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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 1634: Abnormal

Chapter 1634: Abnormal

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That was the last point to take note of, and it said that during the course of the survey, the hunters in the white village responded by saying that at that time they saw an unusual, mysterious, shimmering object in the sky.

The shapes of these objects were variable and changeable, and they had been flying towards the Inuit village. The hunters had been interested in them, but because of the conflict between the two villages, they had not looked into it. 𝘪𝑛𝓃𝒓𝐞𝙖d. ᴄ𝒐𝑚

In short, after a long and painstaking investigation, the RCMP found no definite results, and the incident had little impact at the time, as few people were living in the Angikuni Lake area and the disappearance news of the Inuit village was prevented from leaking out.

It wasn?t until after World War ll, when Canada?s news-broadcasting industry was booming, that the Lepas newspaper in Manitoba ran a story of this incident. The one who ran the story was a hunter?s child from a white hunters village who had been involved in the investigation.

Shortly thereafter, the Danville Bee newspaper in Quebec also reported on the story.

As media coverage spread across Canada, the story became a national and regional concern of Canada and America. However, the incident had been too long ago, the Inuit village was deserted, and investigations were fruitless even when people took the initiative to dig into the matter again.

During that period, the debate over extraterrestrial life was at its height, with some suggesting that the mysterious disappearance of the Inuit village was linked to alien abductions on the basis that many hunters in the white village had found an aircraft capable of changing shapes at will.

In addition, after many years, there was evidence shown that the Inuit tribe living near the lake believed in the sky god Tonasak and there were some speculations that they were taken away by this great god.

As for why God took the dogs with him, Li Du couldn?t help but laugh:

The person who made the guess had only a vague knowledge of Chinese culture and said that it had happened in Chinese history that the gods had come to take away the believers, and would also take their dogs along. In ancient China, there was also a slang phrase called “when one person wins the golden pot, songs and chickens will ascend to heaven”...

The story captured Brother Wolf?s interest, and Li Du was intrigued as well. After the plane landed, he led his men straight to the Inuit homeland.

Brother Wolf was interested in this report because he had analyzed it. Li Du, on the other hand, was interested because he used the space-time bug to reverse time, and then saw Steve had studied this report.

Elson gave the report to them, along with all the things and information that he thought would be helpful to Li Du and his men in finding Steve.

The helicopter was replaced by cars, and a fleet of vehicles moved rapidly into the deserted area.

The old Inuit villages and white hunter villages have been deserted. This incident had passed more than 80 years ago. Eighty years was a long time for a small village and things have changed...

As prey dwindled and urban employment grew, the white hunters left their homeland for urban employment, and the villages and small towns became deserted.

Following a map from many years ago, they headed straight for Lake Angikuni.

The northern part of Canada was a region with many freshwater lakes. There were many lakes there, large and small, among which Lake Angikuni was one. It was a lake covering a huge area.

There used to be villages around the lake, but now they have been completely reduced to wetlands, so the roads were very bad.

They rode in the heavy-duty SUVs. They were the same SUVs that took them to Siberia and the Arctic. Steve and the Ford brothers were on the vehicles too at that time. Now, they were nowhere to be found.

In June, it was still chilly in the northern part of Canada. The roads were lined with lakes from both sides, and green grass and tree leaves were just beginning to poke up. The scenery was beautiful and completely natural.

Not knowing how long they had driven, Brother Wolf, who took the lead from the front stopped and shouted, “Boss, we have reached our destination!”

Li Du nodded. Driver pulled the door open for him. He got off the vehicle and walked forward, and all that came to his view was deserted land.

In front of them was a deserted village, completely abandoned, with no trace of the original huts but scattered mud walls and barely visible foundations of houses.

These were the remains of the Inuit village, which had long since disappeared, replaced by shrubs and weeds.

Steve and the others were here, and that was where they disappeared, and when the men Elson had sent got here, they couldn?t find any trace of Steve?s group.

Brother Wolf entered the village carefully and walked around, shaking his head as he said, “There is no trace of any people being here recently.”

Nature was almost becoming pristine again, with lush vegetation. Because it was spring when Steve and his party arrived, even if they had left some tracks, they would be obscured by vegetation now.

With a wave of Li Du?s hand, Ah Fei rose from the roof of the car. A camera was strapped to its claws, which could help the party observe the area from high above.

The most conspicuous was the lake not far away, a vast expanse of water that looked like crystal. With water ripples and mist around it, an island was looming ahead.

Li Du then released the space-time bugs, trying to reverse the time of some of the vegetation here, to see if he could find anything.

Then, something shocking happened!

After the space-time bugs appeared, they did not listen to his command, and just stayed in his palm. They did not fly out as he wished as they always did.

Li Du had a horrified expression on his face, and Brother Wolf was immediately aware of this. He quickly pulled out a dagger from his belt and asked, “Boss, what?s wrong?”

Pulling himself together, Li Du waved his hand and said, “Nothing. I just thought of something. You take some men and survey the surroundings.”

Brother Wolf beckoned. Firecracker, Big Ivan and other men divided into two groups and disappeared into the ruins of the dilapidated village.

Young Markelov spat out his gum and said, “Boss, you don?t look well.”

The weird performance of the space-time bugs made Li Du puzzled, and his facial expression would, of course, be odd. These two fellas were the reason why he could make so much money up to now.

Li Du nodded and returned to the car. The space-time bugs remained silent in his palms. Both of the tiny creatures stood motionless.

Neither he nor Brother Wolf and the others got any results even after carefully searching the surroundings.

Li Du pondered for a while then said, “Let?s drive away from this place first. Where is the nearest living area? Let?s take a break and make a plan.”

Driver studied the map and said, “There is the nearest town about forty kilometers away from here. It is far and the road conditions are not good.”

Li Du said, “Let?s go and have a look.”

When the car left the village, he frowned to think about the abnormal change of the space-time bugs. After about half an hour, he once again tried to control the space-time bugs and suddenly found that the little bugs could obey his command again!

Then he knew that there was something wrong in the surroundings of the village and that the anomaly of the space-time bugs was caused by being there!

Moving on to the town, this speculation was proved more and more strongly. As they moved away from the village ruins, the space-time bugs went back to acting totally normal again!

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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1634: Abnormal