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Chapter 5: Chapter 5: First Love

Translator: ShinoJ

Zhao Yan lowered his head and looked at the small and short girl. She was his niece. She was small and short. Even though her clothes were simple, she was still exquisite. Especially her big watery eyes, they were adorable and touching. She looked just like somebody he knew.

The softness in the depths of his heart was touched. Zhao Yan bent down and placed Gu Chu on his knees. He opened thin lips and asked, “What’s your name?”

Gu Chu blinked and said obediently, “My name is Gu Chu. The same character that stands for ‘first love’. You can call me Chuchu.”

Zhao Yan could not help but laugh when he heard the cute voice.. “How old are you? You already know about first love?”

“I learned it from watching TV. Of course I know what first love means.” Gu Chu blinked innocently. “First love is the first person you like. You like them very very much. You only want them and only them. Uncle, do you have a first love?”

Zhao Yan was stunned for a moment, and a smile flashed across his eyes. “Guess.”

Gu Chu chuckled and cursed in her heart.?Of course I know you have a first love! Your first love is the popular game host, that famous Kid.

But Uncle, you still don’t know that in the near future, your parents will oppose you and Kid being together! Tang Chunxiu will even maliciously create rumors to slander Kid. Kid was then bullied online. His arm was broken by his haters, and he died of depression.

As for you, my poor uncle, because of Kid’s death, you had completely broken off relations with the Zhao family! In the end, you went out to sea and encountered a storm, and you drowned!

Uncle, you’re a very tragic person.?Gu Chu sighed.?On account that you’re the only good person in the Zhao family, I want to help you.?

“I want to eat ice cream, you should have some too.” Gu Chu suppressed the thought of helping her uncle. The most important thing now was to let her innocent mother know the dangers of the world and the b*tches around her.

At this moment, Gu Manxi was sitting between Tang Chunxiu and Zhao Jing, listening to her parents telling her funny stories about her childhood. Gu Manxi’s face was filled with a blissful smile.

Obviously, indulging in her so-called parents’ love, Manxi had already forgotten about the vigilance that had just popped up.

Gu Chu sighed.?Mommy, you’re too naive...

“Mom, Dad, is Sister Manxi back?” The dining room’s door opened, and Zhao Manshi, the third daughter of the Zhao family, walked in happily. She had just turned 18 this year and was at her prime. She had a beautiful face, and her every move was full of the demeanor of a young lady from a wealthy family.

In front of her family, she had a charming and lively appearance.

“Manxi, let me introduce you. This is your sister, Manshi.” When Tang Chunxiu saw her little daughter, she immediately put on a loving smile and hurriedly introduced her to Gu Manxi.

Gu Manxi was slightly at a loss and stood up.

Zhao Manshi had obviously dressed up meticulously. She wore a beautiful light pink dress and her wavy long hair spread over her shoulders. Her facial features were bright and beautiful, and her appearance was quite similar to Gu Manxi’s.

“Sister, you’re really good-looking. I thought that you would have a hard time in the countryside.” Zhao Manshi had an innocent look on her face. Was this the cheap sister?

Zhao Manshi had originally thought that this poor sister who lived in the remote countryside should look like a country bumpkin.

Who would have thought? When she saw Gu Manxi today, even though her clothes were cheap, and she did not wear light makeup on her face, her speech and actions were actually quite elegant and did not look like she came from the countryside at all. She even surpassed Zhao Manshi, who was dressed up.

But what was the use of being good-looking? She was still going to marry an old man in his forties!

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