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Unsealing Emptiness
Chapter 57

How naive...

Raven and Blaze ran after Ozul while drinking the purple potion to heal themselves quickly.

Of course, they were as discreet as possible since Raven had explained to Blaze that Ozul did not like it when someone used that potion in front of him.

They passed quite a few houses and arrived in a dark alleyway. They rested to catch their breath since surviving a blast such as that with only a distance of 20 meters took a heavy toll on their body.

Even the potions used to heal Raven and Blaze worked by utilizing the stamina of the consumer to treat their injuries faster. Hence, Ozul was relatively in a better state than both of them.

Not to mention that he was also a Rank-7 Fighter!

After Blaze had caught his breath, he asked;

“Where do we start the search now?”- Even he knew that searching in two big cities was not an option now. The time was ticking.

Just as Ozul was about to reply though, a high pitch scream reverberated in the air!



The shriek was so ear-piercing that many of the commoners had their ears bleeding! Even Blaze had to cover his ears to reduce the pain since he was only a Rank-2 Fighter!

No sane being could produce such sound. It took a few seconds for the inhumane screech to stop as everything came to a standstill.

“This is where we start the search...”- Ozul replied to Blaze’s earlier question without looking back at him.

Just as his voice died down, a big commotion took place as people began to panic. It seemed as though the things were starting to get heated.

Eclipse’s Order must be behind this. There was no other explanation behind this monstrous scream that could spread out to the whole city!

Many Mercenaries were wandering around various cities in hopes of completing the task. Some of the sensible gave up on the mission when they weighed the pros and cons.

But other hot-headed Mercenaries wanted to court death. But there were hundreds of such people.

Hence, on the one hand, many people were screaming and running away from the direction of the shriek. And on the other, many of the Mercenaries ran for the so-called ‘opportunity’.

Ozul and the duo also advanced towards the direction. However, compared to all those other Mercenaries, Ozul’s team was relatively in a better condition even though the trio had just survived a massive explosion on a point-blank range.

The other Mercenaries couldn’t be blamed. None of them could afford the expenses nor the time to advance both as a Fighter and a Mage!

Due to the city structures and the woods ahead, no one could see what the cause of the earlier scream was, but they were sure that it wasn’t something that they could take lightly.

Since Ozul’s team was on the other end of the city, it took them a while to reach the woods.

They could still notice some teams of the Mercenaries advancing vigilantly.

However, just as they had entered the forest, many wild Magical Beasts started attacking them! It was not only their team, but everyone who entered the woods was facing a similar situation.

All the Beasts also had the same red glow that Ozul had noticed on the previously controlled Beasts.

It only confirmed his earlier thoughts about Eclipse’s Order being behind the previous savage howl.

However, just as they were going to slaughter their way forward, something happened!

Suddenly, Ozul’s head began to throb! The head-splitting pain caused Ozul to stop as he fell on his knees, holding his head.

Ozul did not scream or yell for help, but it was apparent for Raven and Blaze to see that he was in pain.

They did not know what had abruptly happened to him. From childhood, Ozul had never suffered from any disease, much less a headache.

The pain did not stop, but Ozul had realized that something must be wrong with his ‘parts’! And the earlier scream could not be a coincidence!

At this point, he did not need some solid proof to know that at least one of his ‘parts’ is involved in this situation!

It felt as if Ozul did not hurry, he would lose a part of himself. He hurriedly gathered himself and stood up from the ground.

It was not the time for dealing with some headaches. If Ozul did not hurry, he might never be ‘complete’ again!

Raven and Blaze were both worried about him, but Ozul did not let them question anything and began to advance again.

Ozul’s attitude, his expression, and his speed demonstrated that he was not going to take it easy this time!

His ‘self’ was on the line. Ozul had never felt so much annoyed after the first time that his ‘father’ had severed his limbs.

Several Rank-4 to Rank-5 Beasts came in their way, but all of them were slaughtered without given any chance.

So many high ranking Beasts had caused all the Mercenaries to take a step back. Only a few could advance by slipping from the sides.

‘tch... hurry...hurry...’- Ozul could not think of anything else other than to hurry to the place and save his ‘self’.

How naive had he been to think that no matter how much time passed, his ‘parts’ would be safe and sound?

Raven and Blaze could not help but get worried when they saw Ozul like this. His expression did not show much, but his behaviour gave them many hints.

However, they could only assist him to the best of their ability.

Most of the Mercenaries, who were fighting with the Beasts, were stunned to see the three teens advancing so casually into this ‘battlefield’.

The forest seemed to be a battlefield between Mercenaries and the Beasts if someone watched from the sidelines.

The chaos that ensued in the City had long spread to the woods.

Ozul followed by Raven and Blaze did not stop their movement. Each step Ozul took sent a jolting pain to his brain, but he did not even flinch anymore.

They ran forward for a couple of minutes before they finally began to see some change in the scenery.

However, what they faced first was not the change in the scenery but the horrible stench that invaded their senses!

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Unsealing Emptiness Chapter 57