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Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 933 Best Not To Tempt Fate

Through the doors of Zhang Tech, Lu Tian and Xu Long were led to the back of the building. While Lu Tian did not mind his surroundings, Xu Long was the opposite.

The assistant's head darted from left to right, up and down, and the process repeated.

Computers and tech equipment surrounded him in every direction he looked. It was like he had walked into a world of technology.

And as a tech person himself, he could tell that Zhang Tech was no ordinary tech company.

He quickens his steps and leans towards his boss, eyes still scanning around.

"Boss, do you think they're doing something illegal here?"

Lu Tian doesn't look at his assistant, nor does he look around but keeps his eyes on Zhang Chao, who is leading the way.


His short response took Xu Long by surprise, but the assistant was quick to understand. He takes a step back and decides not to look around anymore.

"Here we are."

Zhang Chao opened a steel double door that led to a room that looked like a storage room. He turns to his guests and gestures for Lu Tian and Xu Long to enter a room.

Xu Long blinked his eyes in puzzlement. He steps forward but stops in front of the room and pokes his head inside.

"Um… are you sure we're in the right room? I can see a broom, a mop… is that a dustpan?"

His head tilts slightly before he leans back toward his boss.

"Should I get a pair of gloves for you?"

He spoke in a low voice, but Zhang Chao was close enough to hear. He (Zhang Chao) quickly turned flustered, remembering that Lu Tian was a man who preferred cleanness.

His hand raises to his mouth, and he coughs twice to clear his throat.

"This is my office."

He cleared his throat again and held his hands behind his back. Despite his red cheeks, he tries to stay composed.

"I don't usually have visitors and barely stay here, so it's been a little unattended."

Xu Long's head flung to the man, and his mouth agape. His expression held a mixture of shock and horror, not believing what he was hearing.

How could someone call a room like this their office? Not only that, is there even a place for them to sit inside?

Lu Tian stares at the cluttered room, and his brows slightly creased. He ponders for a quick second, then strides inside. Despite his preference for cleanliness, he has been to a place far worst than this.

Xu Long and Zhang Chang were flabbergasted with widened eyes at what they saw. However, they quickly followed him since Lu Tian was already inside the room.

Zhang Chao scurries to a chair and moves a few boxes before dusting away the cushion.

"Mr. Lu, please have a seat here."

Lu Tian glances at the seat and then at Zhang Chao. He noticed other chairs in the room, but they were all occupied by things that could not be moved.

His brows knitted again, and he looked at the elderly man.

"It's alright. You can sit."

Zhang Chao's eyebrows raised at the man. Others would have thought Lu Tian didn't want to sit because he (Lu Tian) thought the seat was too dirty, but not him (Zhang Chao).

He knew Lu Tian had offered him to sit because he was old.

"Alright then."

Realizing this, he lets out a small laugh and takes a seat.

"May I ask why you are looking for the owner of the pseudonym?"

Lu Tian stares at the owner of the man as if to read him. However, seeing no malice in the man, he cuts to the chase.

"I'm working a case."

Hearing this, Zhang Chao arches his eyebrows in astonishment, but the smile on his face fades. He stares at Lu Tian for a long second before nodding his head.

"I see. So that's why you are here."

He leans back in the chair and strokes his chin with a pondering expression.

"I'm not surprised at all. Since you came here in person, I can only assume this case is serious."

From what he heard, Lu Tian is never the type to meet others, let alone is it easy to meet the man. However, it should be known that when Lu Tian personally meets someone while he is working on a case, it can only mean that a storm is coming.

Thinking this, his hand pauses but remains on his chin, and he glances at Xu Long. He ponders again but only for a quick second.

He lets out a sigh of apprehension and massages his temples.

"I want to help you, but I don't know the person you are looking for."

His hand lowers, and he looks up at the aloof man, meeting him in the eyes.

"It's also against my company's policy to disclose my customer's information."

