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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 1641: Crazy Person

Chapter 1641: Crazy Person

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The entourage of cars drove speedily. This time around, they arrived at Fruity Town within an even shorter time.

When they arrived in the town, many people came over to look. Li Du could understand what they were feeling very well. All year round, these people stayed in the small town. Day to day, they went through the same routine. There was nothing new and no surprises. After seeing that there were strangers, the people got very excited.

Before they even got to meet the bartender, they were stopped. Someone pointed at the other end of the town and smiled, “Are you guys here to look for that crazy person?”

Li Du replied, “Yes, where is he?”

Just on that day where they were leaving the town, a crazy person appeared on the streets. That person seemed to be related to Steve and his people, whom they were looking for.

“He’s been brought away. He’s been taken to Port Churchill Police Station.”

Port Churchill was the place where Li Du and his people had landed when they took the plane over. It was considered to be the largest settlement in the area. However, it was actually also a rather small town.

Obviously, the people in the town could not identify the crazy person. Hence, the police connected with a higher-level station.

Hearing that, Li Du wanted to lash out. The bartender had spotted the car entourage and rushed over. He said, “Hey, buddy, I had yet to finish speaking over the phone and you hung up on me...”

“Sh*t, why didn’t you finish talking?!” Li Du was frustrated.

The bartender said, “It’s good that you came to town first, anyway. I’ve taken some photos. Look at them. Is this the man you are looking for? Perhaps it isn’t? It would be too much of a coincidence, right? But the clothes he’s wearing are really quite similar to the clothes of the man you are looking for.”

As he spoke, he took out an old phone model.

There was a photograph on the phone. Li Du quickly took the phone to take a look. He was stumped. That was a familiar face. That was one of Steve’s bodyguards. They had fought alongside each other in Siberia.

What shocked him even more was that he was wearing a green jacket. That jacket was brand new. It was the same one worn by the Inuit youth whom they had saved the night before.

A mere bartender could tell the relationship between the two men by the association of the clothes, but they did not notice!

He had spent so much time around the youth, but did not notice that the green jacket that the boy was wearing was the same one that Steve wore in the picture!

That picture was a new one that Elson gave him. As he had been so familiar with it, he had neglected to notice the green jacket that Steve had worn. That was a huge mistake!

Brother Wolf also noticed that and said in surprise, “That youth?”

Li Du took in a deep breath and said, “First, go look for Steve’s bodyguard. D*mn, I’ve been careless!”

There was only one route to get to Port Churchill from Fruity Town. Besides, the route was not over smooth terrain. The road conditions were not ideal. The police had arrived in Fruity Town by traveling on land. They had not been gone for too long and it would not be too hard to catch up.

Li Du immediately got on a helicopter so that he could catch up with them more quickly. The helicopter was started promptly and after being in the air for just thirty minutes, they could spot two police cars traveling on the highway.

Big Ivan landed the helicopter at some distance ahead. When the police car came near the helicopter, which was blocking their way, they had thought that they had bumped into some high-profile people. Hence, the police got out of their vehicle gingerly, with their pistols raised.

Li Du raised his hand and said, “Don’t be mistaken, officers, we mean no harm. We are just here to see our friend. That man in your car, he is our acquaintance...”

“Stop there, all of you stop there. Put your hands where I can see them!” The police officers interrupted him. “Then walk over here alone.”

Li Du walked over and reached out his hand to take something. A police officer shouted anxiously, “What are you trying to do?”

Seeing that, Li Du quickly raised his hands again. “I just wanted to take my mobile phone. There’s a photo of me and that buddy. I just wanted to prove our relationship.”

The police said, “No need for that, you can meet him directly. He’s just a crazy man. It’s not like he committed a heinous crime or that he is somebody. I do not doubt your words.”

Li Du thanked him and opened the door. A big man rushed out from the backseat.

The two police officers quickly stopped them and said, “He will go mad sometimes. D*mn it! Stop him!”

Li Du pulled on the big man’s arm and shouted, Hey, Peter, it’s me, it’s me! Why are you here? Where’s Steve? Where’s your boss?”

The big man was in tattered clothes. The windbreaker that he was wearing was very shabby. It was dirty and torn. However, it was not dirty with mud, but with blood and oil. It seemed like he had been through some ordeal and that was why his clothes were in that state.

After hearing Li Du’s words, the big man had no reaction. He pushed Li Du off and walked a few steps. Then, after a while, he sat on the floor and covered his face with his hands. He sobbed, “Dead, all dead, they are all dead, all dead! I can’t do it! I can’t do it, I can’t...”

Li Du shuddered, hearing the words, which did not make sense. “Who’s dead? Peter, look at me, where’s Steve?”

The big man continued to mumble in a hoarse voice, “All dead. Steve said that I can’t tell! That’s right, I can’t tell! Officer, can’t tell! Can’t tell!”

Brother Wolf and the rest started to get closer. Seeing how the big man looked, Brother Wolf squatted down and extended a finger. He wriggled his finger and then made a few other actions to test the mental state of the big man.

A police officer asked, “Hey, do you guys know this man? If you guys are friends, you can take him with you. But we will need to have a look at your documents.”

Li Du passed his passport to the officer and asked, “When you guys met him, was he already in this state?”

A police officer said, “He was worse. We had already cleaned him up a little. Sh*t, if he got into our car, it would die from the smell!”

Li Du stomped his feet. He had missed many things the day before. He had missed the opportune time to meet Peter. Perhaps there might have been some clue on Peter’s person. However, the police would have cleaned off it all now.

Brother Wolf stood up. “Boss, the situation is bad. Peter’s mental state has already gone haywire!”

Li Du sighed. “Can’t we get anything out of him?”

Peter only repeatedly mumbled the same few sentences, ‘dead, all dead’, ‘can’t do it’, ‘can’t tell’. All those words were useless.

Brother Wolf said, “It would be very hard to get information from him. Peter was an elite soldier in the Seals. They have received thorough training on getting interrogated. During those sessions, there is a segment where they are taught to be even more tight-lipped after they experience a mental breakdown.”

Young Markelov shrugged his shoulders regretfully and said, “That’s a goner. We will definitely not be able to get any information out of him. We have previously received such training as well. The objective of the training is to prevent the enemy from being able to get information out of the soldiers after they have been tortured and broken down.”

Li Du did not want to give up. He gave it another shot but still failed in getting any sort of information from Peter.

Finally, he took out the photo that he had taken with Peter, Steve and the rest in Siberia. He asked, “Peter, do you remember me? I am China Li, a good friend of your boss Steve.”

Peter looked intently at the photo on the screen. Seeing that, Li Du perked up. It seemed like they might be getting somewhere after all!

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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1641: Crazy Person