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Unsealing Emptiness
Chapter 59

The new arrival.

Ozul had just arrived at the sight followed by Raven and Blaze when he saw those men in the robes. It was apparent that the men in front of him were Eclipse’s Order.

However, his focus was not on these people or the weird creature that grew in the center of runes.

His entire mind was on the leg that was sealed inside a fancy looking glass box. His non-existent heart began to pump when his eyes laid on it.

The excitement Ozul felt just from looking at it was enough for him to know that this was one of his parts!

Would he not even recognize his missing ‘self’? How could he not when even Blaze and Raven had an inkling that this was Ozul’s leg!

Raven felt happy when she saw the expression of eagerness appearing on Ozul’s face. Only at times like these did she think that he wasn’t so emotionless.

But she knew the significance of the moment and readied herself for the upcoming battle. Blaze, too, did not dare to let his guard down. He was aware that he was the weakest among the trio, so Blaze wanted to prove that he wasn’t so incompetent.

Ozul’s headache increased with each passing moment. Only now he noticed the reason!


His severed leg was also placed in the formation! Occasionally some energy would be absorbed from it by the runes!

Even when those people experimented on his leg, he did not feel any pain much less this excruciating!

It proved how much the ritual was sucking out his power! Ozul felt that he might never be able to be complete again if he did not hurry.

But just as he was about to rush towards his leg, he felt someone with a massive amount of Mana running towards this location.

A couple of other considerably powerful people also followed that person. Ozul could sense much more than any other Mage because he had the advantage of the night.

Ozul was desperate to get his parts back, but he was not a fool to rush blindly in the middle of an unknown situation.


-Sometime Earlier.-

-Unknown POV.-

It was not so long since I had received the report that they had spotted the Eclipse’s Order in the forest near Sester City.

Just as I was on my way there, I heard the ear-splitting shriek that caused even me, a Rank-8 Mage, to flinch!

My speed rose unconsciously as my subordinates struggled to keep up as I was not only a Rank-8 Mage but also a Rank-7 Fighter.

It had been a few weeks since those filthy scum had stolen my treasure from me.

After weeks of spending money as if breathing air, I had finally found its location! Hence, I did not wait for even a second longer and sprinted towards the site with my best men.

I could not lose it even if I had to put my life on the line. I had already traded my life for it. If I could not present this leg to his Majesty, I would be dead anyway...sigh.

It had been years when I had plotted against my elder brother Duke Edward. Everything went according to the plan, and I declared myself as the new Duke and the head of Abilon Family!

However, I found unexpected gains. How could I ever know that my brother’s Spatial Ring hid such treasures?!

I was quite puzzled as to whose limbs those could be, but suddenly it clicked in his mind. It was his son. The son that he declared to have died!

I tried various means to locate him, but I could never find the remains of that boy. He was probably buried under some graveyard after all this time.

At least I had those three limbs which radiated such dense energy. But my misfortune only befell after that.

I should have never taken those Royal’s help! When they found out that I had three limbs preserved that held such energy, His Majesty immediately summoned me to rob me of these treasures!

I had to beg him just to keep this last piece for a while, so I could also profit off of it. But never would I have ever imagined that someone would dare to steal it from me!

My wealth and influence rose like a phoenix until that moment, but now I have to bring it back so his Majesty would spare my life.

Well, even if he does not kill me for this, that tyrant would make my life worse than hell. And worst of all, I know it!

There is only one way for me to avoid tragedy, and that is to retrieve the leg back. If only I had not been so arrogant to think that no one would steal from me...

Those filthy bastards must be doing something evil with it judging from that inhuman scream!

I did not know if I could make it there in time so I released my Mana pressure so as to let them know and hopefully cause a distraction to delay them.

Just as I reached the sight, I saw the abomination that had probably been the reason behind that scream in the middle of the runes formation.

While tens of people in robes stood outside the formation protecting the leg I was looking for weeks!

I knew it that these damned thieves were up to no good!

From the corner of my eyes, I could also see those three teens but for whatever reasons, that black-haired teen was glaring at me?

But I could not pay attention to small stuff when I noticed that the Leader was also a Rank-8 Mage! So the information was correct, huh...

-POV. End.-


Ozul saw the emergence of the newly arrived team. His eyes turned frosty when he saw the appearance of the middle-aged man that released the intense Mana pressure.

The blonde middle-aged man looked just like his ‘father’ as long as he could remember!

He might not remember clearly, but he hated any face that had some resemblance to it.

‘So, he is here huh...’- Ozul thought while glaring at his ‘uncle’.

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Unsealing Emptiness Chapter 59