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606 [ Side Story of the original work: first meeting (1) ]

“Boss, turn on two computers.”

It was dark, and the only internet cafe in the town was bustling with activity. Gu Chu lazily passed the two cards to them, and the two young men entered the internet cafe to play games. One of the young men even took a look at Gu Chu and felt that this little Network Manager was really good-looking. Her lips were red and her teeth were white, and her looks were extremely good.

Unfortunately, it was a man.

The internet café was filled with the smell of instant noodles, smelly feet, barbecued food, and takeaway. A group of young men were shouting and fighting in front of their computers.

Gu Chu stretched and yawned.

He got up and took out a bowl of instant noodles from the store cabinet. It tasted like pickled vegetables. He put in the seasoning bag, turned on the water, and opened the lid, waiting for the instant noodles to boil. While Gu Chu was waiting in boredom, the door of the internet cafe creaked open.

A gust of cold wind blew in, and the doorbell on the door rang. Gu Chu raised her eyes. A luxuriously dressed guest walked in. He was extremely handsome and had a pair of charming eyes. However, his face was pale and looked a little sickly. He was dressed in a luxurious black suit, looking like a noble from the Middle Ages.

The noble walked to the bar counter and looked down at Gu Chu.

“You want to start the plane?” Gu Chu raised her eyebrows.

Hello, ” the man said. my surname is mo. People in the underworld call me Mr. Mo.

Gu Chu looked at him deeply, her voice androgynous. “If you don’t turn on the machine, get lost.”

Mr. Mo raised the corner of his mouth slightly and sized up this handsome employee. “There’s a business I hope you can accept,” Mr. Mo said. The price is five million.”

“Wait a moment. We’ll talk after everyone leaves the internet café,” Gu Chu said with interest.

Mr. Mo sat down on the small plastic stool next to him.

Looking at the crowd of young men in the internet café, Mr. Mo said, ” “When will all the people in the internet café leave?”

“Five minutes,” Gu Chu replied.

As she spoke, Gu Chu took out her phone and made a call.

Three minutes later, the door of the internet café was kicked open, and three middle-aged men wearing glasses walked in aggressively. Wang Xiaoming, Li Hua, Zhang Liang-you’re already in your third year of high school, but you still skipped class to come to the internet cafe. You guys don’t want to go to college, do you? ”

The Dean of the middle school in town came in a rage and threw a tantrum. The group of young people in the internet café all frowned and left with their heads drooped.

Soon, the internet café was empty.

Gu Chu closed the door of the internet café and put a ‘closed’ sign on the door. He walked into the room, opened the lid of the instant noodles, and said after two mouthfuls, ” “What business?”

Gu Chu was 17 years old this year. On the surface, she was an internet café manager, but behind her back, she was the famous hacker, the A of hearts.

Mr. Mo handed over a document, his attitude humble and polite. “Nancheng group, I hope you can help me hack into the group’s database and retrieve some information. I’ve found many hackers, but none of them dare to take this order. I’ve heard of your name, so I’ve come all the way here to find you.”

“I’ll take it,” Gu Chu flipped through the information.

It was a piece of cake for her to break through the firewall and find a set of data.

She did not lack money, but she liked it.

However, Mr. Mo did not think so. His gaze fell on Gu Chu’s overly delicate face and he said slowly, ” “The Nancheng group has taken precautions. They hired an excellent prosecutor to strengthen the group’s firewall. This prosecutor isn’t a hacker. He’s a highly skilled [ red guest ].”

Hackers were like knives hidden in the dark.

Red guest was the official knife.

Gu Chu’s interest was piqued. prosecutor Hong Ke. What’s his name? ”

“Prosecutor, Chen Si.”

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