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This World Has Gone Crazy
Chapter 61 part2

“You don’t like that?”

Qi Le didn’t answer and kissed Gu Bai on the cheek. Gu Bai turned his head, stuck his lips onto Qi Le’s and shared a lingering kiss with him. Through their thin pajamas, they could both feel the warmth of the other. Gu Bai knew that this was a special time and they couldn’t do it but he still poked his way into his wife’s clothes from the back of his waist and slowly caressed him. Enjoying the feel of his skin wasn’t bad either.

His palm rubbed Qi Le’s back, warming up a patch of his skin. Qi Le liked this feeling very much. He groaned lazily and continued to kiss him. Just as the two were getting warmed up, they heard the door click open and someone’s voice sounded out. “Son, I...” 𝐢𝓷n𝗿e𝙖𝑑. 𝘤om

It was just past 9 pm so it wasn’t that late. Father Qi thought about it and decided to be a good parent. He came to talk to the two children but was dumbfounded when he saw this scene. The two people on the bed quickly separated as Father Qi watched Gu Bai pull out his hand from his son’s clothes. He was dumbstruck once more.

Qi Le grabbed the corner of the quilt. "Dad...”

Father Qi snapped out of his daze and motioned for him to come out. Qi Le didn’t dare to disobey. He immediately ran forward in small steps. Father Qi pinched the soft skin on his son’s nape and pulled him all the way to the balcony outside the kitchen. He asked in a low voice, “When Dad came in the afternoon, I clearly saw you pinning him down. How did it turn into him pinning you down now?”

Qi Le, “=口=”

Father Qi pondered and said, “I heard that one of you will be on the bottom. Between you two, who’s the one on below?”

Qi Le slowly retreated to the corner and looked at him piteously, thinking to himself that if he were the one below, his dad would probably disagree to them being together?

Father Qi looked at his son’s small stature and remembered that Gu Bai had practiced fighting before. His heart bled again as he took his son’s hand. “Son...”

“Yes, yes...”

Father Qi finally understood how others felt when they married off their daughters. He patting the back of Qi Le’s hand. “Son, if he bullies you in the future, you must tell dad. I will kill him.”

“...” Qi Le said, “He won’t.”

Father Qi was angry. “You’re not even married and you’re already defending him?”

Qi Le immediately trembled. “No, no, no. I’ll listen to you. Whatever you say is right.”

Only then was Father Qi a little satisfied. He continued to give him the talk-to be obedient at his in-laws; but if they bully him, he must tell dad; dad will back him up etc. Qi Le’s face was filled with black lines. Knowing that his father had always always unreliable, he had to resign himself to listening to him and didn’t go back to sleep until after 10pm. Gu Bai held him in his arms. “What did you talk about?”

Qi Le pouted his lips and simply narrated what his father said. He paused slightly. “What the hell are you laughing at? If you laugh at Laozi again, I won’t marry you! I’m going to sleep!”

Qi Le had a good night’s sleep. The next day, he got up and got dressed for class. When Ning Xiao saw him enter the classroom, he got up and sat in the same row as him. There were two seats in between them, so he wasn’t too far away. Qi Le glanced at him and saw that he looked indifferent. He ignored him and got ready to attend the lecture, bowing his head and playing with his phone.

Ning Xiao looked at him from the side, his eyes deep. He still remembered that this man had said that he would never get his memory back in this life. He also recalled that Gu Bai had said on the phone that he was no longer the Zheng Xiaoyuan that he knew, but he didn’t take it to heart at the time. Even though he didn’t have enough evidence now to prove that the person before him was Qi Le, he went through everything that had happened since he woke up. He was even more sure of his guess and didn’t need to worry about the sudden disappearance of this personality. However, the following facts made his heart sink. He had investigated Gu Bai before and knew that they had grown up together. With twenty odd years of friendship between them, would it be so easy for them to break up?

Ning Xiao closed his eyes irritably and breathed out a sigh of relief, thinking to himself that the relationship between the two had just changed, so there would always be some areas that they weren’t compatible. Some people could be very good friends, but not necessarily good as lovers. He used his phone to log onto the forum and post a question-if two people have a really good relationship, would others still have a chance?

He waited, refreshed the page, and soon saw someone reply. First comment: Yes, be an illicit lover.

