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Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 922 Grand Entrance

As grey clouds above Imperial remained in their place without the intention of moving, rain began to trickle down onto Imperial. While Yue Ling makes her rounds at An Qing before the meeting, a white Royce Rolls maneuvers amongst the streets, and after a few turns, it slows to a stop in front of a luxurious restaurant.

Zhong Yang steps out of the car and opens the back door.

Grandfather Ji casually comes into view, bringing with him the almighty aura emitted from him. He taps his cane on the ground and lifts his head to look up at the building in front of him as Zhong Yang reaches inside the car to get something.

"Have they arrived?"

"Yes, sir."

Zhong Yang answers without hesitation as he closes the door with a black leather jacket in hand.

The jacket Lu Han had customized for the old man's birthday.

He gently pats it like he is getting rid of any unnecessary dust before draping it over the elderly man's shoulders.

"Chairman, are you sure it is alright to wear this?"

He glanced at the bold characters on the back of the leather jacket and pursed his lips.

'Mister General'

Grandfather Ji knew why Zhong Yang was uneasy about the jacket. By wearing this jacket, it gave away his position and let his enemies get a clear view of him.

However, he has his reasons for wearing it.

His chin raises with confidence, and he points to his back as if to show his assistant something.

"Of course, it is alright. This jacket is perfect today."

Zhong Yang was at an utter loss for words. He follows the elderly man's finger and looks back at the jacket. His eyes lowered to follow the fingers, and he was beyond dumbfounded.

"Ah... how could I forget. You are 'the best of the best.'"

The assistant spoke with slight sarcasm, but Grandfather Ji felt like it boosted his confidence more. He takes a deep breath to gather all his strength and takes a step forward.

"Let's go. It's time to show these people why I am a force not to be reckoned with."

Zhong Yang eagerly follows behind his boss but doesn't forget to hand the keys to the valet employee. His feeble appearance was now one of vehement.

He was no longer an assistant but a soldier entering a battlefield.

"Good morning. Do you have a reservation with us?"

Upon their entrance, the two were greeted by a young man. He stares at the two elderly men and can't help but stare. He felt that he had seen them before but couldn't recall when he had.

Grandfather Ji nods while scanning the area before looking at the employee.

"Are the Qin and Chen family here?"

Hearing the surnames mentioned, the young man smiles and gestures with his right hand in a direction.

"Right this way, sir. They arrived not too long ago."

The young man leads Grandfather Ji and Zhong Yang to the second floor, where private rooms are reserved, and stops at the double doors in the far back.

"We're here, sir."

Grandfather Ji nods with a faint mm before looking at Zhong Yang. He didn't say a word but made eye contact, and immediately, the assistant knew what to do.

He (Zhong Yang) steps forward and stops the young man from opening the door.

"You may leave. I can handle it from here."

The young man's hands freeze midair, and he looks left and right between the two elderly men. He had always done his job right and never had any customer tell him not to open the door for them.

However, looking at Grandfather Ji, he felt a slight chill crawl down his spine and agreed.

"Yes, sir. Your waiter will be with you shortly. If anything is amiss, please call the restaurant receptionist if you need anything."

Zhong Yang smiles at the young man, but after a few seconds, he sighs when the employee has yet to leave. He walks over to stand in front of the door and glances at the young man.

"If you wish to see, it is fine, but be warned, it will be a grand entrance."

His hands reach for the door handles, and his voice sounds again.

"I will compensate for any damages."

The young man knitted his brows in confusion but unknowingly nodded his head. He stares at Zhong Yang for a long second, then opens his mouth to ask the meaning behind his words.

However, before he could even utter a sound, a loud bang sounded as Zhong Yang flung open the double doors, causing them to hit the walls. Following came frantic yelps of shock that could be heard escaping the private room.

The young man's jaw dropped to the floor in disbelief at what he had witnessed, and he was rooted to the floor.

