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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 1642: He knows

Chapter 1642: He knows

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He zoomed in on the photo and got him to focus on Steve. However, when he did that, Peter did not want to look at it further. He looked at Li Du. Nothing seemed to have registered and he just looked blankly. However, it was certain that he was looking at Li Du.

A police officer was about to say something. However, Li Du gestured for him to stop. Then, he asked Peter, “Steve, do you remember? Steve Tussenberg, your boss...”

Peter suddenly said, “The worm went into your hand, the worm went into your hand, there are a lot of worms. A worm is climbing on to. There’s a worm in the crystal. A worm entered your hand...”

Hearing that, Brother Wolf and the rest of the men looked disappointed. Although he had said something new, it was still useless. He was spouting nonsense.

However, when Li Du heard it, he shuddered. He tried his best to maintain a look of calm and pretended to look unperturbed.

The rest of the people could not understand, but he could. Peter was talking about the little bug. He knew that there was a little bug in his hand.

Peter looked at him and continued to speak, “Black worm, two limbs, four limbs, four wings, eight wings, many black worms, black worm climbing, climb into your hand...”

Hearing that, Li Du grew more shocked. Without a doubt, Peter knew about the existence of the little bug. He even knew that a little bug had entered his hand.

In fact, Peter had given him a new piece of information. Turned out that the little bug could evolve into having eight wings. The little bug that he had only had six wings!

Li Du gulped. He wanted to hear more from Peter.

However, Peter started to repeat what he said before, “The worm has entered your hand, I can see it, the worm has entered your hand...” i𝑛𝗻rℯ𝒂𝒅. 𝓬o𝘮

He repeated two more times and then suddenly went back to saying, “Dead, all dead, all of them dead, I can’t do it, I can’t, all dead...”

Li Du grabbed onto his hands and said, “Peter, look at me, you know me, you must know me. I am Li, China Li. We had a drinking competition, and you lost.”

“Dead, all dead, all of them late, still all of them dead, I can’t do it! I can’t do it! Boohoo, boohoo! Ahh, ahh, ahhh!” After mumbling a few more times, Peter held onto his head and started to scream.

Brother Wolf slapped the back of his head and Peter fainted and fell to the ground.

The police were shocked. “F*ck, what did you do?”

Brother Wolf said, “His mental state has been triggered. He has entered an even worse state. I had to make him faint. Otherwise, he might do himself harm.”

Li Du frowned and walked aside. He was standing by the road and looked ahead, at the view. He was confused and at a loss.

He was sure that Peter knew about his secret. However, how did he learn of it? Who else knew about it?

Young Markelov walked over and asked, “Boss, are you alright?”

Li Du said, “Give me a cigarette.”

Young Markelov shrugged and laughed after he passed Li Du a cigarette and lit it up. “It’s the first time I see you smoke. What’s up? Want to talk about it?”

Li Du took a deep breath. In the end, too much smoke got into him and caused him to choke and tear up.

Young Markelov looked awkward. “Boss, don’t smoke anymore. You are going to cough your lungs out.”

Li Du bent and continued to cough. He suddenly looked up and saw that there was something under Peter’s shoe.

He quickly walked over and lifted Peter’s leg. Then he saw that there was a small seashell stuck in one of the largest tracks on his sole.

That shell was white and there were some patterns on it. There were all sorts of patterns...

Li Du rummaged his pocket and took out another seashell that was much bigger. However, it looked similar to the one on Peter’s sole. It was certain that they were of the same type. The seashell that Li Du had with him came from the youth whom he had saved previously.

Everything pointed towards that Inuit youth. Li Du had missed the opportune timing to deal with the matter. If that boy had not been lost in Angikuni Lake, Li Du might have been able to find a link through him.

However, it seemed that the youth had been trying to avoid that matter. When he was on the kayak, he had struggled and refused to leave the lake to go ashore. There must have been a reason.

It was impossible for Peter to have any other sort of clue on him. After Li Du brought him away, he dialed Elson and gave him the coordinates of where they were. He wanted Elson to get the psychiatrist and some Inuit language experts.

After learning that they had found a trusted bodyguard of Steve’s, Elson acted swiftly.

He came over in a mode of transport that made Li Du’s jaw drop – parachuting. The jet flew directly over Fruity Town, and several parachutes seemed to bloom in the sky...

“The old master is really impressive,” Young Markelov said as he bit a pear. “One can tell that he is an impatient man. When he was young, he must have been quite a character!”

Li Du surveyed their surroundings. It was a rural area where farming was common. In such an area, it was possible to parachute. However, for Elson, who was more than sixty years old, to do that was quite daring indeed.

Elson was indeed brave. He was the first to land and he did not have a parachute professional guide with him. The rest of the parachutes had two people each. Each professional parachute expert was holding on to one shaken layman.

After two full rolls on the ground, Elson climbed up swiftly. He did not care about picking up the parachute that had fallen. He headed directly for Li Du and asked, panting, “Where is he? Where is Peter?”

Li Du pointed at Peter and Elson ran over.

Elson brought along a psychiatrist and there were also two other learned men who stood around aimlessly. Needless to say, those two were the Inuit language experts.

Li Du passed the recording to them and asked, “Listen to this. What is he saying?”

The recording played and the two men started to pay attention.

After the recording ended, an expert said, “Sir, I need to explain a little. The so-called Inuit language is actually a broad concept because there is no such thing as a single Inuit or Eskimo language in the world.”

“It’s not like English or Chinese, which have a standard form. It is an umbrella term for some languages spoken by people who live in a vast area spanning from Siberia to Alaska and then to northern Canada up to Greenland. They belong to the Eskimo–Aleut language family...”

Li Du said, “This sounds complex. But do you understand what he is saying?”

The expert coughed and said, “We, hmm, how shall I put this, we have a rough idea. However, we can’t understand every sentence. It’s quite strange. Such language is different from the regular Inuit and Eskimo languages that I have come across.”

The other expert also nodded. “That’s right, I did not manage to understand some of the phrases used.”

“But what did you guys understand from that?” Li Du asked anxiously.

The first expert said, “Let me translate sentence by sentence from the start. The first sentence means that he wants to thank you, thank you for saving his life. Then he muttered another sentence, which sounded a bit unclear. It seemed that he was saying that he should not have disobeyed the orders and come out to play...”

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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1642: He knows