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Unexpected Second Chance at Love
Chapter 903: Deteriorating by the day

Chapter 903: Deteriorating by the day

Yue Ling watched the door close as her assistant left the room. She stares at the door for a long second before sighing and walking to her desk.

As she took a seat, Liu Shan's words crossed her mind, and she let out a soft but sarcastic chuckle.

"No secrets?"

She crosses her right leg over her left and leans back on the chair.

"Shan, you spoke those words so easily, but you're the one hiding something from me."

For the past few days, she noticed that Liu Shan was behaving strangely. He would smile and laugh with everyone like he was fine, but she was no fool.

However, never one to pry into other's business, she decided to stay silent.

She glances at the shut door to her office and then turns her computer on to start work.

Outside Yue Ling's office, Liu Shan sat inside his office with a frustrated expression.

His elbows are placed over his desk, and his face is in his hands.

"I'm such a hypocrite…."

He mumbles from behind his hands, then moves away. He leans back against his chair and runs his hands over his messy hair, making it more disheveled.

"I asked her not to keep any more secrets, but I'm hiding things from her."

He doesn't want anyone to know about his feelings of being hurt by Ling Ni, but he becomes angry when he learns she is keeping him in the dark.

Not only that, but he's also keeping quiet about the fact that Qin Jun, Kira, and Song Jing Li are in Imperial.

He tilts his head back and stares at the ceiling as a long sigh escapes his lips.

"Should I just tell her?"

"Tell her what?"

Just when he mutters, Yue Ling's voice sounds from the door to his office.

Liu Shan frantically sits up with a bit of struggle and looks at her.

"What are you, a ghost? How can you not make any sound at all?"

He swore his soul had left his body when he heard her voice. He didn't even hear her door open or her footsteps.

Yue Ling stares at her assistant with one arched brow. She knew she had caught him by surprise, but she didn't think it was that big of a deal.

She wanted to ask who he was talking about but feigned ignorance. If it were necessary, he would tell her.

"I'm going to make my rounds then meet with Cloth Co. at 1 pm. Do you want to go with me?"

Liu Shan pats his chest to calm himself. Once he was sure his beating heart was at ease, he looked at his boss and pouted.

"Why are you even asking me? I am your assistant. It's my job to go everywhere with you."

Hearing his response, Yue Ling shrugs her shoulder and turns away from him.

"Finish any task you need to finish. Once I finish making my rounds, I'll come to get you."

Liu Shan watched as Yue Ling's figure disappeared from view, and he was at a loss. He leans back on his chair in a laid-back posture.

Sometimes, he can't help but wonder if he is the assistant or his boss.

"Liu Shan, ah, Liu Shan. How can you mix work with personal matters?"

He closes his eyes to take a deep breath, then straightens himself. He puts his hands over his keyboard and takes another drag.

"Let's focus on work. If you have your boss come get you later, someone else will take over your job."

As Yue Ling proceeds to make her rounds in De L'amour, in another part of Imperial, a white Rolls-Royce stops in front of Imperial Military Hospital.

Stepping out of the front entrance was none other than Grandfather Ji and Doctor Dong. Of course, Inu kept a steady pace by his second favorite human's side.

"Old man, you have to listen to me."

Doctor Dong cautioned his good friend of many years. His expression was far from relief, and one could see worry and anxiety all over his face.

"I may have permitted you to be discharged, but you must not overwork yourself. Anything and I mean anything, even in the tiniest, can go wrong."

Grandfather Ji held a cane to help him walk steadier as he placed his other hand behind his back. He listens to his friend and heads towards the white Rolls-Royce.

Once he is in front of the car, he turns back to look at the other old man and sighs a smile. As Zhong Yang held the door open for him, Inu didn't forget to jump inside the car and made himself comfortable.

"I understand everything you say. You've been saying it ever since I was admitted into the hospital."

Doctor Dong stares at his friend with moistened eyes. His lower lip trembles ever so lightly before pressing his lips together as if to hold back tears.

"I'm being serious. How can you have the time to take my words as a joke?"

As a doctor, he knows Grandfather Ji is not in good shape. He would rather have his friend imprisoned in the hospital if he can. He fears that any minor mishap will end the old man's life.

However, Grandfather Ji had begged him for the first time.

He (Grandfather Ji) asked him to let him (Grandfather Ji) do what he can for his grandchildren.

Knowing how stubborn the old man can be, he (Doctor Dong) could only agree.

He looked at his old friend and could see how pale Grandfather Ji had become in the past few days.

This illness has really taken a toll on him (Grandfather Ji).

He turns his head to look at Zhong Yang and hands him a bag containing Grandfather Ji's medications.

"Make sure he takes everything according to the prescription. Do not miss a day."

Once he saw that the assistant understood his words, he looked back at his friend with a stern face.

"You must remember to rest. If it is not important, do it overexert yourself."

Grandfather Ji was baffled by how serious his friend was behaving. He laughs and nods his head.

"Alright, alright. I heard you the hundredth time."

He pats the old man on the shoulder and smiles.

"Don't worry. Once I have settled what I need to do, I will come back and listen to your nagging."

Doctor Dong wanted to refute but held himself back. He nods his head and forces a smile.

"Alright. Go."

He gestures a wave as if to shoo a child away.

"Go before I change my mind."

Grandfather Ji smiles a sigh. He doesn't say anymore and enters the rear seat of the car.

Zhong Yang bids Doctor Dong farewell after closing the door and enters the driver's seat.

Watching the white Rolls-Royce drive away from the hospital, Doctor Dong looked worried. He glances up to the sky as if to search for something, then turns away.

As the white Rolls-Royce drives further away from the hospital, in the back seat, Grandfather Ji sat his head leaned back and eyes closed.

His breathing was haggard, but one could see that he was trying his best to hide it.

Zhong Yang was aware of this the moment he entered the car. He glances at the rear view mirror and then back to the road ahead.


He utters the one word before swallowing a gulp. He gathers all his courage and continues his words.

"Is today the day?"

Grandfather Ji had closed his eyes to rest. The walk from the hospital room to the car had taken much of his energy.

He had to pretend to be alright in fear that Doctor Dong might drag him back to the hospital bed if he (Doctor Dong) were to find out.

When he heard his assistant's question, his eyes slowly opened. He doesn't speak immediately but stretches his hand to the side to pat Inu on the head.

"After I deal with the Chen, Qin, and Deng family, I will tell Ah Ling."

He trembles a deep breath and looks out the window.

"I know that the truth will hurt her, but it would be best if she hears from me than someone else."

When he saw how sad Ji Jingxu was when he (Ji Jingxu) found the diagnosis of his illness, he knew the boy was deeply hurt. It was then that he knew his granddaughter would be in even more pain to learn the truth.

However, as much as it will hurt, he must tell her.

He lowers his head to look at Inu and gently strokes the Samoyed's head.

"Inu, thank you for staying by my side. You've been a great companion these past days."

Inu lifts his head like he understands the human language and rubs his head against the old man.

This made a smile curl on Grandfather Ji's face. He continued to stroke the little guy on the head, but his hand began to tremble uncontrollably in a split second.

It was as if all the strength in his arm was declining, but he was forcing his hand to pat the Samoyed's head.

After failing to continue, he gave up. His fingers curl, and he clenches his trembling fist.

His health is deteriorating by the day.

'Ah Ling, please do not be angry with me.'

He slowly looks out the window again as he settles his trembling hand on his lap.

'Yeye only wish to pave a clear path for you and Jingxu before yeye departs this world.'

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Unexpected Second Chance at Love Chapter 903: Deteriorating by the day