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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 1644: An Inuit

Chapter 1644: An Inuit

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Li Du had to find Steve because of the promise he had made. He carried Elson?s hope with him. Also, there was the fact that Peter knew his secret, and perhaps the rest of his companions did too.

He also needed to know about the space-time bugs. After listening to Peter, he had a hunch that if he could find Steve, he might be able to find out the exact identity of these creatures.

Therefore, he cleared an area of the island and encamped there for the time being, but the camp had only supplies and they lived on the other side of the island.

The Island of the Lost was a little suspicious. Li Du decided he did not dare to stay there long. He believed that the warning that the Inuit young man gave him was worth listening to.

There were helicopters and some supplies on the island, and the bodyguards and other supplies were on the shore. Every day they landed on the island to search, then returned to camp at night to rest.

These days, their diet was good. Lake Angikuni was rich in a variety of freshwater fish. Cold freshwater fish grow slowly, so the meat quality was good, and Li Du enjoyed the food very much.

After a careful search, no humans were found on the island, but they did discover some traces of people who had been there.

However, that did not prove anything, for when they inquired at Fruity Town, they were told that adventurers had occasionally landed on the island and that the traces might have been left by them.

Elson went to great lengths to find Steve?s whereabouts. He used his connections to install a mapping radar on the helicopter. According to the mapping radar, they could scan the island once and make a 3D topographical map of it, and it could also detect the existence of living organisms.

However, the strong magnetic force of the island resulted in the topographic map being blurry, and it did not help much.

3D scanning of topographical maps would not help even if it were clear. Brother Wolf and his men almost scoured the island once with the help of Ah Meow and Ah Ow and they did not find any traces of humans.

There was nothing found on the island or on the surface of the lake. It seemed they would have to change their strategy to search under the lake.

It was too fanciful to Li Du to believe that anyone could live underwater. He wouldn?t have considered this option at first, but the Inuit boy had disappeared right before his eyelids into the lake. This was inexplicable.

Next, he bought a lot of diving gear, diving suits, submersibles, boosters, underwater video recorders and so on. All of the gear was in place.

After making sure there was nothing to be found on the island, Li Du would lead the team into the lake to search.

It was a bigger project, and it has some risk in it.

Lake Angikuni was large, with an average depth of 55 meters and nearly 600 meters at its deepest point. They could not search with just manpower without professional diving gear.

Knowing that he was going to search underwater, Elson called him on purpose.

The old man?s voice grew more tired. “Li, are you going to search the whole lake?”

Li Du said, “If there is nothing above the surface of the water, I must go below the surface to take a look.”

Hearing this, Elson sighed and said, “That is a lot of work. Lake Angikuni is too big.”

Li Du smiled and said, “That is not a problem. I will make the island my center and go from it. Anyway, I have to look carefully no matter what, or I would be very sorry if I miss something.”

Elson said gratefully, “Thank you very much. I am sorry I couldn?t help you directly. There is so much business between the two families, so much news, so many other things that I could not leave behind and come to you.”

Li Du answered sincerely, “It is what I should do.”

Elson was unable to reach the site but was responsive to requests for supplies.

The big family?s connections began to unfold, and the Canadian navy contacted Li Du, sending a team of frogmen to help with the investigation.

Li Du first arranged for frogmen to place cameras in the water to monitor. Because the water was a little muddy, the cameras were not very useful, but at least it was better than nothing.

A vigorous underwater search began, and Elson was preparing to fly in small submarines for them. He was not transporting the military ones for them of course, but small tourist submarines, which Li Du had seen in Australia.

The island was a bit of the earth?s crust protruding from the lake. Starting from the edge of the island, they would be going deeper in.

Li Du arranged for the frogmen to place cameras step by step. He had surveillance of the surroundings around the island.

After more than a week of work, thousands of cameras were deployed, but it was only a drop in the ocean. He could only keep watch around the island, and much of the remaining part of the lake was shrouded in mystery.

In the middle of July, in the morning, Li Du was studying a map of the waters. He was going to use a 3D mapper to examine the lake floor to see whether there were any anomalies under the lake.

Just then, his walkie-talkie rang, and Young Markelov?s voice said, “Boss, there is an Inuit visiting. He is looking for you.”

“Let him in,” said Li Du instantly.

He set up a small camp near the lake, just like a military camp, with all kinds of tools and instruments, because they were very valuable. He had guards to prevent people from stealing them, so it looked more like a military camp.

Young Markelov had brought along a middle-aged man who was simply dressed and small in stature, with Inuit physical features. However, his fair skin greatly caught Li Du?s attention. It was as light as of the Inuit boy Li Du had seen before.

After the two sides met, the middle-aged man cut to the topic quickly. He did not even introduce himself and directly asked in stiff English, “Sir, hello. May I ask what you are doing here?”

Li Du smiled and said, “I am looking for something in the lake.”

The middle-aged man said, “Are you fishing? There are no sunken ships or treasures in this lake.”

Li Du said, “I am not looking for treasure. I am not fishing either. I am looking for a lost friend of mine.”

The middle-aged man stared in amazement and asked, “Did your friend swim in the lake and drown?”

Li Du shook his head. “I don’t know. Anyway, I have to find him. Actually, I am not just looking for a person, I am looking for a group of important people. I have to search carefully. What is the matter that you came to me for?”

The middle-aged man took a deep breath and said, “I am just curious to see so many people show up at the lake, for such a long time...”

“Where did you come from?” Asked Li Du, interrupting him suddenly.

The middle-aged man was stunned and said, “I... where did I come from? Why do you ask?”

Li Du instinctively felt that something was not right with him, and his reaction and answer reinforced his doubt.

He then quickly asked, “You don’t need to know why. You come to my camp, and of course, I have to know you. How old are you? Where are you from? What is your name? What identification documents do you have? I need to know who you are exactly!”

The middle-aged man rubbed his hands and said, “My identity has nothing to do with you, I tell you. I am here to deliver a letter...”

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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1644: An Inuit