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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 1622: Totally Drunk

Chapter 1622: Totally Drunk

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The wedding was a bit of a mix of Chinese and Western styles, and the dominant element was the garden environment. Sophie and her family loved Chinese culture, and Li Du was Chinese.

However, on the lawn in the garden, Hans built a makeshift church and hired a priest to conduct the wedding ceremony.

That is to say, the wedding was held twice. They had a ceremony first to receive the blessing of the priest, and there was a piano background performance at that time. Cao Yulin came with Li Du’s parents to Seagull Island on purpose to play the piano during the wedding.

Then Sophie changed into a traditional Xiehe dress and they got married in a Chinese way, so they could say that they had followed the tradition of both sides.

After a set of ceremonies, the two newlyweds had a busy day.

Sophie wasn’t prepared, but fortunately, she was in a high energy mode all the time, so she was not very tired.

The wedding ended with a banquet. Li Du met a great big pot chef in Seattle and decided to invite Uncle Hua to Seagull Island. He was the head chef for this banquet.

The rings that they exchanged were also specially prepared by Li Du in a unique way.

The ring he gave Sophie was a pigeon egg diamond, the largest diamond ever found in his diamond mine that he did not sell, but made into a ring.

Sophie gave him the ring prepared by Mr. Martin and his wife. It featured an opal, a gem Sophie had found herself. She gave it to her parents and they made it into a wedding ring for her.

So, even though Sophie wasn’t involved in the wedding preparations, it wasn’t like she had nothing to do with them.

When they married in the Chinese style, Mr. and Mrs. Martin put on Tang suits. They were both teachers and had a bookish aura, so although they were blond, blue-eyed and white, they looked good in Tang suits.

When it was time to have dinner, Li Du offered them to change their clothes. Mr. Martin touched the hat on his head and said with a smile, “I don’t think it is a bad thing to wear, Li. What do you think I look like now?”

Li Du said, “A landlord.”

The old man was a teacher of history and naturally understood the position of the landlord industry in ancient China. He burst into laughter and said, “No, I am not a landlord. You are the landlord. You are the wealthy one.”

It could be seen from the wedding ceremony that Li Du was a wealthy person. It was obvious that he invested hundreds of millions of dollars in the preparation for before and after the wedding. Of course, the money was mainly spent on the construction of Seagull Island, but the construction style of the island was also targeted at the wedding ceremony.

Mrs. Martin asked, “Li, do you have any plans for after the wedding? Where are you going on your honeymoon?”

Li Du shook his head. “I haven’t planned that yet. I’ll leave that to Sophie. I just planned for this wedding ceremony.”

“Great wedding.” Mr.Martin whistled, as active as a young man. “As Sophie’s father, I never thought her wedding would be like this!”

“This is very unique.” Mrs. Martin also acknowledged Li Du’s efforts.

The marriage gift that Li Du gave Sophie was especially unique. This jade statue could be sent to the world marriage museum for exhibition.

Not many people came to attend the wedding, and there were only a few dozen tables altogether. Li Du’s relatives from China occupied one of them. They were very close relatives. He would hold a festive banquet for the others when he got back to his hometown.

Sophie’s relatives also occupied one of the tables, while the rests were friends and classmates of Li Du and Sophie.

At the end of the wedding, Sophie was surrounded by her classmates and friends who approached to offer congratulations. The list of these guests was agreed upon in the discussion between Li Du and Mr. and Mrs. Martin. 𝑖𝓃𝓃r𝒆𝘢d. c𝘰m

A few classmates from Li Du’s side came too. The classmate who was closest to him was Su Nan, who was working for him all this while. He was one of the supervisors of the construction in Seagull Island, and he would be naturally invited to the wedding.

In addition, there was the former class monitor Li Zhihai, his familiar friends Song Kaixuan, Yang Jinlong and so on. His high school and college friends sat at the same table.

They did not know the magnitude of Li Du’s financial resources until now, so now they looked at him with completely different eyes. Even if their relationship did not involve money and interests, this sense of status was still not negligible.

Li Du went and greeted his classmates first, then went to find Steve and the others. After all, these were his VIP guests, which he had to focus on.

His good friends were the main force in his business. When Li Du came to them, the group of people raised their glasses together. Tina smiled and said, “It is said that according to the rules in your hometown, the bridegroom has to honor each guest with a glass of wine, right?”

Li Du said, “Believe me, Tina, you’ll be the ones who can’t stand it. I don’t want to brag, but I am really good at drinking.”

Hans nodded and said, “I can prove that, ladies and gentlemen. Don’t bet with Li, don’t try to outdrink him. These are the two rules that I have learned after being with him for so long.”

Tina smiled and said, “I don’t believe it!”

Luo Qun slapped the table and said, “Can’t we outdrink him with so many of us? Come on, Old Li, start from me. I have to drink over you and make you drunk!”

Li Du laughed, then slapped the table too and said, “Come on!”

In fact, his ability to drink came from the space-time bugs. The alcohol would be broken down into energy after he drank, so he would not become inebriated.

If he didn’t use up the alcohol energy through the space-time bugs, his ability of drinking would not be very different from any normal human being.

Li Du did not use his space-time bug that day, so his ability to drinking was very ordinary.

Luo Qun’s ability to handle alcohol was fairly good. She waved for three bottles of white wine and when they were put in front of her, she filled the three glasses in front.

Then, she looked at Li Du provocatively and said, “Bridegroom, I wish you and the bride a happy wedding. Drink up!”

Li Du raised his glass. “Cheers!”

“May you and the bride grow old together. Cheers, this glass too!”


“May you and the bride give birth to a child soon! Cheers!”


The people beside were shocked when they saw one glass after another of white wine disappear into their mouths.

Cole stretched out his hands to stop both of them and said, “Well, why should you drink so much on a wedding day?”

Luo Qun pushed his arm back with a stubborn smile and said, “It is our custom to have a good drink! Come, bridegroom, I wish you and the bride will be united always, and let’s cheer!”

Li Du’s father and mother saw the scene from the table at the front, where they were sitting. The old man pursed his lips as he chewed and said, “Why do I feel that something is not right?”

Li Du’s mother said, “This girl is full of spirit. What happened between her and our son?”

“They used to live together,” said Lu Guan enthusiastically, “Li used to live with her in the...”

Neither of them listened to the words that he said after that. Li Du’s mother sighed and said, “What bad luck.”

Li Du’s father was a little envious. “The popularity of our son among the women in the United States is not bad. Do you see the girl behind that girl? She is even better looking. She has been holding the wine glass and looking at our son. Is there a story behind this too?”

Tina smiled while she looked at Li Du drinking one glass after another of the white wine. After Luo Qun drank a whole bottle of white wine, she stopped her and said, “Come, let me replace you, you take a rest.”

She drank too fast, and the alcohol had not yet been absorbed in her body. Luo Qun could still reason clearly, and she quietly backed off.

Li Du began to drink with Tina again. The wine was pretty strong, and when they had drunk half a bottle, it shot through his body like an explosion. He stumbled and fell to the ground, tilted his head and said, “Urgh!”

He got carried away and now was drunk!

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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 1622: Totally Drunk