Lu Tian stares back at the man with a straight face. Although Zhang Chao kept a composed posture, he (Lu Tian) quickly saw the man waver before answering.

However, seeing that man will not oblige to his request, he slightly turns his head to look at his assistant.

"Mr. Zhang, I understand you have your protocols, but I also have mine."

His words fall as Xu Long takes a few steps forward. He (Xu Long) hands his phone to Zhang Chao and steps back.

Zhang Chao takes the phone with slight hesitation. He didn't know why, but Lu Tian's words sent a chilling sensation to crawl throughout his body.

He swallows a hard gulp and then looks down at the phone. However, it was only a matter of seconds before his eyes turned wide, and he abruptly looked up.

"This… What is the meaning of this?"

Lu Tian shrugs his shoulder with indifference and places his hands in his coat pockets.

"Those are contracts between your company and a few other companies. However, from what I can see, there seems to be a few illegal activities."

Zhang Chao was bewildered by what he was hearing. He owns a tech company, and the security was undoubtedly robust and not easy to hack. However, Lu Tian was able to hack into his security system and pull out the contracts.

He swallows another gulp but this time with difficulty.

"I mean… this…"

He closes his eyes tightly, needing to decide what to do. On one hand, is a person he cannot cross the line with, while on the other hand, the person cannot reveal is also someone he cannot cross the line with at all.

His shoulders rise and slowly lowers as he exhales a deep breath.

He opens his eyes and hands the phone to Xu Long before standing up.

"Mr. Lu, you have my deepest respect, but I'm sorry. I cannot help you with this matter. If you want to release this information to the media, go ahead."

Lu Tian arched an eyebrow at the man. He could see that Zhang Chao was in a dilemma but was more amused by the man's dedication to protecting this anonymous person.

He contemplates, but only for a split second, and turns around.

"I'll take my leave then."

He leaves the room, knowing that Zhang Chao will not disclose anything. They would not get anything out of him, even if it meant threatening him.

"Mr. Lu."

Just when Lu Tian reached the door, Zhang Chao called out while walking up to the aloof man.

"I understand you are working a case, but it is best not to tempt fate. The person you seek will only make your case more complicated."

Lu Tian held a fixed stare at the man without showing any change in his expression. He nods his head once before turning away and exiting the room.

In silence the entire time, Xu Long was bewildered yet confused at the same time. His head darts between his boss, who was walking away, and Zhang Chao, who is still in the room.

Not entirely understanding why his boss was leaving without further questioning, he glances at Zhang Chao one last time before running after his boss.

As the two gradually disappear from view, Zhang Chao heaves a long sigh in frustration. He pinches the space between his eyebrows and then takes his phone out to call someone.

The rings twice, and the call connects. However, before the other person can say anything, he quickly whispers.

"Lu Tian is looking for you. What do you want me to do?"

As Zhang Chao immerses himself in this phone call, Lu Tian and Xu Long arrive at the car outside of Zhang Tech.

"Boss, are we just going to leave like this?"

Xu Long asks with a frown and looks at the building. They had found a clue that led them here. He was sure they wouldn't be leaving empty-handed. However, here they are, back to step one.

He turns away from the building and looks at his boss.

"Do you want me to assemble Wolf Team? I'm sure with a little pressure, we can make him talk."

Lu Tian opens the back door to the car, and without looking at his assistant, he gets inside but not forgetting to respond.


Hearing this short response, Xu Long pursed his lips with slightly puffed cheeks. He sighs with dismay and scurries to the driver's seat.

Lu Tian stares out the window as they drive from the building, but one can see he is in deep thought.

He knows that Zhang Chao knows more than he led on. If he had wanted to, he could have forced the man for some answers.

However, one thing was clear from the man's last words before he (Lu Tian) left.

Despite this person also looking for Choi Li Sun like him, Zhang Chao is telling him that this person is no ordinary person.

The only question is, is this person a friend or foe?

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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 933 Best Not To Tempt Fate