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Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 928 Not Make This Hard On Anyone

Silence filled the room as Madam Deng and her husband were flabbergasted by Grandfather Ji's words. Other than Ji Chu Hua, they have never heard that Ji Jingxu had an older sister. Of course, if they had been invited to the old man's birthday banquet, they would have learned that Ji Jingxu indeed has an older sister.

Unfortunately for them, Grandfather Ji ensured all the guests he invited kept a tight lip.

Old Deng blinked his eyes at the old man sitting across from him. He knew that Grandfather Ji often donated to the school, but he always donated twice the amount. How can someone possibly overwrite him?

Just who is this older sister of Ji Jingxu?

"Oh, now that you've mentioned your granddaughter, how is she doing?"

Mr. Xiao broke the silence with a laugh as he asked the question. He reacted like the Deng family, and Mr. Li was no longer in the room.

"I have not seen Han Yue Ling for a long time."

He had met Yue Ling a few times when she visited the school to make donations, but after a while, she had her assistant send it in her stead.

Madam Deng and Old Deng were rooted to their seats at the mention of Yue Ling's name. The couple exchanged a silent glance at one another as their faces turned pale.

They may not have been invited to the old man's birthday banquet, but they are well aware of Han Yue Ling. Everyone thought she was just a well-known model who retired from the industry, but she shocked the world by revealing herself as the fashion designer of De L'amour. Not only that, but more shocking news involving her was that she was soon to be married to Lu Tian and the person behind An Qing.

The colors on their face drained with each passing second, especially for Madam Deng. She is a huge fan of De L'amour and Yue Ling's work.

They took the chance to go against Ji Jingxu since they thought Grandfather Ji would not be there. However, now it isn't only Grandfather Ji they are up against but also Han Yue Ling.

And if Han Yue Ling gets involved, only God knows what will happen if Lu Tian and the Lu family intervene.

Grandfather Ji stares at the Deng family with haughty eyes before turning his attention to Mr. Xiao. He smiles at the old man and parts his lips.

"Ah Ling has been doing just fine. She's living here in Imperial, so you might run into her from time to time."

He answers and then looks back at the people across from him. He knew without a doubt that the mention of his granddaughter was enough to send these people running away in fear.

"Anyways, let us talk about my granddaughter another time. Today is about settling the situation with the Deng family."

He slowly shifts his gaze to Deng Xian and a smile that doesn't reach his eyes forms on his face.

"Deng Xian, if you don't mind me asking, why did you go find my grandson that day in the library, and how did the fight break out?"

Deng Xian is oblivious to his parent's shift in behavior and looks at Grandfather Ji. He didn't find the man as intimidating as he thought and couldn't figure out why people were so terrified of him.

He contemplated his choice of words and glanced at Ji Jingxu. Seeing how calm the boy was, an uncomfortable sensation crawled inside him, making him want to throw things in the room.

A scowl forms on his face, and he looks back at the old man.

"It's because I don't like him."

He answers bluntly and touches his broken arm, reminding him of how he broke his arm.

"Why do I have to treat someone of lowborn like him with respect? He should just—mff."

Before he could finish speaking, Madam Deng abruptly covered his mouth and tried to hide him behind her. She trembles a smile at Grandfather Ji and tries to keep her composure.

"General, my son didn't mean what he said. You know how children will be children."

Sweat slid down her temple as she recalled what her son had said to them when he was at the hospital. He had told them everything, including how he told Ji Jingxu that Grandfather Ji should hurry and die.

If these words get out, no one knows what will happen to them.

Brushing this thought aside, she laughs to hide her shaking heart and continues her words.

"This is all a misunderstanding between the children. I will ensure my son apologizes, and never will he make this mistake again."

She cannot let this incident reach the ears of Yue Ling, let alone the Lu family.

Grandfather Ji arched an eyebrow at the woman who had been vexed with him and Ji Jingxu. To suddenly see her quick shift in behavior, he would be lying if he wasn't surprised.

However, understanding that the Deng family knows where they stand in this situation, he turns his head to his grandson.

"Jingxu, what do you want to do?"

Hearing the question, Ji Jingxu doesn't look at his grandfather but keeps his eyes on Deng Xian, hiding behind his mother.

His hands tightened into fists, never forgetting what Deng Xian said to him that day in the library, how he (Deng Xian) spoke about his grandfather's death like a joke.

The anger that rose inside of him will never disappear, but he is better. He slowly loosens his fingers and inhales deeply to calm his mind.

"This is enough."

Grandfather Ji was slightly surprised. He does not expect this response from his grandson and looks at the boy with wonder. If Ji Jingxu had wanted to press the situation further, he was willing to do everything in his power to back the boy up.