Ning Xiao, “...”

He looked at the familiar username and automatically ignored it. He read the following comment. Some said to start from friends, then slowly warm the person up and cultivate feelings. Some said that if the feelings between the two were only superficial, then the OP would still have a chance, while others told him to create misunderstandings between the two. As for what methods, he could refer to those dog blood scripts. He continued to refresh until he saw that the user from the first comment replied: Isn’t it all the same as being an illicit lover? In fact, I have another method. If the person OP likes can "recover his memory", then you won’t have to chase him. He’ll naturally break up with his lover, but you certainly won’t like him after he “recovers his memory." Alas, you can never have both body and heart. Poor thing ah.

Ning Xiao, “...”

Ning Xiao scrolled to the bottom and found that there weren’t anymore replies. He refreshed again and saw that someone replied to that comment: Fuck! The development of the story is so explosive! Begging for updates!

He continued to scroll, hoping for more comments. Almost no one came up with an idea. In fact, he knew in his heart that there were only a few ways. But he just had to go and do such a stupid thing, so he could only put away his phone helplessly.

Qi Le felt as if could detect a certain someone’s strange gaze from time to time. He forced himself to sit through the lesson and hurried away from him in the second class. This was the only way to be safe. He waited quietly for class to start, but his cellphone suddenly rang. He saw that it was a strange number and pressed the answer button. “Hello?”

The Taoist priest said from the other end, “Where are you?”

Qi Le was shocked. “How do you have my number?”

“I got it from the doctor.”

Qi Le guessed that the doctor must’ve looked for him. So was this man going to settle accounts? He pursed his lips. “What’s up?”

“I’ve something to give you,” said the Taoist calmly. “I’m at your school. Is it convenient for you?”

He’s giving me something? Could it be a trick? Qi Le thought about it and felt that he still had ideas on how the Taoist could pass his exams. Even if this guy wanted to settle accounts, he could still use them. He nodded. “Ok, where are you? I’ll go look for you. “

Ning Xiao watched Qi Le’s manner of answering the phone. At this moment, he saw him leave the classroom and was silent for a moment before following him out to the flower bed at the door. From a distance, he saw a man taking out a talisman from his pocket and passing it to Qi Le. He was slightly shocked and rushed forward.

Right then, Qi Le was a little surprised. “For me? You’re really here to give me a gift?”

The Taoist nodded and looked at him admiringly. “Your idea was really good. I’ve made another fortune.”

Qi Le didn’t understand. “What idea?”

“Witchcraft dance,” said the Taoist, “Didn’t you mention it to the doctor? He came to see me and wanted to see me dance, so I collected a little performing fee.”

Qi Le, “......”

Fucking hell. You dare to dance? I just realized how evil you are! You even made money out of this?!

“This is a thank-you gift,” said the Taoist as he untied the talisman thread and tried to hang it around his neck. “To ward off evil spirits. Ordinary demons can’t come close to you.”

Qi Le pursed his lips, lowered his head slightly and allowed him to put the talisman on him.

As soon as Ning Xiao arrived, he heard that sentence. He grabbed the talisman and threw it into the trash can. He looked coldly at Qi Le. “Are you crazy?”

Qi Le was surprised. “What do you mean if I’m crazy?”

“You clearly know you’re...” Ning Xiao angrily burst out, “How can you wear such things?”

Qi Le was suddenly shocked and looked at him incredulously. Before he could speak, he saw the Taoist priest’s reaching his hand out. He earnestly looked at Ning Xiao. “Pay up. A talisman costs 20 yuan.”

Ning Xiao, “...”

“...” Qi Le looked at him and said, “Pay him. He depends on it for a living. I’m not lying.”

Ning Xiao paid up and the Taoist priest placed the money in his pocket, looking at Qi Le again with satisfaction. He thought to himself that Qi Le was just like his mascot. He took out another talisman. “He bought the other one, so this one is for you. Count it as my thank-you gift. It has the same effect as the one just now.”

Ning Xiao clearly heard what he said and grabbed the talisman again.

The Taoist priest kept a close eye on him, his expression steady and his eyes bright. He thought to himself, throw it. Once you throw it, you have to pay again. Throw it!

Ning Xiao, “...”


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This World Has Gone Crazy Chapter 61 part2