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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 1632: Investigation Report

Chapter 1632: Investigation Report

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Listening to Elson’s explanation, Li Du asked him, “You said that the fifth dimension does really exist?”

Elson got moody, sighed and said, “So what if it exists? Would it be that easy to find it? How many forces, how many families, how many people spent one to two hundred years and did not find anything? And how many human resources and material and life did they pour into it?”

Li Du said after a silence, “I always thought that Steve was just joking. So, why does he want to find this fifth dimension? He has both money and power!”

Elson was silent for a moment too. He thought about it, and then slowly opened his mouth and said, “When I was young, I was on the team looking for the fifth dimension. Tyson and Chiriani were my friends. We explored and found many things, but we gave up a lot too...”

“Then Chiriani gave birth to Steve, and you know Steve had a bad heart, and he was born with a lot of organ problems because Chiriani was still going on adventures when she was pregnant, which affected the development of the fetus.”

“In addition, Steve was not breastfed, which led to his poor physical development. The reason there was no breast milk was that Chiriani went out on adventures soon after giving birth to him.”

“This trip was the last time I met her, and her and Tyson’s team haven’t been heard from since. Now do you understand what Steve is looking for when I say this, don’t you? You know what he is missing too, don’t you?”

Li Du naturally knew that what Steve lacked was his family, and he wanted to go into the fifth dimension to find his parents.

Whether the fifth dimension was real or not, as a friend, Li Du had to help find Steve.

Elson didn’t say it explicitly, but that was what he meant by coming to Li Du, and that was why he told the whole story about the fifth dimension.

Li Du did not want to be involved in this matter. Sophie was pregnant, and by listening to Elson’s words, he was a little afraid of this adventure. He didn’t want to inexplicably disappear himself!

He didn’t want his child to be born and live without a father!

Seeing him hesitate, Elson said earnestly, “Li, I know many people, many people with power or influence, but they are not as capable as you. I beg you, can you help me find Steve? You are good friends, aren’t you?”

Li Du sighed and said, “Can I think about it for two days?”

Elson, who had lost his poise and steadfastness for a moment, said urgently, “Li, please do me this favor. I have used all my connections, and I still can’t find Steve. And if you can’t find him either...”

At this point, the old master’s expression suddenly became extremely sad, and his voice sounded more hopeless and older.

He relented. Steve and Elson had helped him many times. He said, “I would like to help, but you know, I am married, Sophie is pregnant, and I will have to let her think about it.”

When all was said and done, Elson could say no more, and could only watch Li Du walk away.

Sophie was very intelligent and sensitive. As soon as Li Du came back to her, she asked, “What happened? Surely it is no small matter that you are so melancholy?”

Li Du said, “How do you know?”

Sophie smiled. She got up, poured a glass of warm milk and handed it to Li Du. “Stop trying so hard to smile. What had actually happened? Do I need to know about it?”

Upon hearing his wife’s thoughtful inquiry, Li Du stopped keeping it a secret. He cut to the chase and said, “Elson doesn’t know where Steve has gone. He has disappeared. Mr. Elson came to find me, hoping that I could bring a group of people to search for him.”

Sophie instinctively asked, “He had disappeared? What do you mean, he is missing? Did he meet with any trouble when he was having his adventure?”

Li Du nodded and said, “It must be so.”

Sophie frowned and said, “Did Mr. Elson bring his adventure route map? I will analyze it for you...”

Li Du waved his hand and smiled sadly as he said, “You misunderstand me. What I could not decide about is not where he disappeared, but whether to look for him. Because it might be dangerous this time, and you are pregnant now, and I don’t want to leave.”

Sophie looked surprised. She took Li Du’s hand and smiled as she said. “Are you hesitating about this matter? I don’t think it is necessary. First, I am a doctor. I can take care of myself. Second, with the help of satellites and all kinds of high-tech tools, you just have to protect yourself and you will be safe.”

Li Du said, “Do you mean you are letting me go and help him?”

Sophie said, “Mr. Elson must have known about my pregnancy. To come to you at this point means he really has no choice. You are his last choice. So I think if you don’t help him, he will be desperate.”

That was what Elson meant, and Li Du understood that he knew, and now that Sophie had given him the green light, he had to help.

He promised to Elson that he would help him, and then he asked Brother Wolf and the elite group to band together. Godzilla did not return to Myanmar after attending Li Du’s wedding, and he was just in time to join the team to explore.

Soon he pulled up a team. Brother Wolf and the others prepared all kinds of tools and supplies, and Elson sent him Steve’s expedition map and route that he had investigated. All was ready except the east wind.

According to the map of the expedition, Steve and his team went to Nunavut Kivalliq in Canada, in the far north of the continent of North America.

Their traces were last detected in a body of water called Angikuni Lake, 320 kilometers west of Hudson Bay and 437 square kilometers in area. There were islands in the middle of the lake, and the island where Steve had supposedly gone was 63 square kilometers in area.

Elson wasn’t quite sure if they had gone to the island or anywhere else, so he needed Li Du to go to the lake area first.

With the private jet, they flew from Los Angeles to port Churchill airport in Canada, where they were transferred by helicopter to the Angikuni Lake area.

On the plane, Brother Wolf handed a book to Li Du and said, “Boss, you should see this information.”

Li Du took over to have a look. The cover of the book read: The Year 1930 Lake Angikuni Inuit Villagers Disappearance Report.

He opened the book. The first page read: in the winter of the Year 1930, in November, the hunter Joe Rabel dragged his tired body to walk in the snow. If he could not find prey it meant that he would not be able to survive the winter, but just then, he was exhausted needed to find a place to rest for the night...

After a search, Rabel found smoke curling from cooking fires outside the forest. Unable to contain his excitement, he ran out of the woods and saw in the snow an Inuit village just beside Lake Angikuni. However, when Rabel arrived at the village excitedly, he found that there was no one, not even a dog to be found...

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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1632: Investigation Report