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Chapter 105 - Become A Hero

'Was it not enough that I had helped him figure out where the fault lies in those old policies, I even have to help him solve those problems?' Yvonne narrowed her eyes at the man who sat opposite her.

Marquess Samed had noticed this hostile behavior of hers and he was confused as to why she was gazing at him with such animosity evident in her eyes.

'What is so aggravated about? This is for the betterment of the Kingdom!' He scowled at the child who was being unreasonable at the moment.

If Yvonne could hear his thoughts then she would have called him greedy for asking too much from a little child.

She was still unaware that her tutor had gone to meet the King and had come back to meet her after his lessons with the Royal Princess and her two playmates.

If she had heard his earlier acknowledgment of meeting the King to discuss the matters concerning the plague then she might not have agreed to meet him in private right now.

Since she was still clueless about these matters, she sat in her chair, watching the man in silence with a stern gaze.

It had been a few minutes and no one had spoken so far.

Finally, not being able to bear the uncomfortable silence, Marquess Samed was the first to break.

"This question is worth half of your grade. You can choose not to answer it if you wish to fail my class." He disclosed with a sly smile on his face.

If she wouldn't listen to his requests then he would force her to help him by hook or by crook.

'So he is blackmailing me with my grade?' Yvonne raised her brows in surprise when she heard his condition.

She was irked that he had found another way to get her to help him and at the same time she was impressed with his evil mind to have come up with this plan.

Marquess Samed could have used the name of the King to coerce her into helping him but he was too scared to do so.

'If that man gets to know that I used his name then I might become headless. I love my head too much to do so!' He rubbed his neck when this dreadful thought came to his mind.

Using the King's name in vain was a crime worthy of capital punishment in Rosenhyde.

No one had dared to do so until now and he was not going to be the first one to be hanged for the crime.

"So that is how this is going to be?" Yvonne questioned as he shot him a nasty glare.

She did not like the feeling of being forced to do something that she did not want to but now she had no other choice but to do it.

"You want to know how to solve the issues that will arise due to the flaws in the medical policies?" She repeated his earlier question.

Marquess Samed nodded his head and then waited for her to give him an ultimatum of how long she would take to give him the answer.

'She might need some time to figure out how we can salvage the situation if a plague arises in the future.' He was understanding of what her problem might be.

However, Yvonne was not thinking about how much time she might need to figure out a plausible solution for the problem at hand.

Her thoughts were about a whole different crisis that might arise if she interfered too much.

In the script that she had read, the devastation that had occurred due to the plague became a source of reforms that were made by the future generation.

'That nasty Prince, Grand Duke, and Hilda were the ones who brought the reforms, making life better for everyone.' She remarked with a scornful look on her face.

'And even those reforms were flawed and partially useless.' She scoffed at the limited knowledge that they held with which they tried to help the kingdom out.

Though she knew what would happen and also knew what could be done to help improve the policies, she was still hesitant to speak her mind.

'I have to consider the aftermath of my actions…' She paused and stared out the window.

The distant look on her face as she watched the still waters of the lake whose view was visible from her window was what had attracted Sullivan Samed's attention as he watched her.

'Sometimes she looks as though she has so many troubles that she has to carry on her little shoulders.' He inferred and chuckled at his absurd thoughts.

Hearing his muffled chuckle, Yvonne turned in his direction and tilted her head to the side in question.

"You can take your time to give me the answer. Don't overwork yourself while you are still tired." He generously offered.

Sadly, his generous offer was met with a quick scowl from the child who rolled her eyes at him.

'I can give you the answer right at this moment. I just do not wish to take away the glory that those three would gain in the future thanks to their half-assed measures.' She exclaimed in an agitated tone in her mind.

She also did not want to mess with the order of things which might affect the flow of the original timeline.

Unknown to her, her actions had already caused way too many deviations from the original script that she had read.

"I do not think that the amount of time you allot would make any difference." She began her attempt at rejecting him after giving it some thought.

Hearing the negative tones in her words, Marquess Samed was once again thrown into a dilemma on how to get her to comply with his wishes.

'If I could figure out the answer to this problem on my own?would I ever have to ask her for her aid?' He sneered at her and also at himself.

When the King had asked him if he had any solution that he could discuss with his Ministers, later on, Sullivan had said that he would get back to the King with a detailed solution by tomorrow.

He was not going to take credit for Yvonne's work, he would surely give her the due credit for her help in this matter.

So now that he had noticed her subtle rejection, he was stumped on what to do to make her agree to his conditions.

"Was I too hasty in thinking that she could solve this problem?" He muttered to himself as he rubbed his chin in contemplation.

Yvonne's eyes widened when she heard his skeptical words before they narrowed close together.

'So he thinks that I am too dumb to fall for his reverse psychology?' She figured his tactics in a single second.

"Marquess, I may look young but do you really think that I am a fool?" She polled with an amused look on her face.

'Why does he seem so desperate to get me to answer his questions?' She wondered and looked at him with suspicion laced in her eyes.

Feeling her scrutinizing gaze, Sullivan squirmed in his seat for a few moments before he composed himself.

"I care for our citizens and I wish that my pupil would do the same. Why not use your wisdom for the benefit of the people?" He spoke in a valiant tone which made her raise her brows.

'Then you should have given us free classes rather than taking such exorbitant fees from your students.' She mocked the greedy man who had just spoken such generous words.

"Is that all you have to say for yourself?" She made her incredulity known in her words and facial expressions.

"Don't you want to help the society and look at them prosper because of your efforts? Become a hero in the sights of the citizens?" He questioned and saw the subtle changes in her face.

The scowl faltered and a hesitant expression took over her face.

'Did I just see the uncertainty on her face?' He wondered in joy as this meant that she was doubting her decision.

"Just think of all the people who would be saved because of your help and also all the blessings that you would be bestowed with." He egged her on to make her change her mind.

Yvonne was least bothered about saving the people or about the blessings she would receive.

What had struck a chord with her was the 'become a hero' part of his argument.

For some reason unknown to her, when she heard him mentioning those words, she had a sudden urge to do what he had said.

The thought of achieving that accolade was taking over her senses and she looked up at her tutor with sparkling eyes.

"I accept your test!" She announced and then leaned towards the map between them on the table.

'A chance to take away the title of 'hero' from the main characters who messed with 'Yvonne' from the story? Count me in!' She snickered and gazed at the map.

Her acceptance due to her greed and pettiness was being mistaken for her selflessness and goodwill by the Royal Tutor.

'She was not willing to do it for her grades but agreed when it was for the sake of the citizens? Such a good child!' He praised her virtuous behavior.

'Now let us see how those horrible people gain the support of the public in the future!' Yvonne's evil thoughts and smile were misconstrued as her zeal to help.

She had forgotten about her plan to stay out of these matters as she spiraled down in this petty attempt of taking her revenge against the main characters of the story that she was thrown into.

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