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Unsealing Emptiness
Chapter 42


When Raven and Blaze had completed their training sessions, Ozul gave them the instructions.

Half an hour later, all of them headed to the Mercenary Guild.

There were usual cheers and noise all around. The trio did not care about the looks that they received because of Raven and went straight for the Task Board.

Raven took the quest where they just had to kill a few monsters in the forest nearby. Roland, the receptionist, was a bit skeptical, thinking that the kids didn’t know their limit, but he didn’t care and just signed the task as accepted.

He had seen many who took on the dangers to make a name for themselves only to end up with nothing but death.

Just as they were about to head out, a seemingly unpleasant voice entered their ears;

“Hehe~... Girl, Why don’t you spend a night with me and forget about being a Mercenary? Huh?”-

The man seemed drunk with his team members as others were sneering their way. The Mercenaries may not have any loyalty, but they did not like it when such people joined their ranks.


And unity originates from similar minds. It seemed that the mass didn’t very like the group of drunk men.

But even though they didn’t like it, no one interfered and kept their opinion to themselves.

The drunk man stood up and arrived before Raven. He continued blabbering;

“*Hic*... Haha! Bitch, I will pay you enough money to last for days..*Hic* Why don’t you come here and join me...”

Just as the man was about to touch Raven’s shoulder, he did not notice, but a black shadow slashed towards the hand and disappeared in an instant.

At this moment, everyone in the crowd was Rank-3 or below Mage. Hence, no one noticed the attack whatsoever!

But the receptionist, Ronald, who was a Rank-4 Mage, had witnessed the attack. If he had blinked, even he wouldn’t be able to notice it.

However, his entire focus was on the newbie group exiting the building. Hence, he had seen the black blade that slashed towards the arm before disappearing.

A second passed before the extended arm of the drunk guy fell to the ground!

A gush of blood spurted from the base of the hand, and the guy couldn’t even comprehend as to what had transpired in such a short amount of time!

Only the warm feeling of blood that fell on his face allowed him to face the harsh reality. Right after that, the burning pain rushed his mind as he began to scream.

Now, even the people who were not paying any attention to the earlier fuss had their ears perked up.

No one could understand the situation, but the one thing they knew was that this had to do something with the black-haired girl.

Only she showed an expression of indifference at the sight of such a gruesome scene.

They also became wary of the situation—no one wanted to get dragged into a mess that they couldn’t handle.

The team members of the drunk man had sweat forming on their foreheads. Their faces turned ugly after realizing that they had picked a wrong opponent.

They also wanted to do something about their teammate who was writhing in pain on the floor. But they didn’t dare to step forward.

Receptionist Roland saw the situation and left his counter.

“ Take your teammate, have him checked, and leave.”- Roland said while looking towards the trembling teammates of the drunk man.

They had rules stating that there will be no internal fights inside the building, or the involved will have their Guild membership revoked.

The scene took place just outside the door, but outside nonetheless! So, Roland could not do anything even if he wanted to.

Moreover, he had no interest whatsoever to go against a team whose member was probably above him in terms of power for the sake of some nobodies.

Also, he had found something interesting due to this ‘scuffle’. He had his mind full of thoughts about this mysterious group that had a member who could even rival the Master of the Mercenary Guild’s branch here in Adron City.

Roland guessed that the girl was at least Rank-5 Mage! Because he may have been able to notice the attack, but he was sure that matching the power and speed was not something he could do.

And most of all, he was not a Fighter either. All he could do was examine the attack with his enhanced senses.

The shadow had disappeared into thin air afterwards, which indicated that although rare, the weapon was part of a Spell.

Hence, the girl was a Mage and that too of a higher tier than him since he couldn’t sense her Rank when she used the Spell.

All those thoughts concluded in a matter of only a few seconds. Ronald was a receptionist; his ability to calmly analyze people was the only reason for his employment.

He didn’t dare to stop Raven from leaving as the Guild Master of this branch was not present. And he alone couldn’t do anything.

He sighed in relief internally when he noticed that the girl didn’t seem to want to make a scene out of this.

Since this was the case, letting go of the situation was his best choice.

When they noticed that no one had any intention to cause further nuisance, Ozul started walking away with any care in the world.

Raven and Blaze followed right after him. None of them cared about the painful screams behind them.

All they had to do was kill some Rank-2 Beasts.

Ozul ordered Blaze only to fight using his body! Raven was instructed to help out only when his life was endangered. Otherwise, even if he were knocked down, she wouldn’t help him.

Blaze was stunned at the command, but he did not disobey and prepared for the worst.

He was not even a Rank-1 Fighter, and yet, he had to face against Rank-2 Beasts!

‘I don’t need someone who would always run away in the face of dangers.’- Ozul thought.

If he wanted such people, couldn’t he just hire some Platinum Rank Mercenaries?

They may cost a huge sum of money, but Ozul had plenty of that. If he does not use his wealth, what good is it for him?

Fortunately for Blaze, his opponents were all Beasts with no intellect. His only advantage in this situation was his ability to plan.

Raven wanted to enjoy the sight of him suffering because to this day, she still couldn’t get the scene out of her mind when he had attacked Ozul.

Ozul did not want to waste his time. So, he began to better his control over Ball of Purity. No matter how much he improves, he knows that it is not even the tip of the iceberg.

He would take a small amount of liquid form and concentrate.

Ozul changed the liquid into a gaseous state and was trying to thin it out until a normal human eye couldn’t see it!

Alas, no matter what he does, it was just too complicated.

‘Sigh...It would take time. Expanding it so much requires a tremendous amount of concentration. Even with just a little distraction, and it all vanishes.’

Ozul did his training while Blaze did his by fighting the Beasts two Ranks higher than him.

Raven also started meditating near Ozul when she saw that Blaze would only get small wounds from time to time. He may not even be a Rank-1 Fighter, but he was close.

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Unsealing Emptiness Chapter 42