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Very Happy
Chapter Ch90.1 - Prince’s Castle

Chapter Ch90.1 - Prince’s Castle

Everyone was happily eating melons when a marketing account forwarded the post of Canghuan’s official Weibo and joked about supporting the CP of Canghuna’s boss and Li Zhao. After all, they were all humans. Wasn’t the mysterious and overbearing president and popular, handsome male star sweet?

This marketing account had only recently become popular. It usually liked to write some sweet love stories. Although it only had a million fans, the activity level was very high.

“This pen is given to you. You write it quickly. If you don’t write well then don’t go to sleep tonight.”

“The mysterious president x popular star. What type of fairy CP is this? I dare to support it, do you dare to write it?”

Other marketing accounts that had been in the circle for a long time were silent. It was true that newborn calves really weren’t afraid of tigers. They were young and didn’t know how expensive their account was. They dared to post anything and say anything. Canghuan’s lawyers would let them know the rules.

Some people even waited happily for this marketing account to be blocked. Yet as they waited and waited, they saw more and more comments under this post and more and more people forwarding it yet the account wasn’t blocked.

The market accounts that knew the inside story thought about it carefully and felt that something was wrong. Last year, an artist from the same company as Li Zhao tried to use the boss of Canghuan as hype. Finally, not only was the female artist stuck idly at home, some of the marketing accounts who helped here were blocked.

How satisfied was Canghuan with this newcomer Li Zhao that they could even contribute their own boss? How was Li Zhao the son of Strawberry Entertainment? He was clearly the eldest son of Canghuan.

A courageous marketing account tried to repost this Weibo. He waited anxiously all night and didn’t receive a warning from any lawyers.

His heart moved and he searched the Internet. He found that there were even online writers writing stories about Li Zhao and Canghuan’s boss.

Not to mention, these novels were very well written. Anyone who read the contents of the article would think that the mysterious boss and the popular star were in true love. Even he, a straight main, had the urge to find someone to get rid of his single status after reading the novels.

The marketing account forwarded a novel to his own home page, feeling that this world had such a touching love.

Soon, the story of the Cang Li CP started to circulate among the netizens. Painters started to make many cute pieces for this CP and the limelight completely suppressed that of the Li Yu CP who had their super topic blocked.

The Li Yu fans, “??”

There wasn’t even a photo of the boss of Canghuan, let alone Li Zhao being in the same frame as him. What were these CP fans doing? The love story of the domineering president and the beautiful star? Oh, superficial. Their Xiao Yu was also a rich second generation.

“Sir.” Qin Xiao sent a screenshot of the popular Cang Li CP Weibo post to Yan Ting. “On the Internet, the degree of discussion about you and Mr Li is already very high.”

Yan Ting saved the screenshot. “Control public opinion so that everyone knows this is just a brain hole and isn’t actually real. Don’t let it affect Zhao Zhao’s professional development.” i𝑛𝓷𝙧𝘦𝚊d. 𝚌o𝓶

“You can rest assured. I understand.”

Qin Xiao smiled. This Cang Li CP, it confirmed that if there was no chance, he just had to spend money.

Sure enough, problems that could be solved with money weren’t big problems.

The following week, Li Zhao was desperately filming to get a weekend off. Ever since he received the admission notice, Ting Ting and Sister Xia had been discussing the matter of the school admission banquet every day in the WeChat group.

Li Zhao didn’t have many friends outside the circle. It seemed that Ting Ting was eager to give him a magnificent university admission banquet. He wanted to invite all the top directors, producers and actors of the circle only to be rejected by Li Zhao.

Yan Ting said that two years ago, a girl from a local rich tyrant’s family got into one of the top 10 schools using her strength. Her dad spent a lot of money and invited many popular artists to perform as guests.

His Zhao Zhao was more powerful than that young girl. How could he lose to that young girl’s family?

Alas, Li Zhao thought of this and had a headache.

“Why are you sighing?” Liu Fen was a beautiful woman with many charms. She could attract the eyes of many men just by leaning against her chair.

“Sister Fenfen?” Once Liu Fen came over to sit down, Li Zhao immediately straightened. “My friend is holding a school admission banquet for me but there are some differences in opinions when it comes to inviting guests. He has listened to my opinion but he has been somewhat depressed for the past two days. I was thinking about how to coax him.”

“Then he must be someone who cares about you.” Liu Fen chuckled softly. “In front of a person who cares about you, just tell the truth. I’m certain that in his heart, you are definitely ranked first.”

Li Zhao frowned and then explained, “I know. I just... can’t see him look so lost.”

