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Unsealing Emptiness
Chapter 16


Entering the gate, Ozul noticed that Grandma Carol was pacing around as she held an umbrella. Clearly, even after explaining to her that he will be late, she could not help but be anxious.

Noticing his arrival, Grandma Carol sweetly smiled at him before she saw that a black-haired girl was following behind him.

As both Ozul and girl neared, Grandma Carol turned her teasing mode,

“Ara ara... Already bringing a girl home. Aren’t you too young for it, young man? At least introduce her to your grandma,” Grandma Carol was certainly not complaining if Ozul could hang out with kids his age.

“She just followed me back,” Ozul did not mind any of her teasings. Looking back at the girl, Ozul could feel... expectations from the girl. Expectations for what?—He didn’t know and wouldn’t bother to know either.

Ozul shook his head and just went towards his favorite tree before sitting under it and resting his back against it.

It was raining, so there was no sunlight, and what better time to enjoy himself than now?

Grandma Carol was left standing at the doorsteps. Every time it rains, Ozul will not listen to one bit of her ramblings and spend his day while sitting outside.


She then looked at the girl who just kept standing there looking here and there.

On closer inspection, Grandma Carol noticed that the girl was in bad condition. She had some cuts and scrapes in different places.

Noticing how the girl kept stealing glances at Ozul, Grandma Carol smirked. She had her 72 years of wisdom working and could already guess the gist of the situation.

‘Oho... my cold prince saved a girl in distress.’ Grandma Carol suddenly had a light shining in her eyes as she started operating her mind gears.

Looking back at the girl, Grandma Carol asked her name.

“Hm. What is your name, lovely lady?” – Grandma Carol used a polite tone as not to scare the girl away.

“Ee... M-my n-name is Raven.”- Raven was startled as she kept stuttering after being addressed by the kind-looking old lady.

“Aw... no need to be afraid, little Raven. Why don’t you come inside the house so we can do something about your condition?” Grandma Carol.

“I... I am fine!”- Raven was reluctant to leave Ozul out of her sight. She was afraid that she might lose him if he went outside her vision.

Grandma Carol, noticing that the girl was hesitant, came near the girl and said something in her ears.

Immediately afterward, the girl quietly followed her inside while she kept blushing while looking downwards. It was as if she was a thief caught in the act.

Noticing the act, Ozul was curious as to what Grandma Carol said in her ears, but then he just shook his head and closed his eyes. The water drops hitting on the hat did not bother him.

– – – – – – – – –

Inside the house, Grandma Carol was helping Raven clean her injuries as she asked her questions.

“So little Raven, where do you live?” Grandma Carol.

“... I... live on the streets.” – Raven said in shaming, thinking that it may disgust the old lady.

“Ah, I am sorry... Do you not have any relatives?” Grandma Carol was stunned, hearing that the fragile-looking girl lived on the streets!

“N-no. Everyone died when the Monsters attacked the village...” Raven dejectedly explained that she lived in a village near the town.

Unfortunately, Beasts had suddenly attacked the village, and everyone died except for a few who managed to run away. Raven herself managed to escape only because of her parents who died trying to protect others.

No one could figure out why the Beasts would suddenly attack a settlement.

“So... you have nowhere to go, huh. Why don’t you live with us?” Grandma Carol asked as she had decided to make her stay at all costs.

“Come on! Besides, there is no one else that my grandson spends his time with,” Grandma Carol urged her when she saw that Raven was hesitating in making a decision.

“... Thanks,” Raven meekly muttered as she bowed. The last part that Grandma Carol said was the final hit on the nail for Raven to accept the invitation.

Looking at her still ragged clothes, Grandma Carol smiled kindly before,

“Wait... I only have Ozul’s clothes that may fit you...” She began her ramblings on what clothes to give to Raven.

“...Ano... He... he is still outside. Won’t he catch a cold?” Raven interrupted her as she was genuinely worried about the Big brother that saved her.

Hearing the concern in her sweet voice, Grandma Carol smirked in her mind.

‘Hehe... It will be easy to teach her.’ – Grandma Carol was happy that she might achieve her goal with this.

“Don’t worry, that boy always remains outside whenever there is no light. Honestly, even I was surprised to find out that he would never get sick even in harsh weather,” Grandma Carol explained to Raven as it might ease her worries.

