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Treasure Hunt Tycoon
Chapter 14: Fast and Furious

Chapter 14: Fast and Furious

Translator: Vicky_ Editor: Vicky_ 𝗶𝙣𝗻𝚛eα𝑑. 𝒸𝗼𝑚

When Hannah saw the exquisite take-out box and elegant logo, her expression revealed her shock. “Are you insane? Did you use all your earnings from the massage chair on this meal?!”

The logo of The Golden Aquitaine was very distinct. Even a homeless man in Flagstaff would know what that little golden calf meant.

Li Du picked up Ah Meow and replied, “No, I spent most of my money to save Ah Meow.”

The kitten immediately showed its disdain by pulling out its claws. Its swipe was quickly caught by Li Du, who was beginning to enjoy the new ability of the little bug more and more. While slowing down time might not have resulted in immediate profit, the ability itself was an enjoyment to Li Du. He sometimes had a feeling that made him think, “I am the ‘chosen one’ through fortune.”

However, for someone who was unwilling to spend a thousand dollars on a meal, calling himself “the ‘chosen one’ by fortune” would perhaps only make him a laughingstock.

Hannah glared at him. “That is also another form of unnecessary spending. Why are you raising an ocelot? Who knows when the police will arrest you for buying it illegally. How are you going to prove you didn’t buy it?”

With a bottle of champagne in one hand, Hans came over and gave his sister a knock on the head. “Oh, little girl, could it be that your breasts took all the nutrients needed for the growth of your brain?”

Li Du almost choked hearing Hans’s words.

Unsure of what other insanity Hans was capable of sprouting, he interrupted, “We attended another storage auction. This time we were quite lucky and were able to get a Harley.”

“You’re not kidding me, right?”

“You’re the landlord. How could I lie to you?”

After verifying the news, Hannah cheered up. She picked up one box and took a deep breath. She obviously enjoyed the smell of the steak. Hannah exclaimed, “This smell is godly, what are you guys waiting for? Let’s celebrate.”

Li Du started with the pizza. In the blink of an eye, the 12-inch pizza soon disappeared into his stomach.

Enticed by the meal’s smell, Ah Meow continuously mewed, begging for a bite. Unfortunately, no one paid much attention to it. Since it had also lost his mobility, it could only vent its anger out on Li Du’s pants. Soon, Li Du’s jeans were torn. However, Li Du didn’t seem to care, as feeding himself was a much higher priority on his list. He had used pretty much all of his stamina by using the little bug; eating was the best way to restore his energy.

The reason why Hans bought so much food was also because of his special appetite.

After finishing the meal, Hannah wanted to take a look at the Harley. But with night having replaced daylight, they could only wait until the next day.

On their way back, Hans had already dropped off the bike parts to a Harley dealership. That type of heavy duty motorcycle required professional mechanics to assemble it correctly.

Next morning, when Hannah came back from her night shift, she didn’t go to bed but instead tagged along to see the motorcycle. Unlike common girls, Hannah wasn’t too interested in beautiful clothes or expensive makeup. Instead, she enjoyed cars, or more specifically, she enjoyed speed. In fact, her dream was to own a brand-new BMW Z4.

When they arrived at the Harley dealership, a young man came out and greeted them, “Hey Big Fox, are you here to retrieve your bike? Follow me, that bad boy can’t wait for the road.”

Although the young man was greeting Hans, most of his attention was on Hannah as he showed her his dazzling smile.

Li Du knew this person. His name was Stephen Chandler. He was a salesman and mechanic for the store. Also, he was one of Hannah’s high school friends and was clearly attracted to her.

It was because of this relation that Hans felt that it was safe to ask Steven to assemble the bike. In America, labor was very expensive. Normally assembling such a bike would cost at least a few hundred dollars in a Harley factory, and probably even more in the dealership. But Stephen was kind enough and offered to do it for free.

When they came to the service department of the dealership, the silver beast presented itself.

The first impression that the Harley Street Glide gave Li Du could only be described as severe. Now that the monster was fully assembled, that description should be upgraded to tyrant. Everything about the motorcycle was over-sized, whether it referred to the tires, the headlights, the frame, or the huge sound of the engine.

“This beauty is equipped with a Screamin-Eagle Twin-Cooled Twin-Cam 110 Engine with a peak torque of 115 lb-ft. Together with its aluminum alloy rims, specially designed CVO and Airflow accessories, the Daymaker LED headlights, the windshield deflectors, and the Boombox radio, this monster is sure to fulfill all of your needs for speed and excitement!” Stephen explained all of this in a very exaggerated manner.

Li Du had never really studied motorcycles, so he wasn’t able to appreciate the bike from this kind of introduction. Instead, he went directly to the topic he was most interested in: “How much will this sell for?”

As a result of Hannah’s presence, Stephen was especially kind with his estimate. “A new model will cost around twenty thousand. But since this is second-hand, it will be a little less than that. But I bet no less than twelve thousand.”

“Only twelve thousand?” Hans asked. “I thought that it would have been at least fifteen thousand.”

Stephen smiled as he shook his head. “No Big Fox, you know that I wouldn’t lie to you guys. If you also consider that the previous owner customized it, then this price will seem quite generous.

“Look here, there should be a CVO logo that appears when you shine light onto it, but it has been changed to MG, which is honestly meaningless to anyone other than its original owner.

“The radio should have 5.25-inch speakers, but it has been changed to 7.5-inch ones. When you ride this, you are not trying to host a concert, so what’s the use of such a change?

“Also here, to reinforce and stabilize the front, Harley made the front fork 49 millimeters thick, but the owner reduced it to 35; this might make it more ascetic, but also much more dangerous.”

“Alright, let me try out this bad boy,” Hannah interrupted.

Hans asserted, “Let Li go first. Thanks to him, we got this bike. So he should be the first to try it out.”

Although Li Du wasn’t too interested, he didn’t want to be viewed as pretentious, so he didn’t decline Hans’s offer. However, he soon ran into a problem. This bike wasn’t like his father’s Jialing 125 back home; Li Du wasn’t able to find the ignition.

“It’s here, under this panel. You should first insert the keys, then start the engine with this touchscreen,” Stephen explained patiently.

Thankfully, after getting it started, the rest if the controls were like any other motorcycle.

Li Du let go of the breaks and stepped down on the gas. With a loud boom! the beast began to soar down the street.

The place that they picked to test the motorcycle was on the outskirts of town. Flagstaff was a relatively small town, and there weren’t many cars out at the moment, so the street was very quiet, allowing him to enjoy the ride.

Accompanied by the roar of the engine, the trees that lined the street flew by quickly. Li Du felt his blood boiling as he immersed himself in the excitement of the acceleration and speed.

Suddenly, the sound of other engines approached Li Du. Two other heavy duty motorcycles appeared behind him. One of them swerved onto his path, cutting him off.

The speed of the motorcycle was truly astounding, and in a flash, the rear of the bike was right in front of Li Du; if couldn’t slow down in time, he would crash into it. Li Du was suddenly facing a moment of extreme peril!

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Treasure Hunt Tycoon Chapter 14: Fast and Furious