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Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 907: To where they are staying

Chapter 907: To where they are staying

Despite the morning's clear sunlight, a surprise befalls Imperial as grey clouds begin gathering in the sky. People scatter like ants to get to shelter while cars slow down in the streets for caution.

Like many buildings, Cloth Co. stood its ground without fail. The company that could be mistaken for a luxurious hotel was busier than usual.

While the employees focus on their work, a meeting had just taken place inside the conference room.

The closed doors open neither slow nor fast, and a middle-aged man wearing a green suit walks out of the room. The mustache above his mouth was as thin as a strand of yarn and naturally curled ever so slightly at the ends.

His sharp eyebrows that fitted so well with his eyes gave him the appearance of an evil-doer man.

He stares at the employees working but doesn't proceed further. Instead, he takes a step to the side to make way.

"Ah, thank you, Manager He."

Madam Lu's cheerful voice sounded like a laugh, and she was the second person the step out of the room. However, she wasn't alone as she held someone's hand.

The smile on her face was so bright that it was enough to fight against the grey clouds outside.

"Ah Ling, I'm so glad to be working with you. I will make sure that everything goes according to your liking."

Yue Ling doesn't brush the woman's hand away but smiles and follows behind. When she hears what Madam Lu said, her smile softens.

"No, I am glad to be working with you. Thank you so much for taking the time to review the designs with me."

She walks out of the room and looks at the middle-aged woman in front of her.

"Without your help, De L'amour would not have flourished like it has today."

She will always be grateful to Madam Lu. When she was still a rookie in the fashion industry, there was an anonymous person who kept supporting her. Whether buying her designs or sending fabric and materials to her, this person was always the first in line.

At first, she didn't pay much attention to it and thought it was normal. However, as her brand began to rise, she noticed that this person still supported her.

She asked Liu Shan to look into it, but all he found was the name of the fabric company.

Thinking this person had kept their identity hidden for a reason, she told him not to search further.

Since then, she decided to expand her choices and work with other fabric companies. It wasn't until the other day when she saw the name Cloth Co. appear again on the list of companies to work with for her new designs.

Never in her life did she think the fabric company supporting her was someone close to her parents.

Madam Lu laughs while covering her mouth with her free hand, oblivious to Yue Ling's thoughts. Her gesture made her look like a shy little girl being praised by her secret admirer.

"Aiya, what are you saying? We are family. Family should always help each other out. If there's anything my side isn't sure about, I'll notify you."

She lowers her hand and places it over Yue Ling's hand.

"You have my word. I will not let you down."

She stares at the young woman in front of her with a soft expression. However, in a split second, her eyes widened like she had forgotten something important.

"Aiya, I almost forgot. I am meeting with a florist tomorrow. Are there any specific flowers you want for the engagement party and wedding? What do you think about lilies? Or should we go with lotus?"

She frantically voices out her thoughts and averts her eyes from Yue Ling. She looked somewhere else and pursed her lip like she was thinking hard.

"No… those will not do."

Yue Ling was baffled by the sudden change of topic. She wanted to tell Madam Lu that she was okay with any flower arrangements, but the woman spoke first before she could say a word.

"That's it."

Madam Lu lets out a deep sigh and smiles at Yue Ling.

"I'll just meet with the florist to see what is prepared."

She turns to look at Manager He and gives him a stern look.

"Manager He, please get in touch with the florist. Tell her I want only the best arrangement samples."

She slightly leans towards the middle-aged man and lowers her voice.

"Only the best of the best."

Although she spoke in a voice only for her and the man to hear, Yue Ling stood close enough to listen to her loud and clear. She could only sigh inside and wonder if she should stop the woman.

However, seeing the determined look on Madam Lu's face, she couldn't bring herself to say a word.

She watches as Manager He walks away and looks back at the older woman.

"Aunty, it's getting late. I should head back to De L'amour."

Hearing this, Madam Lu's eyes widen, and she gasps. She looks at Yue Ling with a smile as she pats the girl's hand.

"Of course. I forgot and got too carried away with planning Tian and your engagement party and wedding."

