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Chapter 15: Chapter 15: Born to be an Actress

Translator: ShinoJ

Through the rearview mirror, Zhao Yan looked at his sister, whom he had not seen for 18 years. In Zhao Yan’s impression, Gu Manxi had always been pure and kind. Even if she was bullied, she would not tell her family.

After so many years, her gentle personality had not changed.

Zhao Yan sighed slightly. A strong sense of responsibility welled up in his heart. Zhao Yan said, “Chuchu, tell the truth. Otherwise, your mother will be worried.”

Gu Chu sobbed. Tears flowed down from her wet eyes. She seemed to be hesitating before she suddenly burst into tears.


Gu Chu swore in her heart that she had never cried in her previous life! Today, she had cried all the tears she could possibly have.?Mom, if you don’t wake up, I really have no other choice!

She opened her mouth as she cried out loud.

As she cried, she said intermittently, “Chuchu doesn’t dare to say it. Chuchu... boohoo... if Chuchu says it, Mommy won’t like Chuchu anymore... boohoo... Mommy, Chuchu isn’t a bastard. Mama isn’t a slut either. Boohoo...”

“Chuchu doesn’t want to be separated from Mommy, Chuchu doesn’t want a new father...”

“Auntie said I was dirty... Boohoo, and even threw Chuchu to the ground... Boohoo...”

Gu Chuchu’s throat was sore from crying, and her acting skills reached an all-time high. 𝓲nn𝑟𝚎𝙖𝘥. 𝐜𝚘𝐦

Gu Manxi was completely stunned on the spot, and the blood in her body seemed to freeze instantly.

Bastard? Slut? New father?

In just three short words, she could roughly make out the truth of the matter. The Zhao family did not welcome Gu Manxi’s return as they did on the surface. They looked down on Gu Manxi and Gu Chu from the bottom of their hearts. They were only putting on a show for something!

Gu Manxi was so angry that she was trembling!

Zhao Yan said, “Don’t be rash. Let’s send Chuchu to the hospital first. We’ll discuss the other matters slowly.” Zhao Yan was calmer in the end. He handled things better than Manxi.

Gu Manxi asked in a hoarse voice, “Brother, are you with Tang Chunxiu and the others?” This time, Gu Manxi did not call Tang Chunxiu “Mom” but directly called her by her name.

Zhao Yan turned the steering wheel and the deep blue luxury car drove into the hospital parking lot. “I won’t harm you.”

Gu Manxi fell silent.


After entering the hospital, the doctor quickly came to check on Gu Chu.

He took out two pieces of blood-stained glass from the child’s feet. Gu Chu was in so much pain that tears welled up in her eyes, but she did not cry out. She looked exceptionally stubborn.

“As parents, you should pay more attention to your child.” The middle-aged doctor in the white coat had a serious look on his face. “What a beautiful child. If the glass hurts her eyes and her face is disfigured, her life will be ruined!”

Gu Manxi thanked him with a lump in her throat.

Gu Chu cried all the way and was extremely tired. Her soul was a top-notch hacker at the age of 20. She could fight, fight, rip people off, flirt with girls and men. However, now that she was reborn in the body of a five-year-old child, her physique had also become a child’s easy-to-sleep physique.

She grabbed her mother’s hand and fell into a deep sleep.

In the ward, Gu Manxi and Zhao Yan were silent for a long time.

“Big Brother, I-I checked the information about the ‘Royal Kindergarten’ last night,” Gu Manxi finally opened her mouth. Her beautiful face was filled with unease, “Tang Chunxiu said that it is the best kindergarten in the capital. However, the information I checked shows that this is the worst kindergarten in the capital. It was even worse than her previous kindergarten...”

“If she hadn’t been injured today, she would have been sent to this kindergarten by Tang Chunxiu.”

Gu Manxi calmly questioned, “Your family clearly looked down on me, so why did you bring me back...”

To think that I thought I still had family to rely on in this world...

Zhao Yan looked at the sleeping Gu Chu on the hospital bed. Gu Chu curled up in a ball and tear streaks still stained her little face.

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