Liu Fen thoughtfully glanced at him and then smiled mysteriously. “Are you afraid they will be angry and also tired? You don’t want them to be unhappy?”

Li Zhao nodded.

Liu Fen’s smile became more obvious. She looked at Li Zhao, who was a bit ignorant. “Brat, you still need to grow up.”

“Ah?” Li Zhao was at a loss.”

“Do you know?” Liu Fen looked at the busy staff of the studio. “When I was studying, there was someone who was kind to me. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I opened the notebook he gave me and found there was a small bookmark confessing to me. Later, I thought about it and realized I also liked the boy. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand at the time and let go of a very good young man.”

Li Zhao, “......”

“You later... didn’t contact him?”

Liu Fen laughed. “How can the living contact the dead? In the second year after he went abroad, a car accident occurred. A friend said he was rushing back from abroad to celebrate my birthday.”

“I’m sorry.” Li Zhao hadn’t expected to remind Liu Fen of something sad.”

“Silly boy, I made up a story to deceive you yet you believed it.” Liu Fen stood up, once again the proud and glamorous entertainment queen.

“Still, don’t blame me for reminding you.” Liu Fen patted Li Zhao’s shoulder. “Life is short. If you like it then you should have it. Don’t leave any regrets behind.”

Li Zhao watched Liu Fen walk away and started to reflect if he had anything he wanted to have.

It seemed that life right now was perfect. He lived with Ting Ting every day and exercised together when they were free. They went out to taste food when there was nothing to do. If he was tired, injured or sick then everyone cared a for him. If he went back late at night, someone would leave on a light for him. Even his only regret, studying at university, was completed with the help and encouragement of Yan Ting.

If there was anything he really wanted, it was to live in peace with Yan Ting like this all the time.

A few days later, Li Zhao’s circle of friends received an invitation to attend Li Zhao’s university admission banquet.

The careful people found out that the small bookmark gift sent with the invitation was actually made of pure gold and the gift box was designed and customized by a master.

The venue for the banquet wasn’t a hotel but a private island. The host will arrange a charter flight for them. The bookmarks and gift boxes alone cost a lot of money. Strawberry Entertainment was so willing to spend money to help Li Zhao build momentum?

In particular, that private island wouldn’t necessarily be rented out even if someone had money. The size of this university admission banquet might be grander than the marriage of many first-tier artists.

Who said that Li Zhao was the son of Strawberry Entertainment? He was clearly their grandfather.

The invited people, whether they were free or not, deliberately made time to get on the charter flight to the island. The island was like a precious gem in the blue sea. The flowers and trees on it were beautifully trimmed and the buildings were even more beautiful.

Some well-informed people in the circle couldn’t help screaming. Such a picturesque private island, shouldn’t the rent be calculated by the hour?

“President Sun, if I find a man to marry in the future, you must help me arrange this island.” Liu Fen stated as she looked at the island through the window. “It must be very romantic to hold a wedding here.’

“I didn’t arrange this.” President Sun hadn’t expected Yan Ting to be so generous. This should be a private island under Yan Ting’s name.

“You didn’t arrange it?” The dozen people on the plane were very surprised. “Who is it if it wasn’t you?”

“Of course, it is the owner of this plane.” Mr Sun wasn’t sure about the relationship between Yan Ting and Li Zhao and didn’t dare to offend Yan Ting. “This was all prepared by Zhao Zhao’s friend.”

Everyone on the plane started asking President Sun if it was the friend who gave Li Zhao the brooch worth several suites?

“Hahaha.” President Sun just laughed loudly in default agreement.

The moment the plane landed on the tarmac, someone in uniform came to greet them. It was so thoughtful that people couldn’t pick out anything wrong. They stepped into the magnificent residential building and everyone saw Li Zhao sitting cross-legged and playing games on a sofa. This sofa was out of place with the entire room and was obviously added later.

“Everyone is here. Sit down, sit down.” Seeing everyone coming, Li Zhao greeted everyone and helped them settle down. Meanwhile, the helpers served delicious refreshments.

“It is still early. Take a break and I’ll accompany you around the island.” Li Zhao scratched his head with a bit of embarrassment. “To be honest, I’m also curious about this island.”

“You haven’t been to this island before?” Song Yu, who had never spoken, suddenly opened his mouth.

“No.” Li Zhao shook his head. “I never thought he was this rich.”

Song Yu stopped talking. There weren’t many rich people with such a large private island in China. It was impossible for Li Zhao to have a relationship with them.

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Very Happy Chapter Ch90.1 - Prince’s Castle