Raven went to change into the clothes provided by Grandma Carol.

– – – – – – – – –

Outside the house, Ozul was just lying resting his back against the trunk of the tree. He was not asleep, though.

When he heard the footsteps coming towards him, he opened his eyes to look at the person.

Grandma Carol came near Ozul and said,

“She will be living with us from today onwards.”

“Why?” Ozul asked as he was wondering why the girl would be staying with them.

“She lost her parents, and there is nowhere for her to return. Besides, She is your f.r.i.e.n.d, right?” – She said the last part while pressing each letter.

“No-... She is my friend, right.” – Ozul corrected himself just as he was about to mess up. If Ozul told her that he wasn’t friends with Raven, Grandma Carol would again start to force things on him.

Unknown to Ozul, Grandma Carol already knew that Ozul was not so friendly with Raven. But at the very least, he interacted with someone of his age.

‘Well, whatever. As long as the girl is not annoying,’ Ozul thought as he really did not care. As long as she does not disturb him, it’s okay with him.

After informing Ozul, Grandma Carol went back inside. Unlike Ozul, She had frail health, and it could worsen at any time.

Walking back inside, Grandma Carol saw Raven was sniffing on the shirt that formerly belonged to Ozul.

Smirking, she coughed and said,

“Is it nice?”

“Yes... N-no! I don’t like the smell at all!” Startled, Raven slipped her tongue before her ears went red with shame.

“Hm? What are you talking about? I am asking if you like the clothes?”

“O-oh! Yes! They are nice.” Raven said as she sighed in relief, thinking she was not caught.

“Is that so... Anyway, it’s almost dark, so let’s make dinner.”

“Uhm... I don’t know how to...” Raven was only nine years old. She did not know how to cook.

“I am not telling you to make dinner; You will only help me,” Grandma Carol assured her. She had felt that her health these days was getting more serious.

She hoped that if something happened to her, someone would be there to accompany Ozul.

They both went to make dinner. After 30 minutes or so, dinner was ready.

“Go call Ozul, say that the dinner is ready.” Grandma Carol ordered Raven as the latter dashed outside.

Walking out, Raven noticed that the rain had already stopped. But Ozul was lying in the same position as before.

Nearing Ozul, Raven did not know how to start the conversation.

“Hey... Uhm... dinner is ready, please come inside,” Raven nervously spoke to Ozul.

“Hm,” Ozul only hummed in response. He had already woken up hearing the footsteps.

He stood up and started to go inside.

Raven just followed him back while she was thinking about some things. Such as, she had seen that both of Ozul’s arms were only prosthetics. She was wondering what had happened to him to cause such severe damage.

During the dinner, Grandma Carol kept making small talks with Raven while Ozul just quietly listened from the sidelines.

After finishing the food, Ozul sat up and again left for his usual spot under the tree. Meanwhile, Raven was intensely watching Ozul as he went outside.

“Why is he going back outside? Isn’t it almost night?” Raven asked. She was curious about everything related to Ozul.

“Don’t worry, that kid has never slept under a roof when it is nighttime,” No matter how much she tried, Ozul never once slept inside his room when the time came. Grandma Carol could do nothing to change his mind.

“You go to sleep in his room. It’s not like he ever used it at night.”

“Okay,” Raven sat up and went toward Ozul’s room.

Closing the door, Raven saw that there was nothing special, just a regular bed and windows with curtains on them.

She went towards the window and slid the curtain to have a look outside. There Raven saw how Ozul was again lying in the same position but this time, watching the sky.

Even though Grandma Carol assured her that Ozul would be fine, Raven could not help but be concerned about him.

She picked up a blanket and went outside,

Walking near Ozul, She nervously stood beside him.

“Um... Yes! Grandma told me to give this to you,” Raven quickly found an excuse, and before letting Ozul answer, She hurriedly covered him and ran back.

Just as Raven entered, she saw Grandma Carol smiling at her while she also held a blanket.


“Ara ara... You were worried about him? It’s okay here, take this one,” Grandma Carol gave her the blanket that she was holding. She patted Raven’s head before walking back to her room.

Raven, blushing to the ears, walked back inside her room and went to sleep.

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Unsealing Emptiness Chapter 16