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Unsealing Emptiness
Chapter 56

Art is an explosion?

There was no one! Even the Count of the Prinas City had some guards roaming around in the estate, but Ozul felt no human being on the other side of the wall!

This could mean two things. One, the barrier was so advanced that it could even block Ozul’s. Two, there was something unusual happening on the other side.

Ozul thought that it would likely be the latter. Could there be a barrier that could block Ozul’s senses? There is no way.

There was only one way to confirm his thoughts—jumping to the other side.

Ozul did not waste any more time, and with just a little push, he was high in the air. Raven and Blaze followed after him.

However, what they saw on the other side was not something they expected.

There was nothing on the other side. An eerie silence prevailed when they had entered the property.

Something was wrong about this whole situation. But this further confirmed Ozul’s guess that it could be related to Eclipse’s Order.


If they didn’t know it better, the trio would have assumed that this was some abandoned property!

Ozul could see the building in the middle, but there was no human in their field of vision.

Till now, Eclipse’s Order had planned everything perfectly. It felt like everyone was playing in the palms of their hands.

They did not leak any information to the low-ranking members in case they were caught. While they were hiding so well that even after targeting the Capital City, no one had been able to find them as of yet.

Since it felt like no one was here, the trio looked in all directions only to come across the stars in the sky and the grass on the ground.

Ozul shifted his attention to the building that was in the middle of the estate. Only that structure was left unexamined.

The trio walked forward cautiously towards the building.

Since it was nighttime, Ozul’s senses were enhanced to the point where it could even compare to some of the animals’!

When they had stepped forward towards the structure, Ozul could not rest easy for some reason.

‘Something is wrong...’- Ozul was just thinking things through while advancing steadily when,


Ozul picked up the slight rumblings as they were getting near the building. He realized the implications behind these sounds as his eyes went wide.

“Take cover!”-

Ozul said in a loud voice as he rolled backwards. Raven and Blaze did not hesitate to follow his lead.

Just as they did though, the building in front of them, which was only a little more than about 20 meters away from them exploded!

The fire engulfed everything within the area as the loud voice explosion voice followed afterwards!


The debris flew all around as the explosion destroyed the whole property!

Ozul, Raven, and Blaze were only 20 meters away from the building and could not get away in time. So, they were caught in the explosion.

Everything with the property was caught in the explosion and destroyed.

When the fire died down, we could see the three figures closest to the building standing up.

Only a minute later could Raven and Blaze stabilized themselves and started noticing the after-effects.

The explosion had taken them by surprise. If it was not for Ozul’s quick senses, someone could have died!

Just before the explosion, Ozul had spread the Ball of Purity Shield in front. But its amount was too low to cover all three of them.

Hence, Raven had used one of her Original Spell to block while Blaze had generated Ice all around them.

It may be the case, but the explosion was not something to be so easily protected against, especially when the trio was only a few meters away from the building!

Ozul was okay even though he stood at the front because the Ball of Purity protected him from the front.

However, it was not the same for Raven and Blaze. They both had around the same amount of injuries, but nothing serious—just some small cuts and scrapes.

Raven’s Spell wasn’t so useful, but she was also Rank-5 Fighter which helped a lot.

Blaze, on the other hand, was only a Rank-2 Fighter, but his natural affinity with Ice element came into use as the Ice around him negated most of the heat and damage.

Both of them were furious that they got played right into the enemies’ trap. But Ozul had other thoughts.

‘How sly... they even predicted that some people would check on the Count.’- Ozul was more than amused, but also annoyed and irritated because this was nothing something he was used to.

It felt like he was not in control of the situation—he did not like this feeling at all.

Ozul would have most likely put such thoughts away, but he had a bad feeling that this matter could be related to his ‘parts’.

So he could not rest easy when all this time, the enemy was in control of the situation.

It made sense when Ozul thought about it now. If the Eclipse Order’s Leader was really a cunning man, then he could have also easily predicted that someone would check here!

But this explosion also confirmed that they were hiding in this Sester City and not in the previous one because there were no traps laid down in that Count’s estate.

Even after all that thinking, his enemy was still one step ahead. That was why Ozul did not like to overthink.

He had burned all those brain cells only to get straight into the trap. Heck, he was not even sure if he had brain cells.

What if his body’s composition was different from humans? It was probably so because there should be something unusual that kept him alive even without the blood and the heart.

But he did not get discouraged. At the very least, their area of search was narrowed down to only one City.

It was nighttime, and everyone in the vicinity had heard the ear-splitting boom. The two guards stationed at the gates had also died, so many people came rushing in.

The trio hurriedly left in the cover of the night and the fire’s shadows. They would only label them as the culprits for blowing up the Count’s estate!

They quickly left the scene, but just as they were going to find a place to rest, something else major happened...

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Unsealing Emptiness Chapter 56