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Chapter 9: Chapter 9: Who Is My Father (2)

Translator: ShinoJ

Zhao Manshi was quite surprised that this child’s father actually had a legitimate job. Zhao Manshi thought that Chuchu’s father was a local hooligan or a bar thug.

“Chuchu, be good. Tell Auntie, where is your father living now?” Zhao Manshi was eager to know the location of this diver and make plans early. Just like Tang Chunxiu, she hated Gu Manxi and everyone in the Zhao family.

Gu Chu answered seriously, “My father is in the sea. My mommy said that my father is the best diver in the world. Other divers will float up after diving for a while. My father has been diving in the sea for five years and hasn’t come up yet.”

Zhao Manshi: “....”

The muscles on her face twitched violently, and she almost cursed.

What do you mean diver? It sounded like Gu Manxi was lying to the child! Gu Manxi didn’t want to reveal the information about the father of the child at all. This cunning woman!

“Auntie still has something to do. Chuchu, you entertain yourself first.” Zhao Manshi kept feeling that this child was teasing her. But upon closer inspection, this child still had the innocent look of someone who didn’t know anything about the world.

Zhao Manshi did not want to stay with this little brat and found an excuse to leave. Gu Chu was left by herself.

Gu Chu wiped the childishness from her face. She rested her chin on her left hand and lazily typed on the keyboard with her right hand. Very quickly, she found information on the “Royal Kindergarten”. This was a private kindergarten that was little known in the capital. The school was dilapidated, the teachers were not responsible, and the conditions were harsh. Only the poorest children in the suburbs of the capital would go to this kindergarten.

God knows where Tang Chunxiu found this kindergarten.

In the original novel, Gu Manxi had just entered the capital and had yet to understand the situation in the capital. Under Tang Chunxiu’s persuasion, she foolishly agreed to send Gu Chu to the kindergarten. By the time she found out the truth, everything was too late.

After checking the situation at the Royal Kindergarten, Gu Chu jumped down from her chair, opened her small schoolbag, and took out a thin modified laptop.

She turned on the computer and logged in. A serious look appeared on her face as she typed frantically on the keyboard.

[ b ] : “Boss, boss, I heard that you’ve come to the capital. I want to see you~~ I want to see you~~(*?ω?)”

Gu Chu tilted her head and raised the corners of her mouth.

[ boss ] : “I’m not free at the moment. How’s the investigation going?”

[ b ] : “Don’t worry, Boss. I’ve used the Bureau’s Network to find information on Song Chen.”. Song Chen was indeed a top tycoon in the entertainment industry. He had a lot of confidential information. I spent a lot of effort to find it. I’ll send it to you in an email. Remember to check it.”

[ boss ] : “Well Done.”

[ b ] : “Hehe, I’ll definitely take good care of the things boss has ordered me to do. Boss, boss, what have you been busy with recently? You haven’t been online for a long time.”

[ boss ] : “Preparing to go to kindergarten.”

[ b ] : ...

I’m not a child. Boss, don’t lie to me! With your top-notch computer skills and strong personality, how can you be a child who goes to kindergarten?!

Gu Chu shrugged. She was telling the truth, but unfortunately, none of her subordinates would believe her.

My mother is a CEO’s substitute wife, and my mother is pregnant with his child and ran away. And I, am that very child.?

At the age of five, she was proficient in many languages. She was a top hacker. If she were to grow up, she would be invincible.

Gu Chu came to this world a year ago. She was still a child who smelled like milk and was bullied in the mud pit in kindergarten. She knew very well that only the strong were worthy to survive in this world. Therefore, she planned to build her own forces like in her previous life. She wanted to protect herself and protect this silly and sweet mother of hers.

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