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Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 932 Zhang Tech

As Yue Ling heads back to De L'amour after parting ways with her grandfather and brother in another part of Imperial, a black Maserati Quattroporte stops in front of an old building.

Although it looked like it could fall apart at a touch, it was still in business.

Inside the car, Xu Long sat in the driver's seat with a contemplated expression. He would stare at the terrifying building and wonder if they had come to the right place.

"Um… boss, maybe we got the address wrong."

If he saw this place even from a distance, he would think it was filled with wandering ghosts ready to strike at any moment.

Lu Tian ignored his assistant's behavior and opened the passenger seat door. He steps out and casually walks to the front entrance.

He knew from a glance that the exterior of the building was only a trick to fool the eyes.

However, unlike him, Xu Long was still inside the car debating whether he should get out or not. π—Άπš—π™£π˜³πžπ‘Žπ’…. 𝐜om

He watched in horror as his boss further away. Just when he decided to stay behind, the sudden quietness of the area caused an eerie feeling around him.

"Oh God… please don't let any ghosts attack me."

He mutters a quick prayer and gets out of the car. With no hesitation, he scurries after his boss in hopes of catching up to the man before he enters the building.

The moment Lu Tian arrives at the front entrance of the building, a disoriented Xu Long comes to his side. He (Xu Long) was breathing heavily as if he had run a marathon when it was approximately 10 meters from the car to the door.

He (Lu Tian) kept a straight face, but inside, he couldn't help but pinch the space between his eyebrows. He felt that his assistant's behavior is becoming more and more peculiar.

Shaking this thought aside, he side glances at the man trying to catch his breath.

"Did you find it?"

Xu Long held onto his chest while inhaling a load of air. He nods his head and straightens his spine with a long exhale.

"I did."

He reaches inside his pocket for his phone and quickly unlocks it before handing it to his boss.

"I transferred everything we need into a file on my phone."

Lu Tian takes the phone and enters the building, with Xu Long following behind.

The view in front of them was the complete opposite of the outside.

Unlike the broken and almost dilapidated exterior, the interior of the building was clean and tidy. It was as if one had walked out from the past and into the future.

Xu Long gasped in surprise at the sight of the luxurious lobby. He had been scared, thinking there would be ghosts, but it was all a deception to make others stay away.

He looks at his boss and sees the aloof man as calm as usual. He felt ashamed of his behavior. His boss must have already known about the trick.

A young man wearing casual clothes stepped out of a door when he was struck with bewilderment at the unexpected sight of Lu Tian and Xu Long. When he saw them, he was on his way to pick up something for his work.

He walks over to them and smiles with a polite bow.

"Hello, do you have an appointment with us?"

Lu Tian glances at the young man as if to check for something. Once he confirms that the young man isn't who they were here for, he sends a signal with his eyes to his assistant.

Quickly reading the room, Xu Long pulls out his wallet and a business card. He takes a step forward and hands it to the young man.

"We're here to meet your boss."

The young man wrinkles his eyebrows. He looks at the card in Xu Long's hand and feels hesitation. His boss did not mention anything about anyone coming in today.

He steals a tiny glance at Lu Tian, but the moment he meets the man's cold dark eyes, a chill runs down his spine. He felt like he was standing before the god of death.

"Oh, I s-s-see."

He stutters as he takes the card from Xu Long. He dared not look at Lu Tian again and lowered his gaze to the card.

When he saw the name, his eyes widened, and he abruptly looked up. Of course, only at Xu Long since he was too afraid to look at Lu Tian.

"Please wait here. Let me go check in with my boss."

He doesn't wait for a response and runs back to the door he had exited from.

Left in silence, Xu Long shakes his head with a sigh. He looks at his boss and shakes his head again.

"Boss, I'm just saying, but you must put that threatening aura away. It can honestly kill a person."

His words fell jokingly, but the moment Lu Tian glanced in his direction, he flinched and quickly put his arms up as if to block a hit.

"It was a joke. A joke, I tell you. Why are you directing those deadly eyes my way?"

Lu Tian was dumbfounded at his assistant's sudden movement. If others saw them right now, they would assume he was abusing the man.

However, not caring about what anyone thinks of him, except for his wife, he pretends that his assistant is not there.

"Mr. Lu, I did not expect your arrival here at Zhang Tech."

A man in his fifties laughs as he walks out the door with the young man from earlier. He stops at a reasonable distance from Lu Tian and smiles.

"To what do I owe the pleasure, Mr. Lu?"

Lu Tian greets the elderly man with a formal nod. He steps forward and hands Xu Long's phone to the man.

"Mr. Zhang, I'm working on a case, and it led me to your tech company."

Zhang Chao was dumbstruck when he heard Lu Tian's words. He was doubtful when his employee came rushing into his office, informing him that the CEO of Lu Corps was in his company.

He thought it might have been someone staging as Lu Tian and almost dismissed the person. However, if he had been wronged and it was Lu Tian, he would be at odds with Lu Corps.

He did not want to be enemies with someone so powerful, so he came out to meet the person.

Fortunately, he did because his small tech company is like a stepping stool for a company like Lu Corps.

Returning to his senses, he laughs and takes the phone from Lu Tian.

"I see. I do not know why such happened, but let me look."

He scrolls through the phone, and his heart drops to his stomach when he sees a familiar pseudonym.


Beads of sweat gradually form on his forehead, and he swallows a hard gulp.

He knows that Lu Tian is not just a businessman. Lu Tian is the person the government calls when they have to deal with dangerous tasks in Imperial and everything that goes on in the underworld.

Is Lu Tian here to shut down his tech company? But why? Everything he does is legal.

His hands shake slightly at the thought, but he quickly steadies himself.

"I do not know why my small tech company is connected to your case. I think there might have been a misunderstanding."

He hands the phone back to Lu Tian and smiles.

"If I can assist you with anything else, I will do my best."

Lu Tian studies the man's behavior without blinking. He saw it all from Zhang Chao's calm behavior shift to nervous back to calm.

He doesn't point it out but takes the phone and passes it to Xu Long. His cold eyes never moved from the man.

"Mr. Zhang, I am not here to stir trouble with you or your company. I do have some questions that need answers."

Hearing this, Zhang Chao didn't know whether to feel relief or fear. He couldn't read Lu Tian's mind nor tell whether these questions were good or bad.

However, trusting his gut, he nods in understanding.

"Alright. Follow me this way."

He turns around but whispers something to the young man beside him before walking towards the door.

The young man says nothing but runs out of the building after gesturing a polite bow to Lu Tian.

Others would have suspected Zhang Chao was up to no good, but Lu Tian was good at reading lips.

Zhang Chao had told his employee to go on his way to buy some supplies and buy his (Zhang Chao) favorite snack when he came back.

He (Lu Tian) pays no mind to the young man and walks in the direction Zhang Chao has gone. He knows that they probably won't get the name of the other person tracking Choi Li Sun, but there is a possible chance they might get another lead.

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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 932 Zhang Tech