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Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 917 I Need Your Help

The world spun as the sun peaked from behind the grey sky on the horizon, trying its best to let its rays of light shine through the cracks of the curtains inside the bedroom. Yue Ling stretched her arms out with a soft sigh and felt the space to her left was empty.

Her eyes slowly flutter open, and she turns to look at the place her hand touched.

It was the spot Lu Tian occupied when they slept in bed.

However, despite the aloof man not being in sight, she felt no sadness.

She could only guess that Lu Tian had left for work since he was working before they went to bed.

She gets out of bed and makes her way to the bathroom to get herself ready for work.

Minutes passed with the rising sky, and she was soon ready for work. She walks out of the closet room wearing all black.

A turtleneck to keep her neck warm for the cold weather, a pair of wide-leg trousers, and a loose-fitted blazer. For extra warmth, she held her brown wool coat in her hands and made her way down the stairs.

However, just as she was about to reach the staircase, she stopped in her tracks.

She stares ahead with a faint frown on her place, then turns back to look in the direction she had come. Her head ever so slightly tilts like she is pondering about something, then she walks back towards the bedrooms.

Instead of walking to the room she stepped out from, she stopped in front of the study room.

The door had been left ajar, and with a light push, it opened with ease.

One of her eyebrows arched when she saw the person she thought had already left for work.

"Tian? You haven't left for work?"

Sitting behind his dark desk was none other than Lu Tian. He was looking at some documents when he heard the angelic voice of his wife.

He looks up from behind the documents and smiles at her.

"Good morning."

He stood up from his seat and walked over to give her a morning hug. Of course, he didn't forget to kiss her on the forehead.

"I'll be working from home for the next few days."

After meeting with Qin Jun and the others, he decided to work on the case at home for less distraction. He had already taken care of most of the workload at Lu Corps and instructed Secretary Ye to contact Xu Long if any issues arose.

He took a small step back to admire her beauty as the smile on his face remained still.

"Do you want to eat breakfast before you head out?"

Yue Ling doesn't question his response and nods her head. It was no wonder he was still wearing his sleeping clothes.

"I'll eat something light, then go to work."

As Yue Ling and Lu Tian enjoyed breakfast, it wasn't long until she finished and left for work. Lu Tian offered to drive her, but she declined and drove her car to De L'amour.

"Good morning, CEO Han."

Upon entering De L'amour, Sophia greets Yue Ling with a smile and polite bow. She looked cheerful and always seemed to love her job.

Yue Ling smiles a nod and walks up to the receptionist's desk.

"Good morning, Sophia. Is everyone here?"

Sophia nods as she hands her a few envelopes that came in the mail.

"The design team is waiting in the design room for you."

Taking the mail, Yue Ling answers with a faint "mm" and makes her way toward the elevators. She enters the metal box after the door slides open but hears her phone ring.

She took her phone out and saw that it was a message. When she sees the name of the sender, she frowns but still unlocks the message.

Her eyes scan through the message quickly before placing her phone back in the coat pocket.


Her eyes slowly flutter, and the elevator door opens on the 29th floor.

Usually, she would head straight to her office, but she had matters to discuss with her team members.

She quickly reached the design room and saw that all seven design team members were already inside, waiting for her.

"Good morning, everyone."

She greets them and walks over to a table in the room to put her bag down.

Tang Zhonghui greets her good morning with a yawn while sitting in a lazy posture on a chair. His head hung at his side, and he watched his boss's every move.

"Boss, why are we here so early?"

He could only ask because, in ordinary cases, he still didn't have to come to work for another 2 hours.

Ju Suo walks up behind the man and hits him on the back of the head. She glares at him before looking at her boss with a smile.

It was as if she had not just hit the man in an unprofessional manner.

"Did something happen?"

At her question, everyone focused their gazes on Yue Ling, ready to hear her response for calling them in to work so early in the morning.

Yue Ling looked at each person before leaning against the table she placed her bag. Her arms cross over her chest, and she nods her head.