Oblivious to the employee's reaction, Zhong Yang takes two steps to the side and politely bows to his boss.

"After you, Chairman,"

Grandfather Ji would be lying if he wasn't shocked but managed to hold his ground. He walks inside the room with his cane as his assistant follows him.

Left alone outside the room, the young man took a while before he could return to his senses. However, he caught a glimpse of the words on Grandfather Ji's leather jacket, and his eyes widened.

He covered his mouth as realization dawned on him and strumbled away in a hurry.

"Oh, my God. Oh my God. I need to inform General Manager. THE General is here."

Inside the private room, Grandfather Ji stares at the four people seated at the round table, the Qin family and the Chen family.

Madam Qin looks at the elderly man that made his entrance. She placed her hand over her chest to calm her frantic heart from the shock that fell upon her.

She swore her heart had jumped out of her when those doors flung open with significant impact.

Her husband, Old Qin, noticed she was still in shock and gently pat her back to soothe her.

"My dear, are you alright?"

Before he could receive an answer, he turned to look at Grandfather Ji and held back his anger by forcing a crooked smile.

"General Ji, that was quite the entrance you made. My wife is still in shock from it."

Even though he was shocked by it, he must stay strong as the head of the Qin family.

Grandfather Ji stares at the middle-aged couple. He shrugs his shoulder with a nonchalant expression and walks over to his seat at the round table.

As he sat down, Madam Chen was unafraid to hide her emotions. She rolled her eyes with arrogance before looking back at the elderly man and mumbling to herself.

"How can a man like him have no manners?"

Her voice was low but loud enough to fall on Grandfather Ji's ears.

He arched an eyebrow while Zhong Yang's nostrils flared like the woman's words were directed at him. He takes a step forward but is stopped by his boss.

Grandfather Ji held his hand slightly up to tell Zhong Yang not to be hasty. He directs his gaze on Madam Chen and stares at her.

His silent stare was calm, but the other people felt the atmosphere in the room turn daunting.

"Madam Chen, the only time I lack any sense of manners is when I feel no need to show manners."

His authoritative voice struck another wave of silence in the other four people. Unlike them, Zhong Yang snorts a laugh while doing his best to control himself.

Madam Chen was embarrassed by the elderly man. His words were like a slap across her face. She looks away, and her hand reaches under the table to pinch her husband's thigh, indicating for him to do something.


Old Chen winced at the pain and forced a laugh at Grandfather Ji. He doesn't know what his wife wants him to do or what he can do. The person in front of him is none other than the General.

Was he seeking a death wish? Of course not.

However, knowing he will not hear the end of it from his wife, he can only do what he can.

"General, thank you for inviting us to eat with you. Would you like to order first, then we can chat?"

Grandfather Ji stares at Old Chen and feels pity for the man. He doesn't know much about the second Chen family but is aware that Old Chen is a decent man. Unlike his older brother, Chen Yifeng, and Chen Limei's father, he is more rational.

He shifts his eyes to the fuming and embarrassed woman beside the man and sighs again.

He indeed pities the man. It is unfortunate that none of his children take after him but their mother.

Brushing these thoughts aside, he picks up the menu on the table and looks away from the others.

"Let us discuss the issue after we order."

Old Chen sighed in relief, knowing he did not receive Grandfather Ji's wrath. However, at his side, Madam Chen was unable to grasp what had happened.

She pinches her husband again for not standing up for her, but he grabs her hand before her fingers can touch him. He sent her a glare and expressed with his face for her to behave.

Left with no other choice, Madam Chen scoffs and picks up the menu.

Watching this scene unfold, Madam Qin and Old Qin didn't dare to make rash moves.

On the sideline, Zhong Yang held a broad smile on his face. He was satisfied to see his boss silence arrogant people.

He scans the faces of the two middle-aged couples and lightly shakes his head.

If they knew why this meeting was called for, they would never have accepted it.

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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 922 Grand Entrance