She laughs at herself for forgetting that this was not the time and place to discuss such matters. However, thinking about how short her time with her daughter-in-law is, she sighs with a sad expression.

"You just got here, and you're already leaving."

She reaches a hand to caress Yue Ling's cheek, and her entire being turns into a caring and loving mother parting with her child.

"I'll let you go on with your way. Work is work, so I will not keep you here."

Yue Ling didn't know what to say but blinked her eyes at the woman's behavior. What did she (Madam Lu) mean when she said she (Yue Ling) just got here? She's been here for almost 4 hours.

Eyes on the woman, sometimes she can't help but wonder if Lu Tian is really her son.

However, feeling the warmth of Madam Lu's palm on her cheek, her heart softens, and she smiles a smile that could awe any person.

"We will soon become a family. I will visit you as much as possible when I am not busy with work."

Madam Lu's heart leaped with joy when she heard those words from Yue Ling. She grins from ear to ear and lowers her hands.

"Alright, go. Be on your way, my child."

She shoos Yue Ling away but doesn't forget to say a few more words.

"Go before I change my way."

Yue Ling didn't know whether to laugh or cry at her future mother-in-law. She wanted to let Madam Lu know that Lu Tian and her are joining them for dinner later. However, knowing she (Madam Lu) was serious at the moment, she (Yue Ling) didn't have to think twice and walked away.

"I'll be on my way then."

As she walked away, Liu Shan, who had watched the scene like a third wheel, was quick on his feet and followed after her. Of course, he didn't forget to bid Madam Lu farewell.

When the two reached the front entrance, he glanced at his boss and held his hands behind his back.

"Boss, may I say something?"

Yue Ling didn't look at him but knew from his voice that what he had to say was about what had just happened. She is reluctant to hear but gives him permission with a nod.

Greeting her approval to speak his mind, Liu Shan press his lips as if to hold in his laughter. He clears his throat and quietly chuckles.

"Your mother-in-law is quite an eccentric person. I think your future will be full of joyous wonders."

Yue Ling's eyes turn heavy as she gives him the side eye. It was only for a brief moment before she looked ahead again.

"Whatever kind of person she is, at the end of the day, she is a kind-hearted person."

Her words fell, leaving Liu Shan debating is he should say any more. He watches his boss walk out of the building, then pause in his steps.

He turns his head to look back at Madam Lu, only to meet her eyes. Surprised, he politely bowed his head with a smile and then walked out the door.

However, if he had looked back again, he would have seen that Madam Lu's expression had changed into melancholy.

As the boss and assistant arrive at the car, Yue Ling enters the back seat while Liu Shan takes to the wheels.

The moment when Liu Shan turned the car engine on, Yue Ling's voice sounded from behind him.

"Push back the rest of my schedule."

Liu Shan was confused when he heard this. He looks at her from the rearview mirror and parts his lips to ask but is cut off.

"Take me to where they are staying."

She did not specify to who she was referring, but Liu Shan knew what her words meant.

He looks away from the mirror, and his hand on the gear shift tightens with hesitation.

Throughout their meeting with Madam Lu, he thought that she had forgotten. No, he knew she wouldn't have forgotten. It was more like he thought she didn't want anything to do with them.

At first, he was a bit sad since they were once the closest people to her. However, to hear her say she wants to meet them, he felt he shouldn't bring her to see them.

What if, after meeting them, friction rises between his boss and Lu Tian?

"It's alright, Shan."

Before his thoughts could continue, Yue Ling's voice brought him back to reality, and he looked at her reflection in the mirror.

"But boss…"

Yue Ling knew what was on his mind and smiled to reassure him.

"Don't worry. Nothing will change. I may have cut ties with them, but they are still family to me."

Knowing he could not go against her words, he slowly nods his head in understanding. He is reluctant but drives the car out of the parking lot and turns in the direction opposite of De L'amour.𝓲𝑛𝗻𝗿𝘦𝒶𝐝. ᴄo𝗺

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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 907: To where they are staying