He stares at his grandson for a long second before heaving a deep sigh and slapping his thigh. His head turns to the Deng family, then to Mr. Xiao.

"Well, you heard my grandson. He doesn't want to push this any further."

Mr. Xiao nodded in understanding while Madam Deng and Old Deng sighed in relief. The couple finally breathed again, knowing things could have gotten even more out of hand.

Unlike his parents, Deng Xian was fuming with rage. He wanted to scream and lash out at Ji Jingxu, but due to his mother's hand on his mouth, he was unable to do anything.

Mr. Li also felt relieved and smiled at Grandfather Ji and Ji Jingxu. He turned into a frail man that changed his entire demeanor.

"General, I'm so grateful we could resolve this unfortunate misunderstanding. I will make sure that Ji Jingxu gets the best treatment at school. You have my word on this."

He stood up and walked over to Ji Jingxu, his hands clasped together like he was pleading with the boy.

"Ji Jingxu, you know that I meant you no harm. Everything I've done is only for your best interest."

He spoke with care like he had never meant any ill-intent towards the boy but was stopped by Grandfather Ji.

The elderly man held his cane to block the principal from moving closer to his grandson.

"Mr. Li, with all due respect, please back up."

Mr. Li was reluctant, but knowing he could not go against Grandfather Ji, he could only sit back in his chair.

Once seated, Grandfather Ji lowered his cane, and his expression turned solemn.

"Ji Jingxu may be lenient, but that does not mean I will."

His eyes skimmed over the people in the room that were threatening his grandson before he walked in.

"I know that if I had not come here today, my grandson would have been maltreated. He may not have told me all his hardships since coming to this school, but I know more than you think. My family's Jingxu is very rational. He will never do anything unless someone crosses his line."

He caught the eyes of each individual in the room and could see the sudden wash of fear that he had poured into them with his words.

"Due to his good heart, I will not make this hard on anyone."

He raises his left hand and gestures for his assistant with a finger.

Zhong Yang had remained silent the entire time, but getting the cue to move, he obliged. He walks up to Mr. Li, hands the man a folder, then does the same to Old Deng and Madam Deng.

After receiving the folder, Mr. Li thought it would be good news. However, when he read the contents, his eyes widen in horror. He hastily flips through each page, and the more he reads, the more he turns white.

"This… what is this?"

Grandfather Ji smiled nonchalantly at the middle-aged man and held his cane before him.

"All your misconducts against the students and staff."

He then directs his gaze at Mr. Xiao, and his smile widens.

"Mr. Xiao, I hope you know what to do from here on."

Madam Deng and Old Deng didn't dare to move, let alone open the folder in Old Deng's hands. After seeing Mr. Li's reaction, they feared what would be inside.

The couple swallowed a gulp with difficulty before glancing at one another.

Old Deng was stuck in a daze but returned to his conscious when Madam Deng slightly elbowed him. He lowers his head and stares at the folder.

He couldn't help but swallow another gulp, and with his trembling hands, he opened the folder. He didn't even realize that he had shut one of his eyes.

His eyes instantaneously shot wide open as they could fall out of his sockets, and he looked at his son with seething disbelief.

"Xian, what did you do?!"

Madam Deng creases her brows in confusion and turns her head to her husband. She sees that he isn't afraid but fuming.

"What is it? Why are you raising your voice at him?"

However, not receiving an answer, she snatches the folder from him.

She doesn't come into contact with papers like Mr. Li but with photos.

Photos that captured her son breaking his own arm outside the school library after the fight.

Rage swept over her in a matter of seconds, and for the first time since giving birth, she smacked her son on the head.

"Why did you do this?! Why did you do something so stupid?!"

Grandfather Ji scoffs a laugh at the scene in front of him. He felt satisfied with the outcome and turned his attention to his grandson.

"Shall we leave?"

Ji Jingxu was intrigued by the events that took place. However, hearing his grandfather's question, he nods his head.

"Yea… Let's go."

Hearing this, the elderly man smiled and stood up from his seat, eyes now on Mr. Xiao.

"Well, it looks like we are done here. I will take Jingxu home. All this must have shocked him." 𝙞𝚗𝓷𝗿𝚎аd. 𝙘𝒐𝚖

Ji Jingxu couldn't help but roll his eyes. When did he get shocked by this? Then again, not wanting to pick a fight with his grandfather, he decides to play along.

He puts on a despairing face and touches his chest as he looks at the school director. His appearance turned feeble and piteous

"Mr. Xiao, my grandfather is right. This is too much for me to handle. I don't think I will be able to focus in class."

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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 928 Not Make This Hard On Anyone