"I need your help."

Hearing this, the room fell into silence. Each person's expression turned serious as Tang Zhonghui shot up from his seat.

"Who is it?"

Gui Tian Lan takes a step forward, and a silver light flickers between his fisted fingers, revealing sharp needles.

"Who do I have to torture?"

Next to the tailor, his younger twin, Gui Zhongmin, strokes his hair back, and a dangerous side smirk curls on his lips.

"Give us a name, and we will have them disappear without any traces."

Yue Ling stares at each person, voicing their assumptions. She shakes her head and unfolds her arms to hold the table's edge.

"It's not that. I need your help with designing a dress."

"A dress?"

Lian Ni Shang asked with a puzzled look. She was usually the one out of the team with common sense, but she was really confused this time.

Why does her boss need a dress?

Yue Ling knew that her sudden request would confuse her team. She decides not to beat around the bush and explains.

"I need your minds to help design a dress for my engagement banquet."

Ju Suo takes a seat next to Tang Zhonghui and pouts her lips. She ponders about something, then slightly tilts her head.

"But I thought you already decided on one. The only thing left was to wait until the adjustments were completed."

Everyone agreed with the petite woman but quickly grasped the situation when Yue Ling's eyes darkened. i๐˜ฏn๐š›๐‘’ฮฑ๐š. C๐จ๐“ถ

"It seems my cousin wants to make things hard for me."

At the mention of her cousin, Yue Ling felt a massive migraine rising in her. She sighed and couldn't understand why some women were so stubborn.

Instead of wishing for someone's happiness, they want to try and sabotage it.

Brushing these thoughts to the back of her mind, she lifts her right hand to massage her temple.

"Liu Shan was informed by Blush Tree that Ji Chu Hua convinced an employee to hand over the dress I picked."

She lowers her hand and looks at her design team.

"So, I will need you all to come up with some sketches with me in 2 days."

Her bluish-green eyes scan each person's face, and she felt apologetic for making them do this.

"I know you are all busy with your own tasks, and with the short amount of time given, you probably won't be able to do it, but I just thought I'd ask."

The room fell into another silence after her words. Each person kept their thoughts unreadable, and Yue Ling understood their reasons.

With the upcoming children's design still in process, everyone has their hands full. Also, having only two days to come up with a design sketch was too challenging.

"I'll do it."

Amidst the silence, Qi Li was the first to speak. He had been sitting in the back of the room and did not utter a word.

He calmly rose from his seat and stared straight at his boss.

"I'll come up with a design and work on the children's design simultaneously."

With his response, everyone else did not hesitate to agree. They had all kept quiet, not because they didn't want to help her but because they were already thinking of the dress designs to go with.

Besides, how can they turn down the request when their boss hardly ever asks for help?

Yue Ling was touched to hear their agreement to her request. She was happy to know she had such people working alongside her.

"Thank you, everyone. I know it is a short time, but I will also work on my sketches. We will hold another meeting to discuss the designs in 2 days."

She chats with her design team for a few more minutes before heading for her office.

As she left the room, everyone listened to her footsteps then when they heard her enter the elevator, they exchanged looks.

Ju Suo's expression was unpleasant, as were the others in the room.

"You guys know what to do, right?"

Gui Tian Lan raised his hands, and a needle appeared in each hand. He taps them against one another like he is sharpening knives, and a bloodthirsty smile curls on his face.

"First, we will need to make things difficult for a certain someone."

Tang Zhonghui stares at the tailor with heavy eyes. Not because of his words but because of what he was doing.

He signs, and his head hangs at his side again.

"Bro, you have needles. Not knives."

Hearing this, Gui Tian Lan looks at the technical designer, and his smile widens, revealing his pearl-white teeth.

"I don't need knives."

With a swift flick of his fingers, the needle in his hand shot out to the side. It stabbed into the wall like a dagger on its target.

"I have needles that work just as well."

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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 917 I Need Your Help