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Twin Reincarnation: Epics Of The Worldline
Chapter 134 134 Eisheth’s prison (Part-8)

Chapter 134 134 Eisheth’s prison (Part-8)

[El's POV: ]



-Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Why do we have to worry about these small things? We don't know what will happen anyway, why is he so worried about the things that we don't even have any control over?


We aren't omniscient, nor are we omnipotent. Nothing is. Not even the Worldline. What do we get after worrying about the things that are uncertain and ever-changing, to begin with?


It's just a disaster-class creature. And we captured it even before it could harm anyone. It's good, right? Then why the hell is he worrying about the things that are uncertain and might happen just because we exist in this world?

It was a good place, far better than the shithole we have come from.

There's magic here, special things that are possible, things that might have never been possible in that world full of useless limitations.


The people, creatures, worldly elements, and such things were also far more vibrant than that dull place. And if the world is changing rapidly just because we were present here, what did he want us to do? Die? Get out of everything's way? Certainly not, right? That fucker valued this life far more than I did.

He knew just what good chance this was and just how many things we could do that we weren't able to in that world.


We were real people here, not just a mass of information with inherent limitations. We actually exist here. We are alive. Doing the good crazy things that we have already done in the game again would be far, far, far more fun than we had experienced.

'And we certainly want to do all of that again, perhaps more, perhaps even crazier things. I do want it, and we will do it even if he doesn't want to.'

Not that he will deny doing any of those crazy things. That basted liked doing everything we did and loved the things I did to him. Perhaps he loved doing his own things to me more than anything else, but he only did thirty percent of the things to me while I carried him most of the time.


We liked things that we did together, and we could do everything again, and he wanted to do all those things again, he certainly did, just as badly as I did.

That bastard was calm most of the time and didn't show it but he was just as horny as me, and he could make such erotic faces that you wouldn't ever believe the person under me is the same person that is calm and composed most of the time.

He wanted to do all those fun things, explore this vast world, see things that had not yet been seen in this world, and get strong enough together so that we could achieve those thing.

'And still! That fucker's worrying about some shitty ass creature that could evolve into something that could not only destroy this entire world, and the creatures inside it including the almighty dragons, but also devoured this entire planet, move to the other planet, and perhaps get so strong that it would possess the strength to destroy the entire solar system, other solar systems, our galaxy, and get enough powers and authorities to move on to the higher realms.'

It would die over there, or cause destruction, depending on the place he is in, but what the hack did it matter!?

We captured it, right?! I pushed it out of my mind and he captured it, the end! We could do N number of things with that cute young catastrophe now since it was ours but of all those things, that bastard wanted to destroy it?! Why?!

'One of his masters once died to it, ha ha, big thing. My entire farm was destroyed because of one of these shitty things and I killed it, I wasn't strong enough to do so but I'm the one who created the fucking central brain! I could do shit tone of things if I really wanted to!'

I killed the one that harmed my things but he couldn't protect his master and she died in his arms, how romantic~. Fucker.

He met her again but she didn't know him, then she dived again, he played again, and met her again, and then she died again. She had died in most of his turns, and he was able to meet her again. At least until that fucking power cut happed and our second home was taken away from us!


-Swiosh! Swish! Swoop!

But we are here, right?! We are here now and we aren't some players but instead the actual people of this world! We can do all the things we could not in the more perfect way that we weren't able to.

We can even do the things that we always wanted but they seemed impossible to perform as a player of the game. We can do all that!

'But just after meeting a tiny cute disaster, he wants us to be super cautious and move back half of the schedule?! He wants to observe the changes and estimate how things change and what the changing elements could be from any actions we take… fuck?!

How does that bastard want to do that?! Calculating every single thing on the quantum level?! Even that wouldn't be enough to match up to the rate at which things affect each other!

That bastard doesn't know the concepts of [High univer physics], that bastard has no idea how the (Quantum entanglements) work and affect each of the [Stringuler bonds], that basted would faint midway through solving a Calculous problem of just one [[( Polystringulerenergyhyperstructure )]]. That dumb fucker doesn't know jackshit and he wants to predict the fucking change!?

'If I can do it, I wouldn't be fucking ignoring all the changes altogether, fuck! It's impossible with the current authority and powers we have!'

We would need [Omnipotence] and [Omniscience], and we aren't getting those fucking skills until we are a true god!

And that bastard knows that already and still said we should give it a try? Give it a freaking try?! Does he think I haven't already tried it!? That fucker!


Who does he think he is to tell me to 'give it a try'? Did his mother forget to teach him such basic-

'Right, I haven't taught him the new basics yet. Bastard.'

Still, he told me to give it a try even though I refused the first time. My anger after that was nature. Being thrown away and getting three slaps was his own fault. I did use a [Blaze-3] fireball on him but it was his fault. I certainly tied him up with my weapon in a string form but it was his fault. It was all his fault!

It was all his fault!


'Bastard knew that, and he apologized. How dare that bastard!'

I didn't want to talk with him anymore so I left him there and walked here, destroying all of the cute tentacle monsters who had already gathered in one place to greet me.

I destroyed them, all of them, with my wide-range spells, and they all died. They were cute, some of them were at the very least, but they were all dead because I was too angry. And it was all his fault!

They could have killed in some different way that made things more fun, and they were destined to die today so we couldn't help that. I would have taken them with me if I could but, alas.

They were dead, including the boss octopus with many colors, many eyes, and many tentacles, which had tentacles of their own.

It was pretty cute as well, but since I was so angry, poor cutie got unlucky and fell prey to my flame tornado and was burned to crisp before vanishing. And after he was gone, the most disgusting creatures of this dungeon, the ones I hated to my core, appeared… and I'm not going to describe them so, currently, we are killing them, without talking, and I'm not talking with him until there is an actual reason to do so.

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Twin Reincarnation: Epics Of The Worldline Chapter 134 134 Eisheth’s prison (Part-8)