playground, Baby Ting Ting and Baby Zhao Zhao played in the mud while holding hands. 𝗶𝚗𝙣𝘳𝐞𝑎𝒅. 𝐜om

The teacher looked at the two dirty people: Two little babies, what game are you playing?

Baby Zhao Zhao: Prince and knight.

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Very Happy Chapter 90.2